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    ok still working on getting my dps max out. but am trying to figure out when during a named boss on raid when should i be clicking on my aa/clickys? at the moment i have 3rd spire and uf bp. I some times have enough aa bank for gyph(spelling) and am working on getting coa bp. do i wana click 3rd and uf bp at once then start casting dots or do i wana cast all my dots and then click both at once or do one then the other for the higest dps i can get.

    one more thing atm this is my spell line up.

    blistering shadow rk2
    slitheren venom rk3
    argendev's venom rk2
    arachne's pallid haze rk2
    soul reaper's pyre rk1 (working on faction to buy rk2)
    pyre of nos rk2
    reaver's pyre rk2
    demise rk3
    thouhtburn rk2
    rilfed's swift sickness rk2
    tenak's flashblaze rk2
    ninavero's swift lifedraw rk2

    I cast in that order longest to shortest. any suggestions for differnt order or change out any spells?
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    If you have the DoT extension AAs, the only reason you should be casting the longest ones first is so that you can mem a few other spells to stack as well as these 12. If you plan on just using 12 DoTs, use the highest damage ones first. With the extension AAs, they won't fade until after you have loaded all 12.

    If the fight is going to be short (60 seconds ish), hit third spire (and Glyph if you are using it) and start loading them up as fast as possible then hit UF robe after you have Nos, Thoughtburn, SRP, and Demise on. If the fight is going to be longer, load up all your DoTs, then glyph and third with robe. At least that is what I basically do most fights. When you get Anguish robe, always use it with 3rd to maximize your DPS, unless you get a bard, then coordinate with what the bard is doing.