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Molo'ing HoT T2+ Named

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  • Molo'ing HoT T2+ Named

    OK. I can kill all the Feeroot named's with minimal effort. But after that I'm stuck. I can't handle the T2 or Lower Floor monster solo at all. I have all the Rk II spells.

    I'm in Abstruse armour, with the various Dream Mote purchased pieces. I'm flagged for T4 and have the Ward pet augment from Morells Castle.

    I've summoned the level 90 pet, sigil, T5 Cleric Merc buffs. Send in pet, Aegis, pile on the Dots and FD. Pop up and re-dot and toss the Aegis as quickly as it refreshes.

    Suggestions please?


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    Lvl 90 pet is a rogue, you want the 87 pet if you are pet tanking.
    If doing tougher content you also want to mem either the cascading deathshield or a heal to help the merc if needed- make sure you retarget after hitting cascading. Do you have all the pet survival AAs? They help quite a bit, and the AA heal is a nice oh shit heal. Other than that, make sure fortify companion is on your pet for the named and RB is up. Can also make use of pet invuln and silent casting if you have them.
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      Yeah, as NG already pointed out, you're using the wrong pet to tank. You should be using the lvl 87 pet which is the warrior pet.

      Also mentioned were which AAs do you have? Fortify Companion, Divina Aura, all the pet defensive AAs, Replenish Companion, RB, etc all play a vital role in your ability to take down HoT named.

      The other piece of advice I'd give you is to know which named you're taking on. Some are much easier than others. For instance, Raze, Rend, Croakem and Grigoran in the Grounds immediately jump to mind as fairly easy to molo whereas named like Minadra, Zonoraz, and even Vicious Gourd are going to be much, much tougher for you to take down. Study up on them ahead of time to know what you'll be up against.


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        Always fortify your pet. Always have Rb up before engage. Always hit silent before engage. When send in pet hit pet DA. Pets can keep and generate agro while DA. Hit spire and keep loading up dots while pet is invuln. When pet DA runs out watch its hp closely and if merc is losing hit pet LoH. Then if pet gets low again hit embalmers carapace and wade it taking the hits. You can keep dotting all this time and while you are invuln the pet will get healed up. By the time all that is of the mob SHOULD be dead. If not when carapace low hit DE, stand and back out and let pet go again. Keep dotting, if pet dies fd and let merc take hits. Then wehn merc low hit DA and hope dots on finish it. But if you do through all of that on a single mob you really need more dps. I have yet to find a mob that doesn't summon adds that willnot die before all of that is nearly through.
        If you have time to prep, also mem and cast the other pet buff, spectral ward.
        Between pet DA and carapace that is a full minute of dpsing when the tank isn't taking damage. Add in aegis, ward, the healing a merc can do, rb, pet LoH, and your own DA...more than enough time to whack most mobs.
        The key to moloing and pet tanking named is all in the Pet AA, all the defensive AA for them helps, a LOT.


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          Silent casting is one of the most powerfull soloing abilities a necro has.

          Max out silent casting and related haste and ext AA for it.

          Always hit silent casting before you engage a named mob.

          Now always keep AA pets on mob along with normal pet. Next go to town on mobs with DoTs and don't bother with FD. As long as you have AA pets on mob as well as normal pet then named will change to hitting AA pets if your main pet dies. That gives you time to unsuspend another main pet if your first one dies. It also gives you time to keep dotting mob.

          As long as you are still under maxxed silent casting from start of fight any of your pets will outagro you with one hit no matter how much damage you have done to the mob. Cleric merc will as well.

          If mob still isn't dead by the time you're out of pets. Then it's time hit embalmers carapace and stack as many DoTs on mob as you can while carapace is running. If mob still isn't dead by the end of carapace then hit harm shield AA just before carapace expires to both bounce the DoT portion of carapace and give you 30 more secs to hopefully allow DoTs you stacked on mob during carapace to finish it.

          If mob isn't dead by then just spam FD as harmshield expires so you FD before mob can hit you coming out of harm shield because you lost.
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            It seems maybe my problem right now is silent casting. I'll run that up tonight and see how it goes from there.

            Thanks for the wonderful info guys.



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              You can also hit them with Scorch bones..if it sticks you can land the lvl 38 undead slow..its only a partial slow but it might make the diffrence on some of the tougher fights.