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    Originally posted by Felicite View Post

    Hmm looks like it's auto focused with MoH foci?


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      Given how the pet database works (server-side), there currently will be no focused pets, outside of NEC/MAG/BST, it's just too big of a project to undertake to allow every "Pet Class Lite" the option to "focus" their pets. When pet foci were first introduced, the system wasn't designed to allow for future flexibility (which would require pet coding to be completely rewritten to be a dynamic system, rather than static). Zajeer stated that rewriting the system is a project they'd like to do at some point, but it's not very high on the priority list, not to mention a complete rewrite of the system would be quite a large undertaking.

      As far as what Lucy is showing with Shambling Minion.. I don't put much stock into half of what Lucy says, since their parser is sadly incomplete and riddled with misinformation. If it's something that doesn't even remotely make any sense (like what it's showing with Shambling Minion), I use Kumbaja's Parser, as it tends to be a little more accurate. Lucy's spell parser has fallen further and further behind ever since IGE bought out AllaKhazam, it's in dire need of being updated.

      *Side note:
      As far as AC values... both parsers use the wrong formula to calculate rAC from the raw AC values that are put into the spell file. It's not the fault of either parser, simply the division that EQ uses isn't cut and dry. Couple that with the fact that EQ's displayed stat is grossly inflated and inaccurate, same goes with Attack.
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        Actually spell data suggests that you need Encyclopedia Necrotheurgia to summon the pet hah. It's the same with Booldcurling shriek where lifeshard is entered as focus. Even on Kumbaja's parser. Dunno ... in any case it dosn't make sense.
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