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    Sharing my current experience/spot -
    (87 - but I started this spot at 85 - Mostly bazaar geared, some VOA rustic, 800AA's including all the essential lines (followed guide here))

    It is a hotzone, although it seems to be agreed across the community that it's a very cold hotzone regarding the xpmodifier. The spot I use is a stone hill behind where Emlyxi spawns (P 151.1913, -23.6651), you pretty much get out of the castle at ZI, run out through the gate and it's ahead on the left.

    There are no pathers on the hill, and one 'a Kyv' static non-pathing spawn at the top of the hill, his aggro range is such that you can be kiting all the way up the hill but don't enter the grass, sticking to this, I've never aggro'd him. I actually bind on the hill-wall up near him - this allows you to also to quickly be able to take advantage of the daily 85 task.

    Pull Noc's, Ukun's and ikaavs, all do not summon. Just kite them in circles up and down the hill. The plethora of wandering kyv's seem to have a pretty high aggro range so just be aware.

    The camp at the bottom right where Emlyxi spawns is pretty easy to keep clear too, usually three are up, an ukun (closest to you), a noc, and an ikaav(farthest). Pull the ukun and you will aggro the noc - be far enough away and target the noc right away, snaring him as well. On these double-pulls I drop four dots each, drop third spire, click robe(if you have it), then a few more dots each.

    One final note - once you get your rhythm down, don't pull the ikvaav at the aforementioned camp before making sure it's not Emlyxi, because she will show up eventually ;-)

    - Hak
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