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  • 87necro advice please

    So I am going to try to start playing again I quit right after the expac after pop...I looked on like 7 years ago for a couple weeks got to lvl 87 and went to prison lol anyways I just figured out the mercs and did go to feerrott and kill a few things... but if you guys have any suggestions on should I just gain aas or level? And some of my gear is from temple of veeshan some of it I upgraded when I played the couple weeks .. what's the best way to get gear for my level? I tried Google and found some quest npc in pok but none of the rewards from then gives me gear... so thanks for any suggestions on what to do after so long..

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    You might have some station cash available on your character...check the daybreak store. To get at least some playable gear, a consigned complete armor and jewelry bundle will at least get you going. You might also check the Loyalty vendors in PoK, where you might have some loyalty points that can buy you some gear from them. Or if you've got a little plat saved up, check the bazaar for defiant gear for your level. That's often sold off really cheap. That can at least get your character playable. That is, if you're looking for the quick and easy way to get some current basic gear. Running the quest lines in the House of Thule expansion will help, and there's several places there to reliably root rot or pet tank to farm up your aa's and level up so you can reasonably farm the nameds in that expansion. At 95, you can begin farming the bushes in Beast's Domain in the Veil of Alaris expansion. Won't get gear, but all the xp and aa's you want up to level 105, so you can farm nameds throughout the Veil of Alaris and Reign of Fear expansions for gear upgrades. Just some suggestions. There are probably better ones out there, lol

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