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Easy plat at 91 plus?

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  • Easy plat at 91 plus?

    Just getting back into the game, and i need to make some plat, bad. I seen Bonsmashers post, and i am all over that one. Any other ideas out there?

    Thanks, SC.

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    All I can say is just mass kill in Argath or HoT, gem drops are stupid common these days and I can get a stack each of diamonds and bds in a weekend easy.


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      I'm shocked at the amount of tradeskill, high plat selling, stuff drops in CoB from the non kos mobs. They dont summon also.


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        I would not call Beasts Domain or City of Bronze easy for lvl 91, without the 91+ spells, it will take a long time to kill each mob. Worth a shot though, the kills will just be very slow as each mob has around 900k to 1 million HPs. Could start the Valley progression and kill in there, most of those mobs don't summon.. Just watch out for the higher con large yellow spiders, those can't be snared. The experience wouldn't be that great, but you could kill a lot of mobs in Feerrott and probably get a decent haul. Might be worth trying super easy zones where the mobs basically die after a dot or 2, if all you are after is plat.
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          Go to baz and look up T1 VoA items and see whats is selling well then head to raspers or alla and see what mobs drop them.

          Then go to Argath and camp named that dropped item that were in demand.

          If Argath is to hard then instead head to T1 HoT and do the same.

          The key is that both T1 VoA and HoT items are attunable though you have to make the HoT T1 visible armor first before you can trade it.

          There are some nice items that drop in T4 VoA like 25 purity augs and summon throwing item clicky but drop rates for those are very low.


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            idk how much plat per hour it is but i recently did ldons to get my sk the dodge aug.

            mobs in there drop amounts of plat that are obscene compared to modern eq. and die very fast


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              Sanctus Seru has mobs that die extremly fast and drop about 30p each... just gather them up and use your fast dots and pet


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                Using your pet bombs/aura is a really effective way to kill mass amounts of mobs. If you go 95 then 90 then 85 the lower one will force the bottom one to proc. You do however have to wait for the 85 one to fire before you can refresh the 95 one, or the 90 one if you're below 95.


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                  mobs in sanctus seru take the pet bombs on the chin. Need a little more stopping power than those, heh.


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                    Which sanctus mob you talking about?


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                      Sanctus Seru ... Just random mobs through out... some in the buildings take those pet bombs on the chin... I just prefer to use pet on some, a fast dot on others... with aoe DoT

                      edit : Swarm pets own here as well.
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