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  • Driving me crazy!! :-D

    It is so neat, a Necromancer can do so many things. However, what can I do to solo latest expansion; or even past the gators in Loping/exc. Necro has been my #1 for years due to the fact that I can solo all over (summoners suck). This toon is it! :-) I am 85 with t3 (still glad I got that far), 1.5 Epic and in excess of 3100 aa. I purchased new exp. hoping there would be a place to bide time and aa untill some guild members log on to group hunt. It is frustrating wanting to go to new viens of the game, but lack the guild power.

    Just asking some experianced Necromancer Gods where/how to grow. Thank you for your time and patience.

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    Some info here, 1 forum above where you posted.

    Side note: Tosk is about your best bet other than LP.
    Magelo way out of date due to laziness...


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      Not exactly the best but I hang around SoD alot: OGH/OGV, Olde BlackBurrow, Old Commonlands, Tosk.


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        UF is not completely solo unfriendly, there are some things you can do solo. So the question is why should you solo in UF in the few limited places that you can, when the mobs have so many hit points and can hit so hard.

        1) There are some very nice Zonewide rare loots that can drop off of trash mobs.
        2) There are sometimes tasks that can be completed solo including some kill quests, that can give significant xp in addition to the xp for the kills.

        One thing that can make this easier is, the Tash clicky from OMM missions. I think it costs 14 brews. It will help roots stick better and longer.

        If you are not T8 or T9 flagged:

        In Cooling Chambers can kite/rot undead and the traitorous workers/laborers. Necro spell Necrotic Pustles Rk2 can drop here

        The traitorous types are not assisted by the non traitorous types, so kite those around.

        The undead, pull them into the lake and root rot them there, to avoid roamers.

        In Foundation, the burynai do not summon, and the bugs do not summon, probably other stuff doesn't summon, can find a few spots to root rot. Necro spell Bestow Undeath rk 2 can drop here

        If you are Tier 8 flagged:

        Rootrot/Kite in Brell's Temple Mephits, constructs, telmira, gigyns, coldain, do not summon, probably very little beyond the named summons in there. Necro spell Call skeletal swarm rk 2 can drop here.

        If you are Tier 9 flagged:

        Volska's Husk mobs do not summon.. so rootrot/kite away. The trash can drop visible armour pieces you can wear.
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          just to add a little more to my plug of what you can be doing in UF. Looking through Magelo I got the following list of equipment you might get from killing trash.

          If you never kill a named/summoner or get rot loot, or do a boomerang mission in UF. But you kill kitable/root rottable trash in the zones I mention above, you can put the following UF pieces on your necro toon.

          T6 and T7 (no flagging required)

          Legs- Celestrium Linked Legs (Foundation)
          Waist - Braided Belt of the Belikos or Clockwork Torso (Cooling Chambers)
          Back - Cloak of Moss or Underfoot Poncho or Tower of Gold (Cooling Chambers)
          Shoulders - Adherent Spaulders (Foundation)
          Finger - Underquarry Miner's Ring and/or Clay Spiral Band (Both in Foundation)
          Face - Visage of Brell or Mask of the Lava Mephit (Cooling Chambers)
          Secondary - Greken Plate Shield or Tower of Gold (Foundation or Cooling Chamber)
          Range - Blossom of Logos or Genari Tibia or Queen's Defender (All Foundation)
          Charm - Owl's Wisdom or Spikerat Skull (Cooling Chambers)
          Ear - Lady Envy's Bangle and/or Clay Spiral Band

          If and when you get T8 can add or upgrade the following slots without a named or summoning mob. Also note that all the non-visibles have slot 3 aug slots.

          Waist - Naglebrak's Belt of Misgivings (Brell's Temple)
          Chest - Slime Etched Breastplate (Brell's Temple)
          Back - Ingranite Cape (Brell's Temple)
          Finger - Shimmering Band of Resonance (Brell's Temple)
          Face - Mask of Rage (Brell's Temple)
          Charm - Sigil of Thorns (Brell's Temple)
          Clicky - Orb of Suspension - Lev clicky (Brell's Temple)

          If and when you get Volska Husk access add or upgrade the following

          Feet - Autarchian Sandals (VHusk)
          Legs - Autarchian Linked Leggings (VHusk)
          Chest- Autarchian Robe (VHusk)
          Hands - Autarchian Fistwraps (VHusk)

          If you got all those, it leaves 6 slots for you to fill. One slot is your primary that should have your 1.5 at least and hopefully 2.0 in it

          So even if you have Defiant in Arms, Wrists, Head, and a Boomerang Neck, you are doing pretty darn well for never having killed a named.


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            Volska's Husk mobs do not summon.. so rootrot/kite away. The trash can drop visible armour pieces you can wear.
            Minor correction, the Lava golems are immune to changes in run speed.

            Robots, deeper in the caves, do summon.


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              Okay EQ is rolling out a new currency system and it is currently on Test here are the things that I can see with progression done with the excpetion of the mission in Convortium. I believe what you can see is determined by which missions your toon as completed.

              In Kernagir, the Shining City on Vendor-Bot Model CM I see:
              Purifying Pyrate Stone - 560 Brellium
              Orb of Timless Stone - 560 Brellium
              Workmaster's Horn Fragment - 560 Brellium
              Algid Ice Cube - 560 Brellium
              Runed Genati Fragment - 400 Brellium
              Clicknar War Belt - 400 Brellium
              Ring of Shining Solace - 400 Brellium
              Candle of Dark Flames - 400 Brellium
              Silken Cloak of Happy Flowers - 400 Brellium
              Crystalkin Amice - 400 Brellium
              Tribal Necklace of Enlightenment - 400 Brellium
              Mask of the Sentinal - 400 Brellium
              Renowned Warrior's Earring - 400 Brellium

              In Foundation on Dermott Saltagger I see:
              Incorruptable Tear - 280 Brellium
              Crystalized Cliknar Eye - 280 Brellium
              Bloodbound Ruby - 280 Brellium
              Mold-covered Stone - 280 Brellium
              Clay Doll - 200 Brellium
              Belt of Spelunkers - 200 Brellium
              Miners' Pride - 200 Brellium
              Burynai Scoutpick - 200 Brellium
              Tenkar's Infracloak - 200 Brellium
              Adherent Spaulders - 200 Brellium
              Particlave Necklace - 200 Brellium
              Cavernaut Dustveil - 200 Brellium
              Adherant Earpiece - 200 Brellium

              How do you get Brellium? Do tasks and missions, many of them offer Brellium as part of the reward now. (lower Tier ones will offer Silver tokens to buy the Boomerang gear) For example.

              VHusk Task Into the Fire gives 40 Brellium
              VHusk Task Uncover the Truth gives 40 Brellium
              VHusk Task Autochthonous Support gives 40 Brellium
              VHusk Task Arms of Brell gives 200 Brellium
              Vhusk Task Brell's Will Be Done gives 200 Brellium
              VHusk Mission Kill the Hatchlings gives 140 Brellium and a chest loot (Orb of Timless Stone was in the chest in the mission I did)
              Convorteum Task A Different Point of View gives 40 Brellium
              Convorteum Task I, Bellikos gives 40 Brellium
              Underquarry Task Unrest in the Metal Mines gives 17 Brellium

              So again it isn't necessary as a Necro to ever have to kill a named to gear up in UF if you can't or do not want to between Boomerang, Zone-wide rares, Chests at the end of Missions, and now Brellium Currency.

              Have fun in UF!


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                Well, that looks pretty cool.
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                  BTW...are these new currency vendors by chance buying the purity augs with the new currency?
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                    If you have access to LC, see the npc directly in front where you zone in from Arthricex. Say 'help' to her, collect 8 lore gems and feed to Sessy the sessiloid next to her.

                    Earn 50 brell tokens, exp and 262pp, 6 hr lockout, no killing required.

                    This is such a dead simple task. The gems are in the various rock piles around the zone, most are ner kos mobs, but a few are safe. Set pet on rock pile and lay every dot you got. The have a ton of hp.

                    Most piles drop multiple of one or 2 types of gem randomly. Occasionally worthless drops and very rarely a cosgrove shard will drop. Sell these to the vendor in SC or Foundation for about 450 brell.

                    The safe piles are located up near the top of the ramp south end of the zone. From zone in, go left, over the lava river and a ramp is on your left. One rock pile at the first landing. 2 roamers go past it, so u can time to avoid. Further up the ramp 2 rock piles with spiders. They are non kos and do not assist anything (apart from themselves probably). Another rock pile near Rockomancer. Autoch dwarf roams up to near it, so once again timing on that one. Another safe pile near CC zone (I've not personally tried that. Mushies around and I don't know if they assist/kos, but people say it's ok). Last safe pile is near npc Sienna. Nothing roams near.

                    If people in zone farming gems usually lots of opened piles with rot gems. Just run around the spots and check each one.

                    Think I'v made nearly 1000 brell from the quest with another 450 from a cosgrove drop from a pile.

                    Happy rock smashing!