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Advice for low-level pets?

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  • Advice for low-level pets?


    25 Drakkin Necro here. I've read "Twinking" and "Stats" stickies. Just to make sure I got the figures right, when it says that the lvl 24 pet has a swing damage of 26, is it the equivalent of the DMG rating on a weapon? e.g. in order for my pet to benefit from a weapon, I should give him a weapon with DMG > 26?

    If that is the case, I would appreciate it if people could give some advice to outfit a pet for a low-level, untwinked toon.

    I still haven't figured out what makes my pet disappear or not when relogging. It seems that it disappears about half the time, whether I /camp, /camp desktop, get disconnected or kill the game with taskmanager.

    I don't have access to a mage to spawn me gear, many times a day. Nor can I afford to pay for a 26+ dmg weapon everytime it poofs, and crafting some require a skill of 200+ and dropped components.

    So, any advice?

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    Weapons: To compute the damage your pet will hit for (maximum) you take the weapon base damage, multiply it by 2 and add 1. (dmg x 2)+1. This formula works forever. Any damage mods on the weapon (bane dmg +5, fire dmg +2, etc.) does not work for pets. Other stats are used, such as AC, hitpoints, STR/DEX/AGI. Weapon delay is ignored, your pet will swing everything at a 30 delay which can only be modified by haste spells & haste items.

    If your goal is to increase your pet 26dmg hits, you need a 13dmg weapon, which will give you 27dmg max (13x2 +1). Another example, if you use a 24dmg weapon, pet max hit will be 49 (24x2 +1).

    Pet vanishing? Here is the general rule of thumb. If you die, the pet dies. If you camp out to desktop or go linkdead, you have up to 30 minutes to come back to keep your pet & other summoned items. If you camp to character select and change characters - this seems to hose the 30-minute summoned timer.

    Prior to obtaining the Alternate Ability Suspend Minion (only pet remains suspended) or Suspend Minion2 (pet and all items/buffs on it survives), your pet will always vanish if you log out or disconnect for longer than 30 minutes...unless you shroud If you shroud, you & pet and all buffs/goodies will be suspended until you un-shroud - be it 2 minutes or 2 months later. This is the <cheat> to save your pet & any items/buffs it has until you do purchase Suspend Minion2. There are shroud masters in Plane of Knowledge that makes this very easy to do.

    Advice for getting high damage weapons cheap - use general chat or /ooc offering to buy them. Typically players that amass such weapons do so only to dump them at the nearest vendor, and for usually 2-7plat each. The vendor lists them in the 200-500p range. In the bazaar, search for 2hs or 2hb using 0-50p range and you'll quickly gain familiarity with stuff easily available.

    Good luck!
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      what server do you play on Neofit? If it happens to be Druzzil Ro i can get you started out with a lot of nub pet weps, since i have a mage that i would buy them for.
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        Whether you camp or LD, your pet will poof if you don't log back in within a set amount of time. (30 minutes? 60? Not sure)

        AAs will not help you at low level, but the shroud keepers in PoK will.

        With your favorite pet up, shroud and camp. When you return, and remove the shroud, your pet will return with all his gear intact.
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