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Did Emissary of Thule ever have triple attack?

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  • Did Emissary of Thule ever have triple attack?

    Hey guys, I'm doing some research for P99, and I've found a few sources that list triple attack as an EoT ability back in Velious.

    To quote one of them:
    Emissary of Thule Level Range ? - 50 (SPECTRE)
    (Level 59) HP Range 2400-2800
    Max. Damage 61, Bash 40, Kick 40, Dual Wield (auto), Triple Attack, Procs a minor drain life spell (?)
    New Abilities Peridot Required to cast spell

    At the same time, I'm seeing information in other places that seems to leave out any mention of triple attack.

    I was wondering if any of you have been playing since the classic era and could remember whether or not EoT did in fact triple attack?