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Pet lifetap proc

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  • Pet lifetap proc

    Has anyone ever figured out how much these hit/heal for, or what the effect is called? Is there a spell effect I can look up on Lucy's?

    I'm hoping that whatever the effect is called has different ranks that scale up for the higher pets.

    I tried scanning thru everything with the word 'stagger', which was an incredibly long list, so I kept my searching to the spells that had 'none' listed for the class.

    What I found that looked like it might be the pet procs was:


    Both of those had prism skin attached to them, which made me think they just might be it, yet also made me think they couldn't be. Prism skin doesn't proc on the pet anywhere near as often as the pet procs his lifetap.

    Edit: Also, those were the only 2 that I found with the prism skin attachment, which would imply that the lower one might be the proc for the 92/95 pet, and the higher one for the 97/100 pet. The previous level pet procs might be under a different name somewhere in lucy.

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    Those are probably it.

    The prism skin is only a 5% proc chance.

    Check, their spell parser is better than Lucy's.

    Edit: Love the text on Spectral Lifetap (Causes you to enjoy a delicious waffle.)