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Mobs I have soloed as a gimp geared lvl 80 necro.

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  • Mobs I have soloed as a gimp geared lvl 80 necro.

    Here are mobs that I have soloed.
    I have 9755 HP, 11000 mana and 1685 AC,(with Duskmold Orb 700 hp clicky) level 80 Iksar necro on Tribunal.
    All my gear is soloable or doable with less than 1 group, mainly Katta/bazar, no peices of Glossy yet.
    My pet focus is Dentrik's Dementia (minion of Eternity max lvl 75)

    When I say I soloed it, I mean self buffed, pet self buffed also with no mage toys/armor.

    Trakanon, soloed at 72, pet tanked, I healed, incredibly easy solo.

    Talendor Same thing very easy, with 77 pet you barely have to heal him.

    Velketor the Sorceror was at level 75 and was very very difficult for me.
    He regens very slowly so you can fd med up and continue, I can solo him at 80 without doing this now.

    A Forgotten Guardian
    level 73 named in the Ruins of Illsalin. Undead so got a slight slow to land on him.
    Was a pretty tough fight, hits for 1900, summons, enrages, cant be snared or rooted.

    named spider in Dragonscale hills.
    All named in DSH summon, cannot be rooted or snared, and most seem to Enrage, which this one definitely does.

    Delilah Windrider named Nymph, not too tough but enrages like most SoF named so be careful.

    Bloodbeak named in DSH on the farm, one of the easier named in the zone.

    Clik-O-Nik Another easy named in DSH, about the difficulty of Arachnotron.

    Dungore By far the easiest named in DSH, only hits for 900ish.

    Fiddle D Definitely one of the harder named in DSH, I have killed him 10 out of 10 tries, so very reliably.
    He is level 78 Summons, Enrages, immune to runspeed changes and hits for 2kish and fast,
    may hit for a little lower but I am pretty sure I saw a 2k+ hit in there.

    King Mustef
    probably the hardest lower 70's named in the zone, but still an easy solo fight.

    Pretty nasty mob, I soloed him inside his hut after kiting an add guard which I split.
    He is as hard or slightly harder than Fiddle D, lvl 77 - 79 named Brownie.

    Mad MX About as hard as Fiddle D, very important mob for us necros.
    He can drop one of two earrings which extend our dots by 15% up to lvl 80 dots.
    And yes he dropped it!
    I was very happy, because he took me forever to spawn.

    named scarecrow on the farm in DSH.
    He is a bit harder than the other named on the Farm, but still very easy, I soloed him at 77 and on.

    Ton o`Tin A bit easier than Fiddle D.

    Pretty easy solo, not as easy as Dungore, but easier than Fiddle D/mad MX by far.

    There are some more from DSH, I have soloed pretty much every named mob in the zone reliably.
    Minus the huge named golems for Crystallos access and a few others.

    Decrepit Skeleton This is a level 80 named in Loping plains.
    He was very difficult and requires much fewer mistakes by me (remember i have under 10k hp).
    He was slightly slowable, summons, enrages, cant snare or root him, I think he hit for around 2K and he had a good amount of HP.

    named mob in Vergalid Mines, this mob is much easier compared to most of the named in SOF expansion, simply because he doesn't enrage.
    Summons and cannot be rooted/snared though.

    Hester Valance
    level 82 named in HoS. Enrages, Cannot be rooted or snared, summons.

    I am sure there are a lot of named which I killed that I can't remember, but this is a pretty good list of some of them.
    And again I have below average gear, and as of this writing 460 AA, most of the named were done with much less AA.

    Please feel free to add the mobs which you have gotten down along with your hp mana and pet focus.
    I am very curious to what other necros have managed to take down.
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    I'll edit this to add mobs which i have killed or have remembered that I killed.
    Please everyone who contributes to this do the same with their posts.


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      Do Mad Mx and Fiddle D spawn from any of the clockworks in the zone? I went to the NW corner last night for a few hours. Managed to down Arachnotron x2 and Ton o`Tin... Just seems odd for a 78 mob to pop out of lvl 71ish mobs.
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        Yes they can spawn from ANY clockwork in DSH.


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          Hope it's alright to reply to an old thread, but most of Necrotalk is filled with old threads. It looks like I am coming here when most of the necro squad has retired.

          I'm curious at the method for fighting the named since they summon and are usually immune to run speed changes. Tap tanking? Pet tanking? I was only level 69 when I was in DSH, but with regular mobs hitting for 1400 max and quadding, going face to face with those stats seems incredibly tough!

          Our pets improve greatly, so maybe the 77 pet makes the difference? My Child of Bertoxx gets knocked down to enrage in a round and then dies right after enrage ends.

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            Most of us haven't retired, but the majority of the "best" info is in the Subscriber's Lounge. Trust me, it's worth $2~ per month.

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              The subscriber lounge definitely has great info, and is completely worth the minor investment. However, you also have to take into account that beta is going on right now, so a lot of the regular posters are busy with that, and pretty much everything in the HoT expansion (and previous expansions) has been discussed 1000 times already. Once the new expansion comes out, you'll see a lot more activity here as well.
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                Well I think the biggest reason this thread and other trophy solo threads have fallen out of favor is because we can solo anything & everything in the group game given enough prep, aa, vet rewards & the right tools. It's no longer a matter of pride or accomplishment to dirt nap a named somewhere - its the random daily occurance of the masses - by many classes. And throw a merc into the equasion..every class can.

                Every now and then right after an expansion release there will be a few threads pop up pointing out which xx named you want to solo for this desired item or that cool clicky- stuff that is "informational news" moreso than any form of feat.

                There does seem to be more retired necrotalk folks than current gamers, certainly. And the current folks aren't as chatty anymore for whatever reason. I guess thats just the inevitable happenings for a game nearing 13 years old. And for many of us old farts... the soloing feats in our 60-70s were so long ago it literally was a different game with completely different options & tools - our relevance to current sub-level questions is sadly defunct.
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                  another reason trophy threads dont see as much activity is all raid mobs are locked behind dz requirements so it is not as easy to attempt them.

                  dragging 6 people to a solo an open zone mob is hard