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  • Seeking updated Kiting Strategy

    Hi I am returning back to my Necromancer after like a year break. Just looking to see what's the best strategy for best experience. I am currently level 93. Is kiting multiple mobs better and if so what's the best strategy and spell Line up. Or is Root rotting, or pet tanking. Let me know thanks

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    For xp, Kiting is the better than pet tanking (by far if using a merc) and root rotting. because you can move to where the mobs are and have the ones you are killing come with you, instead of possibly dying while rooted out of xp range.

    The strategy, as always, is figure out how to do exactly the right amount of damage to kill them, and then don't overcast (cast more dots than needed to kill them). This is a way to stretch your mana. It will be different for every zone and every necro, depending on AAs and Focus, and ranks of spells, and mob hps. So in other words, you will have to figure that out for yourself. Once you have the dots on them that will kill them, get another mob, and repeat. Also use all your mana recovery tools, and use them as soon as they will have maximum effect. As an example, for me, using Deathbloom when I am about 75% mana, gets me back into the mid 90% range ( I am still casting). Then during the 10 minute refresh I tend to fall into the 40% range, I then use bloodmagic and deathbloom together and get myself back to full mana.


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      I have found Root Rotting at that level to be the best experience. Go to Beast's Domain and head your way to the very south end of the zone. There will be lots of plant mobs down there that are well spread apart. This will allow you to use your Corruption DoTs that do bonus damage to plant creatures. You will alternate by using both Pestilent Paralysis and Petrifying Earth because of the refresh timer on PP. Always use Encroaching Darkness as well. As you level here you will become better at root rotting for exp.

      Otherwise, do what Vivamort said. try and use the minimum number of DoTs required to kill the plant. I was getting like 50 AA lesson burns at level 95 there and the mobs were still yellow con. You could probably stay there till 97 or 98 before the experience starts to slow down.

      I was getting about 75 AA lesson burns at the start of TDS in Dredge by root rotting. The reason why I prefer to root rot is because it saves time from you running everywhere. Just move on to the next mob while the previous one dies. You won't have a camp if you do it right. Just continue to move to where the mobs are and rot them where they spawn. This gives you more time to cast spells. Also saves you from all those pesky interrupts.
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        Beasts Domain tends to be the best experience from like 90ish to 100 from a pure kiting/time standpoint but it can get boring. As Planta said you want to head down south and kill the root and dog mobs. Mileage will vary based on gear, spells, aa, skill, etc but want to say at its peak that area was 65 AA with no xp mod or about 30%+ of a level per lesson when kiting. Can look up tryal's video for some tips but once you can handle it you want to have 3-5 mobs at a time dying as you are pulling the next.

        Your other route is to do progression for RoF. Slower xp purely based on time but you also work towards a few nice augs and the xp for completing quest arcs in the zones is very nice.
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          Does anyone have a quick spell rotation for level 93? I seem to be overcasting my DoTs and wasting mana


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            This video or thread should cover most questions anyone has about kiting in the 90's.


            There is no one spellset fits all even at a set level. Your gear, AA, spells, buffs, etc all impact what will work for you and not someone else. The general idea is to cast the fewest dots you can to kill the mob reliably and then move on to the next without having to touch that mob again. So you want to use the most damage per cast dots over pure dps spells. Typically this includes your long fire dots, long magic dot and the high powered fire dots. But if you had a raid poison focus and/or somehow had a raid version of only X spell that spell might be better for you to use then say pyre of nos if you only had rk 1 of it.


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              That's the problem I am having, I do have to go back to the previous mob and recast the dots because they are not dying from just one set of DoTs. Not sure the reason I may need to upgrade my gear


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                Originally posted by Kaashond View Post
                That's the problem I am having, I do have to go back to the previous mob and recast the dots because they are not dying from just one set of DoTs. Not sure the reason I may need to upgrade my gear
                Just to be clear, you are telling us, all your dots, as in every single one, has worn off and it still isn't dead, and you have 12 dots and snare on it?


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                  Yeah I am using about 10 9 DoTs and the mob would get to about 35-40% then I have to go back to the first one and re-do dots. I am pretty sure my Gear is outdated so I am going to upgrade it and give it a shot. like I said I just came back from a long break and need to learn to play Necro again. I am probably also not using some AA's that make DoT hit harder


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                    At 93, using Tier 1 RoF group foci (35% to 70%) on arms head range and wrists. Here are your top 11 spells by total average damage. That is just over 600K of damage if they all run their course, so if the mobs you are killing have more than 600K of hps, you will have to add more dots, or recast. This also assumes you have Epic 2.0 and all the available AA for the level and Rk2 spells.

                    Blistering Shadow 72445
                    Splirt 64034
                    Pyre of the Piq'a 63620
                    Ulork's Decay 62244
                    Pyre of Nos 56575
                    Thoughtburn 54368
                    Doom 53657
                    Mortification 52358
                    Scorching Shadow 49565
                    Pyre of the Bereft 47137
                    Argendev's Venom 46744