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Pets on raids, to eschew or not

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  • Pets on raids, to eschew or not


    07/06/2007 - 27,002 dmg to Lethar 2.0 (rog pet, died at the 50% mark)

    Ur-Floxiz times are between 2:45 and 5:00 minutes
    07/05/2007 - 18,642 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul
    07/05/2007 - 35,393 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul (used ZO, had 5 corpses...)
    07/05/2007 - 18,484 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul
    07/05/2007 - 20,273 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul
    07/05/2007 - 22,028 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul
    07/03/2007 - 26,241 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul
    07/03/2007 - 25,873 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul
    07/02/2007 - 20,262 dmg to Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul

    06/29/2007 - 33,714 dmg to Veldyn's Shade

    06/27/2007 - 60,617 dmg to Fridleif Master Warcraft (305sec fight)
    06/22/2007 - 56,077 dmg to Fridleif Master Warcraft (287sec fight)

    06/27/2007 - 108,397 dmg to Wulfnor The Gladiator (634sec fight)
    05/11/2007 - 90,262 dmg to Wulfnor The Gladiator (558sec fight)

    06/11/2007 - 33,467 dmg to Lethar 1.0

    Nota Bene:
    Yalp will double count pet melee crits, as the message for the damage exists in 2 forms, giving your pet a 10% damage increase just about from eyeballing it. My numbers are from my own parser.

    Pets. I'd not exactly call them useless, however I'd be willing to concede they put out relatively little damage, and can die very very easily.
    That said, damage is damage, and I'll take it wherever I can get it.

    There was a great monologue from a character on the West Wing years ago that really accurately describes my attitude towards dps:

    Bruno: I have difficulty sometimes talking to people who don't race sailboats. When I was a teenager, I crewed Larchmont to Nassau on a 58-foot sloop called Cantice. There was a little piece of kelp that was stuck to the hull, and even though it was little, you don't want anything stuck to the hull. So, I take a boat hook on a pole and I stick it in the water and I try to get the kelp off, when seven guys start screaming at me, right? 'Cause now the pole is causing more drag than the kelp was. See, what you gotta do is you gotta drop it in and let the water lift it out in a windmill motion. Drop it in, and let the water take it by the kelp and lift it out. In, and out. In, and out, till you got it. The voters aren't choosing a plumber, Mr. President. They are choosing a president. And if you don't think that your family should matter, my suggestion to you is to get out of professional politics. And if you think that I'm going to miss even one opportunity to pick up half-a-mile boat speed, you're absolutely out of your mind. When it costs us nothing, when we give up nothing?! You're out of your mind.
    Xislaben The Rising Sun

    My Dead Things

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    I usually make a pet in solteris on Aprosis, hase & rune it, and sic it on mob till it dies.

    Funny enough i had a pet up whole lethar 2 fight from start till finish once with only 1 rune cast on it before engage.


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      I usually make one pet before a raid when everyone is mgbing off buffs, and keep it suspended till boss fights. If it goes splat I'm done with pets for that night.

      As far as keeping up pet spells not a single one is memmed when raids are on. I pop my mend AA and hope for the best with group heals.

      Anyway on certain encounters I think any extra dmg is worth it, and I do believe SoE will address SOME pet issues with the upcoming expansion.
      Feellia Vuktepis