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  • The House Of Mirrors!

    I have had the opportunity to play around in MC for a week or so, but am finding it very difficult to make it through the water maze. My searches to find any supporting info on how to navigate this royal PITA have proven unsuccessful. I'm really hoping that one of my fellow necros will be able to assist me in my endeavors.

    In particular, I'm very interested in how to 1) push through to the ship portal, and 2) make it down to the "3rd level", where Silbacle supposedly spawns.

    Again, any directions, drawings, etc. that would help to get your point across would be very helpful.

    Thanks very much!

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    Get a good map, then zoom in to where you are, then hit height filter. That will get you around in there. Each level has one entrance and one exit and iirc nothing but named see invis so safe to explore. Down on the 3rd or 4th level is a quest guy by a swirly whirlpool thing, that is the entrance to the ship.


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      The whirlpool portal to the ship is actually only one floor down from the top. Take the water column down and then the first right will lead you to the pool and the NPC. Like Aiyee mentioned height filter is best solution for navigation. I can't recall for certain but I do believe Silbacle is on the 3rd floor down.


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        Make sure you have a good in-game map. FAQ I agree, height filter makes this area simple.
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          If you hit the height filter and are still having issues seeing other layers, you need to adjust your height filter to a narrower range (those two boxes near the height filter button on your map window). This height filter is useful to adjust up/down depending on the situation.