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  • Pet Tanking AA's

    I want to start building up my pets aa's, what are all the aa's I should get for him and what is the most important to get first?

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    Companions durability (passive AA) and fortify companion (activated AA) in the archtype tab.

    I don't know if necro's get these or not so if you don't then skip that....this is from a mage perspective regarding pet AA's.

    Companion's agility
    Elemenetal agility
    Elemental durability
    Sturday Companion


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      i would get all your passives first , activated ones after you use you would have to wait till they refresh


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        Here is a list of our pet aa's in no particular order with a short description of each where needed:

        Aegis of Kildrukaun - Pet Rune (Activated)
        Frenzy of the Dead - Increase Damage Pet Buff (Activated)
        Companions Fury 3 - Crit Chance
        Companions Alacrity 3 - Flurry
        Death's Fury 5 - Crit Chance
        Mend Companion - Heal (Activated)
        Hastened Mending 3
        Companion's Agility 15 - Melee Damage Avoidance
        Sturdy Companion 15 - Damage Mitigation
        Companion's Durability 18 - Increase Hitpoints
        Suspended Minion 2 - Pocket Pet (Activated)
        Persistent Minion - Allows pocketed pets to remain when you zone (Not sure if this is still needed or not with the changes to pets being persistant)
        Pet Discipline - /pet hold & /pet ghold
        Advanced Pet Discipline - pet focus & pet no cast
        Pet Affinity - Pet can take group buffs
        Feigned Minion 4 - Pet Feign Death (Activated)
        Companion's Relocation - Moves the pet forward (Activated)
        Divine Companion Aura - Pet Invulnerability (Activated)
        Fortify Companion 12 - Reduce offhand DS damage & increase to mitigation & evasion (Activated)
        Quickening of Death 20 - Flurry
        Death's Wrath 29 - Crit Chance
        Companion's Blessing 18 – Pet HoT (Activated)
        Replenish Companion 15 - Enhances Mend (Activated)
        Hastened Companion’s Relocation 3
        Hastened Companions Blessing 3
        Hastened Fortify Companion 6
        Hastened Divine Companion Aura 5
        Summon Companion 4
        - Faster casting version of the spell (Activated)

        If I've missed anything, please let me know. I have a headcold right now so doing my best on the concentration thing.

        What order depends on your playstyle, but I'd go pet hold followed by passives (As Greydeeds pointed out), then focus on defensive if you'll be using it to tank or crit & flurry if the pet will be more dps. Pet Affinity is awesome for getting Bones buffed up during MGB fests. Also, get the best pet focus ear you can manage. It helps alot! Pet focus & a set of Mage summoned pet toys take our pet from a good tank to a great one.
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