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Level 85 task is five hours of merc money.

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  • Level 85 task is five hours of merc money.

    In case anyone missed it, the simple tasks from Franklin Teek goes up to level 85 and pays 2k'ish plat. Doesn't seem like much, but that's 20 ticks of merc time, 300 minutes.. or 5 hours.. basically. It takes me 10 minutes to zone and do the kills. Doesn't matter if it's golems or the glass mobs. Here's a link to the quest giver.

    Now for those who two box, you get .. a whopping 4 k in 10 minutes.
    For those who three box - like me - you get 12K in a few minutes more.

    Drop a campfire at the quest giver with three toons. Run those three toons to Korascian Warrens (where the current task is.) Camp them out. Log in 3 other toons, campfire them to quest giver. Get task. Camp them out. Log in other three toons, kill. Drop a campfire. Log them out. Then log in other toons and campfire over and kill. ..12 K in about 25 minutes of work. (Old computer, I zone slow.)

    I can live with it. I look at it as a daily, like the old DSH tasks. Even if you have just one toon, you can make 10k in 5 days.