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    if you use the strats in the "soloing uf nameds" thread around here somewhere you may be able to do a t3 named

    i moloed a named in sepulchre (betabuffed toon $$) the 2nd or 3rd day of beta. it sounds like named hp went down and player damage went up (along with pet hp/mitigation) since then, though i wouldnt know

    ease and doability would all depend on level/aa of course though


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      Possible maybe, but not sure I could since they have around 6 million HPs, and even with the new mage armor, my EM 8 pet is probably a significant difference from an EM 12 pet. I have all the AAs I believe (was maxed before VoA came out). Will have to try just for kicks, have done HoT T3 and T4 mobs, but the VoA nameds are a whole different ball game! Level 92 right now, getting the AAs I want on the way vs. maxing level ASAP.

      Did a named in City of Bronze with Beta buffed toon, but I also got T4 HoT raid BP and non visibles, and the rest crafted gear with the nice raid augs- which is much better than what I have atm
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        I doubt you can molo a t3 or t4 named now. I did it on beta too but that was before the zones were tuned. The mobs now have MANY more hp. And they WILL kill your pet before you can eat them dead. T2 named out pet is good for, I have duo'd a few of them with a necro friend and it wasnt THAT bad but do not know if I would have won solo. T1 named should be no problem. Maybe things will change after the next pass of AAs go in and with more level 95 necs.


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          Originally posted by aputate View Post
          With EM8, the 92 pet is hitting for 555 and critting around the mid 800s.

          With EMXI, the 92 pet is level 92. I have not checked hits or crits yet.

          Regarding the spectre, there are pet illusion spells, a pet illusion clicky that can be quested, and pet illusion clickies in the marketplace. It is a simple to solve problem, although Sony probably did it to prompt folks to fork over cash for the petamorph wands.

          Do the pet morph wands make illusions permanent? The illusion spells are not permanent. Spectre is back after zoning or unsuspending.


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            Tried to molo a T3 named in Beast's Domain, got it to 65% before splatting cause I didn't hit invuln fast enough (was trying to get another DoT on it before Embalmer's ran out). Doubt I can get much further than that without a couple more Levels or better pet focus- Had SHM buffs, mage pet armor / toys, and Ranger buffs.


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              itll be possible. set a gametexttrigger timer for divine companion aura-2s or so, then a big message saying click invuln to fix that issue.

              with lingering death+pots, i really thinking if you refresh all your dots before the pet dies and have aa HS, and all/some the spell version you could have finished. or come alot closer

              i mean, you got it to 65%. almost halfway and you could have had at least 1 min of time to wait on dots to kill. though idk when you burned and what you used etc.