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  • EM10 to EM12...

    Just a curious question regarding EM. I'm currently using the lvl 92 pet with EM10. With the new droppable EM12 ears from RoF, they should start flooding market soon.

    I didn't notice a huge difference between EM8 and EM10 back when was using the 87 pet...just curious how big an impact going from 10 to 12 would be.

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    Every EM rank is 5% pet power. The only time an upgrade will be a more noticeable difference is if it is a top tier raid focus, which raises your pet to the level cap.


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      I noticed a huge increase when I went from EM 6 to EM 12, quite naturally.

      Make the effort to get the best EM item that you can get. The EM 12 items are droppable. If I'm not mistaken, one of the anniversary quests can get you an EM 13 item.

      If your server has open raids, EM 14 or EM 15 items are available from VOA. You can get Diamond Coins or Rebellion Chits just for being on a successful raid. Tag along for around six or so raids and you can get a great item.