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  • Hello! Returning necro!

    Howdy everyone returning necro here. I have got a lot of questions to ask. So please bear with me on this. I've used the search and haven't really found what I was looking for.

    1) I am lvl 59 and need some help finding a solo area/farming area for Exp and AA's, if you have any suggestions on what zone and mobs to farm please let me know.

    2) I appear to be dirt poor compared to the cost of spells for my level, so any PP farming area's mobs, items suggestions are also very welcome.

    3) Spells, should I research them IE work up research to do it, if so what site offers the best information on researching and skilling it up?

    4) Addons/Mods anything at all I should download and use? I currently have no addons at all and wondering if I could be pointed in the right direction and what I should have.

    5) I seem to have forgotten how to kite so just a basic guide would be helpful. Right now I open up with my snare, dot it up and sick the pet on it. Are there certain dots I should use? Others I shouldn't? I run out of mana on 1 mob. I have 4kish health and 5k mana right now. So a run down on what dots to use and what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated.

    6) And basically AA's, when should I work on them? I have a list or rubric I'm going to follow just not sure when I should start on them or how to approach it. IE full exp in to AA's or... 50/50 or... ect..

    In advance I would like to thank everyone who responds, your help is very appreciated. You don't need to re-post info just simply provide a link and I will do my own reading

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    Welcome back!

    1) I would say Noble's Causway would be your best bet. The murks down in the trench when you first zone in can mostly be single pulled and there is plenty of kite room. You can also try the hotzones found here: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/EQ:Hotzones

    2) Hill giants (Rathe Mountains) or ice giants (Everfrost) would probably be your best bet for plat.

    3) Researching couldn't hurt: http://www.eqtraders.com/articles/news_page.php

    4) AFAIK there aren't any acceptable (legal) add-ons for EQ. There are maps though and you can get them here: http://www.mapfiend.net/

    5) You've just described kiting. What you need is more mana/hps/focus most likely. At 59 you can wear the elaborate defiant gear. It's probably the best gear you can get at that level as well as the easiest since it drops in lvl aprropriate zones and people tend to sell it fairly cheap.

    6) AAs: http://www.necrotalk.com/showthread.php?t=10182

    The Eleborate defiant gear can carry you through to lvl 70 and then you can easily upgrade to elegant defiant or if you are able to get your hands on any of the GLOWING OTHNI (Cazic Thule) or GLOWING ATHLAI (Blackburrow) quest pieces you can do turn ins and is usable at 71.
    Continue looking around on this site as it is a wealth of information.


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      Building on that, the Murks on the Wall of Slaughter side of Nobles Causeway will be tougher (I think) when you get higher level and still want to kite them. IIRC, nothing see invis but it helps to keep your finger on the FD button anyway. If you get tired of them you can goto Katta Castrum and kite the Shissar in the Herb Garden. There's two quests that you can do there and you dont have to run back to the NPCs since you have Succor and Gate. Once you're tired of that you can move onto Dragonscale Hills and ask people at the Farm if they can use your DPS.

      Try to get foci and AAs that improves your DoTs; Critical Afflcition comes to mind.

      And if you're scraping plat together, you can shake down the Frost Giants in Everfrost. But avoid the Rathe Hill Giants since they're just like SolB Fire Giants, namely belly casters.


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        Great summary Hanavas!
        Just follow the AA guide listed and hit the zones suggested.

        One strat you can do to make kiting a little easier is, open with root. The snare then dots then use a nuke to break the root, then send in pet and kite. Its less efficent but helps you get the handle on things while the mob isn't heading streight toward you. Clearly this won't work if you have to split the mob out.