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  • BiC for your Epic's slot 4

    So after reading this topic I decided to try my luck at BiC as an 85th necro to see if I could do it. So here is my write up for those that like step by step insructions when they can get them, like I do.

    Link to Allah's listing of BiC quests.

    1) From Guild Lobby use Magus to go to Nedaria, then use that Magus to go to Abysmal Sea, Find Fezzbin Fizzles (turn around go upstairs turn left, there he is a gnomer with a soulfire) I don't recall any text letting me know i was preflagged, so just go through all his text and prompts. He will give you a white socketed crystal (bank it) and a 4 slot container (destroy it).

    2) go back down stairs and turn left into room at bottom of stairs, there is a halfer with ranger swords, Taminoa Bialu. Hail him and go through his text for Qinimi, Barindu, Riwwi, and Ferubi. You will get an Tuned Farstone after the Ferubi text, drop it in your bags.

    3) get a mixing bowl and a fishing pole and bait and go fishing, get a mess of tuna and crab. Put xlbs of Crab(or Tuna) in bowl and combine and you will end up with x number of 1lb crab (or tuna) put them in the bottom of your bags so you don't eat them 40 (2 stacks) of each should be enough to start with. If you can forage (Iksar and/or have foraging AA or have a foraging bot) forage in the GoD zones for Hynid and Cragbeast meat (if you can forage can do this everytime your forage button comes up while doing other stuff) and have like 40 of those each too(breakthem down to 1lb chunks like the tuna and crab, and if it is available some Taelosian Tea of some kind (I am not sure if the mountain tea's work) 40 of those. Also use your beg skill on every non-kos Light Blue mob or higher you come across from now on, until your begging is 151 skill, will be needed later (alternatly buy it up at a guild trainer if you have enough training points and want to dump a few 1000 plat instead of begging)

    4) Go To Magus say Natimbi and then run to Qinimi.

    5) When in Qinimi kill the discord models (kyv, noc, mastrug, ra'tuk, ukun, anuek, ikaav) indiscriminatly, The roamers can spawn a named that will drop a key you will need for your Riwwi portion and any trash can drop another key you need for the same quest. You will also need a piece of chalk to drop, which is a zone wide drop. So kill indiscrimantly any of the bad guys.
    There is also a book that spawns on top a broken pillar between the zone in and the path between the houses. Get it, it is your first turn in. So get the book and kill until you get the chalk drop, keeping your eyes open for a Named Spawn that can drop the key you are looking for. Once you get the chalk to drop, it is time to move on (regardless if you got the key(s) to drop or not, as you will pass through this zone a lot and can kill a few each time you pass through.

    6) Head to Riwwi from Qinimi. Run through the buildings and look up on the platform for any hungry, thirsty, starved, famished, emaciated yunjo's then feed them what they want (the tuna, crab, hynid, cragbeast, tea) they way to get the most out of this (because the despawn once you give them 8 of something) is to give them 4 of what they want and trade, then 3 of what the want and trade, then 4 more of what they want and trade. Doing it this way you get 11 faction hits instead of 8. When you do the final turn in, the yunjo despawns and immediatly respawns as another type of yunjo, typically a useless enslaved yunjo, but can be one of the ones that want food. So feed the ones you can, they will respawn again in a bit and may get another chance to get more faction through feeding them. Okay start killing bad guy mobs, you are looking for stonedust particles and Reyna's Bloody Earrring, both of which are zone wide drops. Other things you can do while here is if Nightwatchman Fxi is up kill him and get one of the keys you need, and kill the Officiator in the back of the Arena area because you want the named officiator to spawn, so you can get another key you need. Occasionally check the Yunjo in the buildings to see if they respawned as ones you can feed for faction. Anyway once you get the stonedust particles and the earring it is time to move.

    7) Head to Barindu from Riwwi. go into the bottom floor of the temple and kill the aneuks in the 2 rooms inside they rarely drop a key you need. Also kill other bad guys to get the 2 journal pages to drop they are zone wide drops, keep killing the anueks in the temple area until you a) get both pages of the journal, or b) get the key to drop, which ever comes first.
    Once you get the 2 journal pages, go outside the temple and in the corner nearest the entrance to the Qinimi Zone path there is a Nihil NPC Gamesh. Uninvis and say whatever he has in brackets for the purifying plant to get that instance (I think I saw the glob of mod drop mostly in that expedition). head back into temple and enter instance. Kill mobs until you get a glob of mud.

    8) come out of sewers, check aneuks if you haven't got key drop yet, then head to Ferubi. Now your ultimate goal is to get to smith rondo and give him that tuned farstone the halfer with the lightning swords gave you, but if you don't mind the slog now, kill mobs on the way there. The reason being is you want the Elite spearmaster, brawler, blademaster, hammermaster to be eventually spawned and they seem to be tied to how many mobs in a certain area have been killed. Once spawned they don't despawn until killed, so one or all of them may be up if some cleric was working on his 1.5 in here. If you are not up to it invis up, most mobs do not see invis, and you can just train and flop through to rhondo when you get a see invis mob. once there hand him the farstone and he will give you a book do any text he has, and then levant. and Zone out into..

    9) Qinimi... kill some, especially roamers if you still need one or both the key drops here, on your way to natimbi. zone into natimbi, levant and then take magus to abysmal sea. go to halfer and turn in your book from qinimi, then turn in 2 journal pages from barindu, then earring from riwwi, then book from rondo. Sell your vendor loot to magus, restock any of the crab, tuna, hynid, cragbeast, taelosian tea, you used. Head to Qinimi, kill some more, especially roamers if you still need key(s), find councilman sislano and hail him and then give him the page you got back from the halfer. Go through his text then hand him the chalk, stonedust particles, and glob of mud, he gives you back a stone of entry. Hold on to that for now.

    12) Now head to Riwwi and feed some more slaves. killing kyv eyecollectors, mastrug decapitators, and officiator or any of the mobs that are killing slaves in the arena also grant a positive Yunjo resistance faction hit, if you still haven't gotten the 2 named key droppers (officiator Ksomething and Night watch Fxi) try to get them. You need to get to high kindly with the Yunjo Resistance (Taelosian Metamorphic Staff, a reward for getting GoD and some of the compulation expansions, is a huge boost to faction and can shorten this process) to be able to finish this portion of the quest. When you get high kindly enough that Namosa up on platform will talk to you, you are ready to move on. Once she speaks to you do her run around quest by following the Allah write up. Then follow the allah write up to get the rest of the keys, hopefully you got all the rare spawn keys up to this point the rest are easy to get all the time. and start the arena event as allah describes will need an open inventory slot for a bag to combine keys in and then to combine heads of the gladiators you kill in, all are very easy had my J5 Tank and Cleric and Shaman there, but shaman did nothing, and I didn't actually pay attention to the Mercs, i am fairly certain it wouldn't have been hard even without them. Get scout report from guy you gave keys and bags too and go turn that in to halfer. he gives you a shard and your finished with part 3.

    10) Now move to Ferubi kill a bunch of mobs from zone in to the elites rooms, and the mobs in thier rooms until the spawn. Loot their broken weapons, 2 of them drop 15AC augs that are useable by 65th level so maybe some young tank alt will want those. When you have all 4 broken weapons it is now time to do the hard part, get 6 toons in a group and meet in Qinimi

    11) Okay here is the hard part of this first series of tasks. You need 6 toons, mercs do not count to be in qinimi with you. You could easily solo this but you can't get in without 6 live toons. Once you have your 6 toons in qinimi, head to that area to the left of zone in with all the mastrug mobs all over the place. inside the middle building is a stage area with 2 mastrugs on it get everyone up on stage and kill those to mastrugs. Once they are dead, everyone uninvis and get into circle on stage, buff if you feel you must, (really you could do this solo and could have forgotten to buff yourself, so don't sweat that) and you put the stone of entry on your cursor and /say I wish to enter.
    Your group will shortly be teleported and have to do a ring event, it is timed, as soon as the mobs become targetable, kill them, start the next wave by looting the dead, whole thing takes like 10 minutes. Don't take more than 6 minutes per wave. When done hail the gnomer (I think it was a gnome) and hand him your stone of entry and he will hand it back and a writ of the magi. I couldn't figure out how to get out of here, but we had a wizard in the crew of 6 I needed so we just ported to natimbi to get out of the area.

    12) head back to Absmal Sea and the halfer and give him the writ of the magi

    13) Return to Qinimi (if Councilman Sislono is up, i seem to remember him despawning for a day after group mission but I could be wrong, get your group split into a raid) If not head to step 14 and barindu. come back the next day to do this part.
    Okay before I go on some notes on what I did, as it may make it easier for you.
    a) You have to be in a raid to get tported into this one, can be a raid of 2 people but you have to be in a raid (raid means no mercs, at least initially)
    b) You are instantly in the area of the fight when you say the final words, and will have aggro in a few seconds of zoning in.
    c) If someone dies in this event, they can't be rezzed back into it, rez will land, and they will pop in at succor spot in Qinimi and there corpse poofs. One way around this maybe, i wasn't able to try this, was get a druid/shaman 0% rez and then a cleric xp rez, the second rez may get toon back in. Like in PoJ trials it took 2 rezzes to get a toon back in to trial area, but with corpse poofing on rez these days, first rez has to be one that leaves corpse, to be rezzed again.
    d) if toon that was killed and rezzed but is not in tries to get back in (has to be in a raid) the event resets and starts over, all corpses poof. I am not sure if this happens while event is going on, but the fitst time i attempted this my shaman died and I tried to get him in after all was dead it reset the event.
    I did this with me and my shaman bot and my J5 Tank and Cleric Merc. I made a /raiddisband button and as soon as I said phrase i clicked it to disband raid and unsuspended mercs then sent group invite to my shaman, we were able to get that done before we got aggro, after that it went smoothly until end. Loot bloody robes and go back to Abysmal Sea and turn them into Halfer, get a shard, you have completed part 1

    14) Have your crew of 6 meet you in Barindu, you are going to skip all the poisoning part and just brute force kill them all (I did this with just me my shaman bot and J5 tank and cleric merc, but it was close a couple of times, so more toons are better, right?) Head into Ixvet Pox's room (has 2 Anuek Controllers and a bunch of golems incuding Colossus of War) kill her all the aneuk controllers and all the golems, loot Talwain's remains (might have to /open them or break them open), loot report and go back to abysmal sea and turn into halfer get another shard you have completed part 2

    15) Have your 6 people follow you to ferubi and go rumble with rhondo (I actually did this event with me and my shaman bot, and a wiz and his shaman bot, and a J5 Tank Merc and a J5 Cleric Merc, so don't actually need 6, but fast is good. So get to rhodo, clear room, then hand weapons to rondo to spawn Weapon Master Vtiink , and his 4 apprentices (Kyv Models) Burn down Weapon Master first, as the apprentices will respawn on death if killed before Weapon Master. then kill apprentices, then kill rondo who us ussually might be in ukun form at that time. When he is dead hail the spectral rondo and get a flag (to bypass sewers requirement for vxed tipt, when it used to have that requirement) and get rondos report. go turn that in and get another shard and the you are finished with the citys of taelosia

    16) go to the jewelery merchant on abysmal sea, the one closest to door has a tool set Vsomething or others for 0pp buy it, head to fezbin fizzle and hail him he will give you 4 slot container to combine and combine the tool set the white socketed crystal with the shard from qinimi quest, then take that result combine with the barindu piece, then that result with the riwwi piece, then that result with the ferubi piece and you will have the first usable BiC aug

    I have completed the next sections too but will write about those later, time to go for now.

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    Something you can do to help spawn more slaves is to FD, and have your pet kill the slaves. The respawn on them after doing turn ins is instant, sometimes you can get lucky and get 2 or 3 slaves needing food or drink. But when they spawn as normal slaves or ones you do not have food for, you can kill them with pet while feigned and avoid the faction hits. They will then respawn in the neighborhood of 10 minutes, and not the 30ish they would normally respawn at if they were normal slaves.

    Nightwatchman is also on a timer. He only spawns during the evening from my observations, and despawns in the morning.


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      Okay Next is Sewers, Vxed, and Tipt., You will need an open inventory slot for each of these quest as they all give you a container.

      1) On the Abysmal Sea, hail Vaifan Cogswin. from the magus, turn around, go to the stairs, but in stead of going up, turn left and then right into the back room, she is the gnome on the chair. She will ask you if you are the ones to help, blah blah blah, /say yes.
      Then go through the rest of her chat for the sewers, and get the Broken Clockwork Gear Box (4 slot container). I have read the parts won't drop if you don't have this container

      2) Head to Barindu, go to Gamesh and request one of the sewer missions, there are 4, you will have to do all 4 to get what you are after. Okay, only a named mob can drop the part you want, and they will only drop them if you have the container. From what I could tell if you get a named, they will always drop the part. Getting the named to spawn is different in the sewers than any other zone I can think of. When you zone in not all the mobs have spawned. You have to kill like 20 mobs for the rest of the mobs to spawn. all the mobs that spawn on that 20th kill are either named, or more likely a place holder for the named, but that isn't important except to note that you will never have a named, until you kill 20 mobs.

      3) Some of the mobs you have to kill are, unsnarable and summon, but at 85, they are gimp, so no worries. What I did was have my shammy cast listlessness on me then I would run around aggroing all the mobs in the zone-in room with my pet on hold, and drag them all to a place where i could put myself in a corner so I was less likely to get interrupted on spell casting. I then turned pet hold off and started cycleing through the npcs (set up your cycle through nearest NPCs key - under keyboard commands on your options menu) and cast SoulReaper's Pyre, change target cast Soul Reaper's Pyre, change target cast... meanwhile pet is beating on them, throw in a Tap when needed. and soon they are all dead. Go kill a few more if I am short on the 20 mob count. Then I would put pet on hold and Train through the zone looking for named, there are a lot of see invis (thus the train part), but I didn't let their aggro bother me. I just kept running through zone seeing if I could spot a named, If I spotted one, or got worried I had too many mobs I would FD let aggro clear and tell pet to back off (so it didn't go running off to slay something else). When aggro cleared I would then get up and kill named and whatever else aggroed in the vicintity, or continue my search. If I killed the named I would loot my piece and drop task. If after my run through zone, I didn't see a named at all, I would drop instance and get another instance form Gamesh.
      The logic goes like this, since there are a bunch of mobs not spawned when you zone in, and every one of those has a chance to spawn a named, and you can kill 20 mobs pretty fast, it is faster to get a mew mission to get a named to pop than it is trying to identify a handful of these placeholders and camp them and wait for their respawn which is 15-20 minutes.
      So once you get your piece from one sewer instance, do a different sewer instance, and so on until done. It actually didn't take me too long doing it this way.

      4) You have all 4 parts, combine the container (at which point it is no longer a container) and head to Abysmal sea and turn in box to Vaifan to finish sewers part, she hands it back to you and a shard for your aug (don't add it yet, it will make your currently useful aug useless again, just wait until you have finished Vaifan's quest line)

      5) go through her text for Vxed, she won't give you a container for this one, but you will have to loot one, so leave an open space.

      6) head to barindu. on the opposite side of the temple from Gamesh is a female nihil standing in a pool not far away called Apprentice Udranda, say Vxed to her while uninvis to get instance. Now just go on a killing spree, any thing can drop the parts you need: Connection Rods, Flickering Finkenheimer (the container), Greased Belt, Tarnished Sprocket, Uncoiled Springs. Be sure you did the hails with Vaifan in step 5 above otherwise when you combine you get nothing and will have to do it over.

      7) Go back to visit Vaifan and give her the result of the combine and now you are finished with Vxed she will give you another shard for your aug.

      8) go through her text for Tipt, and get the container. Now get 3 toons (mercs do not, I repeat Do NOT count) that have to come with you on mission, or you won't be able to complete this part of the aug quest. Without 3 people, you won't be able to spawn the ghosts, and if you can't spawn the ghosts you can't kill them to spawn the mob you have to hail to spawn the key droppers, without the key drop, you won't be able to get into the last part of the zone where the named Kyv is that drops the last Power Cell you need, so bring 3 toons.

      9) Go back to Barindu and see Apprentice Udranda again, and say Tipt to her while uninvis to get instance. Invis/kill up to the first empty flat open area. invis and have one person move into the area, a bunch of mini cragbeasts will spawn, back out then kill them, as last one dies Cragbeast Mom will spawn and try to eat you, she was tough at 65, but at 85 she is 2 spells from dead. She drops the first power cell you need, and an aug, that like BiC can go in almost any slot (there is 30hp/30mana one that can drop, and this is the easy substitute for people who do not want to do BiC, but want a hp/mana aug in their slot 4). Now kill/invis up to the next open area do not go in, when the three toons are close enough, the ghost will spawn, They see invis and ITU, kill them all. They are the ones that drop the next power cell, but it is apparently not gauranteed, as I had one clear of them that didn't drop a power cell at all, if this happens to you, you will need to redo Tipt to get the drop, at somepoint, let's say you get it. Finish killing them all (the ones in the buildings too) and a named one pops in middle, go hail him to spawn the key mobs up ahead in the next clearing. Invis/Kill to next open area start killing mobs in this area, one of them will drop a key that you need, they also drop the next powercell. once you have the key invis/kill to the riddler guy and go through his text and hand him the right thing (the things spawn on the ground as little bags) to answer his riddle (see Allah's list of questions and answers on the tipt BiC write-up). Note at this point, if you didn't do the hails and get the container, you will not get the powercell D he is supposed to hand you, so hopefully you did the hails and got the container from Vaifan and when you correctly answer the riddle he will hand you (and everyone else that has the quest container in your group) the powercell, and the door behind him is now unlocked. Invis/Kill up to the locked gate, only the person who looted the key can open the gate, pull the nearby mobs out and kill them, then move in to the right corner, clear out any mobs between you and the named Kyv. when ready pull kyv and kill him. This Kyv is not difficult by himself, but he is not a joke like every other mob so far in this quest so far. I am embarassed to say that him and a 2 or 3 other mobs that I didn't clear before pulling him killed my merc cleric and then proceeded to eat me. i should have just FDed, but, was thinkking how hard could it be, i would just kill them without the merc safety net, in the end they were tough enough to keep interupting my spells, especially my Taps, and i waited too long to try and FD and got killed, next time I cleared the area a bit and killed him no problem. Once he is dead loot your final cell and combine. There is a zone out over the bridge you can see (a headstone like thing to the left as you get off the bridge. or can just drop instance. Go to abysmal see and turn in the combined result.

      10) Vaifan now gives you a book and another container as well as the item you gave her back. You now go to Barindu and get another Vxed or Tipt instance, and do the combine there. a Clockwork will spawn, it will just stand there and ignore you unless you follow the instructions in the book and target it and /say Access code 040703 at which point it gives you a print out which you then go back to abysmal sea to turn in for your final shard for this portion.

      11)Now go get the tools again from jewler and the box from fezzbin fizzle and combine the shards with your aug one at a time and you will end up with

      As of today May 19, 2009 that is where I am at, i will add more if and when I do more, if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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        Thank you very much for the guide. I will be using it when I get off the laziness kick I'm on lately.
        Magelo way out of date due to laziness...


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          I was able to get the stone of entry w/ a lil help from a guildie but now that this has been posted will be using it more often

          Chasiekurosuca Ni`Shi

          Pariki Ni'Shi

          Skiefox Shalafi


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            Thanks Vivamort! A very awesome guide! I'll be updating the quest library with a link to this thread.
            --Retired, May 2012--


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              This is the only decent slot 4 primary aug in game right? I know there is a slot 4 35hp/mana aug if I'm not mistaken that a non raiding necro can get correct?


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                In Tipt the Cragbeast mommy can drop a 30hp 30mana aug that will go in slot 4, if you are happy with just that, can do only the first few sentences in step 9 of my second post. Might have to do it a few times, she drops at least 3 augs, may take a time or two to get the one you want to drop.


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                  Magelo way out of date due to laziness...


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                    Hey Viv anytime you need a hand with biC content shoot me a tell.

                    GL !


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                      Originally posted by Filter View Post
                      This is the only decent slot 4 primary aug in game right?
                      There are some very nice ones in Frostcrypt raids


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                        Originally posted by Mystiqat View Post
                        There are some very nice ones in Frostcrypt raids
                        FC and AG augs are slot8.


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                          Originally posted by Atvar View Post
                          FC and AG augs are slot8.
                          I so hate augs sometimes, I fail, sorry


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                            Thanks so much for this guide! Will definitely be sticking it on my list of things to do. The general guides were always so confusing, and hard to tell what it would be like for an 85 necro nowadays. Can't wait to read more, and best of luck finishing the aug!


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                              I so appreciate your work on this, and hope to start this quest soonish ... am hoping that most can be done solo these days!

                              I look forward to the next installment!