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A troublesome snake...

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  • A troublesome snake...

    So I just hit 87 and summoned my 87 pet...

    With a healer merc out, I tried to pet tank: a troublesome pet got owned...

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Was your pet buffed? Was he geared with magician or elegant defiant gear? Was your mercenary on reactive? What version of enhanced minion do you have? You cannot slow the mobs yet because you're too low level but you should be able to answer the rest of those questions.
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      What he said above.

      Those snakes hit for around 6k max, so if you don't have a decent amount of pet tanking AAs, they are rough. If I am pet tanking, I also have either a heal, or cascading death shield memmed if what I am trying to pet tank is tougher.


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        If his AA count (24) is right, he won't be pet tanking JFS.

        If you really only have 24 aas, stop leveling ffs and at least get the most key aas. In general, I favor lvls over aas once you have all the essential aas. If you really only have 24 aas, there is zero chance you have the essential aas at lvl 87 lol.


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          Didn't even notice that LOL At a minimum, keep the DoT crit AAs maxed for level. If you have zero AAs for pet survivability, you are going to need a lot more than EM5 or 6 to pet tank successfully in HoT with just 1 merc.


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            Hmm yeah at 87 you should have about 250 or more AAs if you were following the guide. This would include 3rd spire. After those you could start taking the pet stuff. I'm betting your DPS is far weaker than it should be and thus your trouble pet tanking.


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              Nefar, pet tanking mobs is the exception, not the rule.

              In no case is it better to pet tank a mob vs kill it rooted or snared; because tanking a mob requires a healer merc i.e. your xp is reduced 50%. Even with max aa & tier5 reactive merc, pet tanking will involve losing pets here and there due to various unpreventable circumstances.

              Pet tanking should be reserved for hard targets i.e. those that either summon & those that are immune to changes in runspeed. Generally, this should be reserved for named & named PH farming, or the rare case you need to kill summoning trash for quests or whatever. This is primarily due to many of our abilities that allow reliable pet tanking having lengthy reuse timers - and in some cases includes our capability to step in and absorb some rounds while the pet recovers, or even wait out our DoTs while invulnerable long after the pet wiped.

              When you read posts by people saying they pet tank this or that with ease - click on their magelo profile link or look them up on eqplayers to get an idea of their perspective i.e. is this something you should be able to duplicate. And also remember - some people unintentionally play-down the difficulty of an encounter considering a win is a win. Like if you asked me if I could pet tank a troublesome snake, my reply would be yes, 100% of the time. This would be a true statement, but within my own parameters of knowing I could do this at any time, but not continuously.
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                Root is the best tank in the game - bar none - as long as it sticks.

                Perfect positioning, infinite AC returns, and zero healing liability.

                If you are able to use root, you probably should. Tash and Pestulent paralysis at max rank effectively reduces uncertainty to zero and runs long enough where even the lowest dps necro can finish a mob before breaking.

                Pet tanking is less optimum, but still an option in most cases - depending on your AA and foci support. Heavy hitting summoners and speed immune mobs often require it.
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                  Wow. Lots of good feedback.

                  Yes, until yesterday I had 24AA. Ridiculous I know. I'm going full AA from this point until I get all the essential AA. My Magelo should represent my new AA count.

                  Just curious - I see lots of TA being sold for around 10k. Is it reasonable to pay that for t2 content? I feel like 10k might be reasonable for t4 but not T2.


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                    I had a low AA bot and at your AA level you should get 20-25AA per mission so it will not take too long to get yourself the essential at least. Also, a less mentioned AA for pet tanking is to get RB maxed. True the heals are random but any healing is good. Pet tanking in HoT isn't really viable until you get a good pet focus (EM8 or higher), pet defensive AA, and level 90 for slow. True 90% of mobs mitigate slow by 50% but half of a 70% slow is noticable. Even better once you find mobs that do not mitigate it. If you can't always get mage gear for your pet save all the defiant drops you get, it makes a difference.
                    If you do not want to buy TAs and cant get into a mission group, the Volska's Husk mission in UF is fully kitable and good practice.


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                      20-25 AA doing what? Grouping outside in Hot I get about 3 AA per mission. Is that solo?


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                        What he means is, if you set your XP slider to 100% AA XP, a HoT TA at your level and with the amount of AA you have would net you somewhere between 20-25 AAs for the TA reward.

                        Going that route, it would not take too long for you to rack up at least a couple hundred quick AAs, provided you have the plat.


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                          Originally posted by Vinjin View Post
                          What he means is, if you set your XP slider to 100% AA XP, a HoT TA at your level and with the amount of AA you have would net you somewhere between 20-25 AAs for the TA reward.

                          Going that route, it would not take too long for you to rack up at least a couple hundred quick AAs, provided you have the plat.
                          The TA's being referred to are also (most likely) just the progression mission or bonus mission TAs (as there are a few other TAs available in HoT but they are less exp iirc).


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                            One task you can do for alot of AA solo maybe book hunt and spoony bard.
                            Book hunt you need the ground spawn books and the one from the bard as a reward for spoony bard. You can root rot golems, cubes, bixies for their drop. The rotdogs aren't snarable but are naturally undead so you CAn slow them at your level. Or you can /ooc for a rotting cape. During double exp weekend my alt with 2kaa was getting like 14-16AA for them combined so without double you should get similar and they are easy. Just need to HS run and grab the one book in Grounds surrounded by see invis. Can also do the potion tasks in House lower for good AA. All the mobs for it drop the item for tasks 100% of the time and only the golems summon. Can do the other tasks till get enough AA to take them too.
                            Each zone also has kill tasks, now they give very little exp compared to the other tasks but they have no lockout so you can repeatedly do them. Nice free exp if you are already killing those mobs for exp.
                            Most mobs in Feerott do not summon so you can do those tasks as well for exp.


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                              Another suggestion fore when you are ready to pet tank, block the following cleric spells on your pet. The heal over time, complete heal, and the current promised line for your merc's level, and if you have more than one healer in group that will cast heals on your pet, block the emergency heal line.. 13th something it is called 13th hour maybe? The problem with these spells is the merc thinks it has healing covered so the AI doesn't react as quickly to heal your pet. It thinks, I just cast promised healing spell.. the pet will get a heal in the next 13 seconds... whoops it didn't last those 13 seconds. The problem with the 13th hour line is when there is more than one source of healing it often does nothing, because it will not heal a single hit point if the target is greater than 45% hps when it goes off. Thus it is best to have this blocked when you have more than one healer.

                              I suspect your problem lies with your low AA count as mentioned though, so it is only a temporary set back. And as scrat said, pet tanking is an option we have, it is not the preferred or even a good way to kill stuff.
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