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Pet Tanking Nerfs on Test

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    lame, but not suprising with the "lets keep kicking necro" attitude the devs have had lately. The nerf and give some back via AA is old hat now, just look at RB.


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      Some parsing is being done by mages both on live and test servers. For those of you that think you'll be affected by this I'd suggest doing some parsing/testing and posting hard data either here, on the mage boards or the SOE boards.

      If you'd like to post on the mage boards here's the page to put things on (just make sure you post that it's a necro pet and not a mage pet you're posting a parse for):

      Also, beastlords posting parses can't hurt so if you have a box/friend/guildy that is willing to parse and post info all the better.


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        I did a couple parses and vs. trash mobs, it's barely a difference with EM 18 focus.... Named mobs I think will be different. I thought I was going to do a parse on a Xorbb named whirlwind and my pet died in like 15 seconds lol

        Thinking the ones who will feel a bigger difference is the group folks. Named mobs will be much tougher, and trash will probably not be as trivial for them (just a guess..).


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          Piestro basically said parses are worthless so nevermind.


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            Originally posted by Tweelis View Post
            Piestro basically said parses are worthless
            Community Managers are worthless.

            Keep in mind that Piestro isn't a real dev and probably sticks his nose into so much because he is trying to justify the existance of his job.

            What get's under my skin is his uppity, self important attitude. It is interminable and comes across in nearly all of his posts.

            I try my best to get along with him but it's really, really hard with all the smarmy bullshit he exudes.

            The best thing about the whole topic that Xirket posted was Rtugok's immediate rebuke that he want's to keep receiving parses to review.
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              I play on test on the regular, by no means am I pro necro or anything of the kind. I pick away at achievments and HoT+ content, just to give you an idea of what I'm doing. I have the em13 ear from xorbb, and ruffly 4k aa so I've maxed my pet def aa.

              So far I havent noticed much in the way of changes for the content I dabble in, t3 trash was no issues unless I got 2 and got really sloppy. I have not tried any t3 names yet but burnbark/ murderer were doable for me with a shammy box before patch. I spent some time playing around in chelsith and there was alot of mage rage in /ooc about the changes to their pets. Now this was with T3 named, a mage/bard box was rot'ing loot in xorbb before he tried t3 and said he felt the changes were minimal for what he was used to.

              I will try and report back with more info this week. I deffinitly hate the change to aa pet rune, its gone in one round or less, and thats just on trash


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                My real issue with this is they are just fishing for a solution to a problem. The problem is overwhelming a raid target with pets (main, spell, aa, clickies, whatever). These methods are highly inefficient but some guilds simply can't win or don't care to win by other means and resort to this.

                But rather than fixing the issue (raid mobs only) they keep throwing stuff against all pets to see what sticks. First it was ruining pet DA because they thought the only reason pets were able to do this was because of our pet DA paired with cleric/bard/whoever DA thrown on a pet let them tank for 90 seconds without damage, that didn't fix it. So then Aristo is nerfing our pet runes (which will again prove to do nothing in regards to pets being used on raid mobs) and now the nerf to AC and hps. In a few months time it will still be possible for guilds with the right classes and know how to overwhelm a raid target with pets to use as a winning strategy if they are unable to win by other means. So we can only look forward to the next 'fix' which will be 60 sec recast of all pet swarm spells, 60 recast of summoning a main pet and all aa pet lines sharing a timer or something. That or limiting the number of pet classes in a raid to 3.


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                  So true, they should really at least TRY to stick with that they said (only supposed to affect raid targets). Raid focus pets will still work fine in grp content even with the nerfs (I think), but group geared folks, who are trying to do progression and/or nameds are going to have a much tougher time of it if they only have pets to tank.


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                    Yeah I'm going to be fucked. I solo/molo these days since my war account is no longer Gold. Guess I'll have to wait and see what I can and cannot do with these changes.


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                      whats really gonna happen is when raids start to wipe, the people who have been bailing their asses from a complete restart arent gonna be able to. there for bite them selves in the ass