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  • pet targeting

    Hiya all just trying to see if there is a command to target a persons pet without having to re type the pets name every time.

    I box a healer sometimes and would like to find a command that i can put in my hotkey's that will target my necro's pet to heal it with out having to edit the hotkey each time the pet dies or such.

    as it is right now i have to set hotkey for /target (my pets name)
    what i would like to know is there a command that will target my pet no mater what its name is without changing hotkey all the time.

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    when you go hunting, put the pet in your extended target window and click it from there.
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      There are cmds to target various slots in the ETW as well, so if you can for sure put your pet in your ETW, then you can hotkey target him. I haven't memorized the cmds but I did see them for certain so I know they exist.


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        can hit the fkey twice too, so if from your cleric's point of view if your necro is in the second group slot, hit F2 two times and it will target pet.