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Farming Choices for Necromancer

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  • Farming Choices for Necromancer

    Hey all im a lvl 59 Necromancer here. Lately ive been trying to find places to solo farm for pp because of the expensive spells i no longer can afford. The latest places ive tried are Sebilis (NG) and Tenebrous Mounts (Coteries) but i usually need a partner.. so at the moment i am continously fighting in Rathe Mts which is getting extremely crowded. Anyone have any tips/secrets/strategies they can share with me? Greatly Apreciated

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      Not even funny. PP buyers and ebayers should be strung up by the ******* and severly flogged with a large blunt instrument.
      Mak, at 59 I was playing around in HS and if I remember correctly was doing the North and West wings with not to many problems. Pretty good exp and a few nice sellable items and gems.
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        At 59 my Brother was heavy into Skyfire Mountains, On spells and such he made a Couple Hundred thousand.... Thats Just one area I'm sure.

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          Originally posted by Whispers Quietly@Apr 30 2004, 07:13 AM
          At 59 my Brother was heavy into Skyfire Mountains, On spells and such he made a Couple Hundred thousand.... Thats Just one area I'm sure.
          A couple hundred tousand plat --- or silver? The spells that drop in Skyfire sell between 50 and 250pp on my server, and that's for the ones that can't easily be produced via advanced research for less.

          I've had good luck lately farming gems in Dulak - the recent addition of diamonds and blue diamonds to the drop table in the last month or two have increased the pot substantially. Plus, at 59, you should be able to get -some- AA XP out of the farming effort.

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            you can rake in the velium/gems and stuff at velks if it sells well on your server... i was there the other nite helping a guildie and my pet (61) was practically soloing the spiders

            was 50/50 db/lb cons... just keep root up in case of adds
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              Ty for all your help guys. Right now I have been trying both Velks and Dulak (depending on how crowded each is) and I must say I like them both. Again thanks

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                Hiyas all.

                This is'nt about farming but on that quote on buying pp.

                You and others kill this game and are easy to spot. I.E. do not know how to attain pp in vast amounts have no lore bck ground seeing you CHEATED your way up and on and on.

                As for farming at 59 Dualk boats are ok if not boring seing a few will only give xp, gem drops have been nerfed so they take longer to get :angry: and some times captains take 3 days to pop. IGs in everfrost are good if they are free but again boring after awhile. CS is good hides drops sell for 100pp to vendors(well they did last time i sold them) and as stated Velks is good SCHW drops there and items but 61+ is a better level.

                And forget to get given secret good pp farming areas, I have know as of yet but others do not wish to share this info because for some reason they think that 800k is a must Lmao. I have looked in bazaar and only found one item that I consider a must buy, other than that theres nothing.

                Spells are pricey but research can help there seeing words tend to be cheaper unless the seller a greedy sod and knows what its needed for.

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                  Not to get off Subject.

                  At 59 my Brother was heavy into Skyfire Mountains, On spells and such he made a Couple Hundred thousand.... Thats Just one area I'm sure..

                  That is Plat, Our Server Xegony, the prices are nuts. As an Example I'm Lvl 52 and have already made over 300k doing various trades and farming, Circlet of Shadow is 500k and AoN is 300k. I'm not sure how this stacks up on other servers, I just think its ridiculous and taking my fair share and then some.....

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                    Hiyas again.

                    Have done skyfire a few times and must say this. Its damm slow pulling :blink:, if you stick to the safe pull area i.e. walls then mobs are'nt as frequent to wander past so it can come to a point where there are no mobs within casting range to pull. Yes certain spells sell well but also shardwurms in GD drop good 44 ish spells esp chanters and some low end leg items, but again slow at times.

                    If you want to see which gives the best returns for time invested then do skyfire then IGs (if free) then hit Dulak. Not all in the same day but say for 3 hrs or for however long you are on for per day, and see which gives you the better return.
                    I found that skyfire for time invested was way below the returns for dulak and IGs were prob the best return for a necro with a horse/drogmor, seeing you can carry tons of coin bck to the bank.

                    Rangorn 56th Iksar Necromancer on VS :blink:

                    P.S. It seems people are willing to pay more for spells, on VS spell drops from skyfire unless its demi-lich go for as little as 20pp, sooo if ya going to reap a silly amount for these spells then farm there :blink:


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                      You can try the Vamp Castle in Tenebrous Mountains. I started farming it at 61 not 59, but I assume you can do it at 59, just might not be as easy. The named vamps there can drop some really nice items that go for a lot in the bazaar.

                      What i do is pull the two entrance guards, slow and pet tank. The 61 pet makes short work of them. I hear that EoT will do the same. (BTW EoT should be required to do the camp unless you have a good heal for your pet).

                      Then Pull the first named. He is a caster, wizard. He hits me with Ice comet but with Virtue on and a magic resistance of 140 buffed it doesnt do that much.

                      Basically what I did at 61 was pull with undead slow, FD, sic pet. At 95% or so pop up, Splurt, Funeral Pyre, and Pyrocruar. Vex if I need life at the moment, then FD again. In 2-3 mins the thing is dead and your pet should have 70-80 percent health.

                      Pull the invised guy just to the right of the door and then pull the named that goes up and down the stairs. If he hasn't come down kill the two around him; they are single pulls so it's safe.

                      The roamer on the stairs is by far the hardest kill for me because its a tank class. On the 61 pet he can do some damage quickly if you don't nail slow and then tap him. Normally I will keep a heal over time on the pet and Vex on throughout the fight. Plus, I dot like before so in 5 mins or so he is dead.

                      The nice thing about these first two named is they drop some of the more pricey items in the Bazaar. The first guy drops the fist of Iron, they are ultra rare. I have cleared the castle 6 times and haven't seen anything but the club, which I sell for 750p -- it goes almost right away. The stair guy drops a beastlord spell. The nice thing about the spell is that the only place you can get it is here, unless the info on Alla is wrong, and it's his rare, too.

                      If you get the two rare drops here that's 20k. But... we aren't done yet!

                      Now it's time to go up the stairs and to the second floor. Be careful, there is a General guarding the second floor and will often agro right away. Generals can be a real bitch, even worse, I think, than the first named. BUT the generals are where you can make a good deal of cash quick. They drop the Coterie General Cape (100 p in bazaar), and Coterie General Boots (55p to a vendor). There are 4 of these, and they are on a 15 minute spawn timer.

                      To give you an idea off four clears of the named (each named is a 1 hour spawn): I had 7 capes, and 8 boots.

                      Now on the 2nd floor is another named caster. Slow and sic pet, I dot like before, but depending on mana and how quickly I want to get to the top I might only hit him with Vex and FPOK cause he is weak... just nukes hard.

                      The nice thing about the 61 pet are the constant stuns. This guy barely takes the pet down at all when i fight him.

                      Now it's time to get to the third floor for the final battle.

                      Go up the stairs but DO NOT attack the Legion on the stairs. A General will agro through the floor. Run back down the stairs and tag him with your pet. When the coast is clear pop up and slow, maybe life tap and give pet health. Then after General is dead, kill the Legion on the stairs.

                      The final guy before the named is another General on the top of the stairs. Slow, Vex and pet. I vex here to get to 60% mana.

                      The top named is an Enchanter and I found out once the hard way what he can do. If you don't feel comfortable soloing a chanter... don't! To give you an idea why: I had this guy down to 20% and he got a mez off on my pet. SO I was just going to nuke, when an unfamilr blue head shows up on the screen.

                      I was mezzed, 1 second later the top guy is 100% health. And of course I broke mez first. First FD failed, second got it. When my pet unmezzed I killed him (the critter, I assume--Fizzy) quickly. It has only happend once.

                      Lots of stuff drops here. The top guy dropped a cape that was 8 int 8 agi 80 mana 15 pos and diease. Gloves of the damned and a crappy tank mask drop off the middle guy.

                      IF THEY DROP A CROWN OR A EARRING WITH NO STATS DO NOT DISREGUARD. On a cha 100+ on a good vendor they will sell for 110-190p. Each one will drop one if no good loot on them. I have gotten everythign from blue diamonds to the stones for the Monk, and Warrior epic.

                      Off 4 trips through I got lucky and made 10k in the bazaar. With this spot it's all in the luck of the hour. If you get each one to drop their rare your going to be up over 30k, if all they drop are crowns then you made 1000p.

                      It takes me 30 mins to walk through the castle if I kill all the generals. 1000p in 30 mins is still a damn good investment. I would recommend you get to 61 just to be safe, seeing how the pet for level 61 is dirt cheap (if you are on Luclin at least) and is a warrior upgrade.

                      This camp cannot be done with pet tanking unless you have the undead slow shackle of spirit. The vamps will life tap your pet to death.

                      Any questions just ask! More than happy to tell ya!

                      Edit: Eyeball preservation provided by the Great and Mighty Burbleplop


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                        Nenn, Paragraphs are your friend

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                          Good info, but man that was tuff to read :blink:
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                            Okay, that was a hard read but well worth it. I went to experiment there (Tenebrous Mountains btw) myself the other day and ended up being fairly impressed.

                            I'm level 65, so this was probably a lot easier for me. The named were db cons, the one on the ramp is lb, and the normal mobs are green cons. I pet tanked everything thanks to touch of death, using occasional dots to speed things up, and found this the most efficient way to kill them. These things have very high poison resists, so-so mr and low fire resists. FPoK works nicely, wasn't resisted once the entire time I was there.

                            In order to do this at a lower level I'd say being lvl 60 and having FPoK will make all the difference in being able to solo this place. FD a lot, and use a force shield so that you can take a few hits if you are summoned. Do the named when you are FM so that you can keep tapping through if you keep agro. Keep your pet hasted and shielded (Spirit Armor makes a noticable difference in testing).

                            I'll head back another time and test this with more of my lower spells and an old pet, but for the first visit time I used my usual line-up, more or less. Took things kind of slow, since I hadn't been there before. Killed everything on the first floor as Nenn said, then I headed to the second floor, got half way through and headed down to the first again for pops. After that I could easily keep both floors clear, and occasionally picked a few from the third floor as well.

                            I was there for somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. Oncce I had vendored the stuff I knew I wouldn't be selling, I was already at 500pp.... had two diamonds I was going to keep (I tradeskill) so didn't count them to the total. That still left me with a coterie general cape, three bloodweave items (sash, cloak, boots) and 5 other coterie items (regular coterie cape, leggings x2, boots x2). Since the stats are kind of crappy on them and my server population is really small (Sullon) I wasn't too sure if they would sell at all - and they vendor pretty low, so I was thinking that was the end of the pp from my TM trip.

                            Anyways, just to see I threw them up on trader for the night at prices between 50-300pp, depending on what similar items were going for. Sold 5 items netting me an additional 700pp for my trip (bringing my total so far to just over 1200pp), and still not counting the two diamonds I picked up or the four items left on my trader. So all in all, a very nice trip, especially considering this zone is just about permanently empty on my server.

                            Thanks for the fantastic guide Nenn!!!!!!!!!
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                              Yea i should block that out. Let me let you in on a little secret, after you make lets say 2k you dont need to camp anything. Just need to play the bazaar right. h34r:

                              I have made 33 K in the last week, not bragging seeing how i have 20 more to go before i get my pet. I also dinged 64 yesterday! How did i do it let me paragraph it out for you guys.

                              1. As explained above vampire castle. I got lucky have had 3 capes drop and the fist.

                              2. Velks Lab, and Acrylia Caverns. I go in and rape the hell out of these for as much trade skill stuff as i can. Small pieces 50p easy, Small bricks 75 plat etc. With some decent weight reduction bags you can bring home some serious money.

                              3. Play the bazaar market. Its like the stock market but diffrent. Example, yesterday im setting up my vendor after a hour of velks. I do a /bazaar and check small velium pieces price. There were a ton at 60 a few at 50 and one guy selling 20 for 5 plat. He obviously ment to say 50 but didnt hit the zero key all the way, and i went and bought all 20. Turned around and sold them for 50 a pop along with what i had and made almost 1k in profit.
                              Will this happen a lot? Probably not, but the point is know the market. If you get a feel for what somethings sell for and see someone selling way under buy and resell higher. There have been times. belive it or not, we have found metallic liquid on vendors. What kind of an idoit killing in the PoV wouldnt know what that is for? Getting back to the point. Know what tradeskill stuff goes for on your server and when someone is undercutting or just didnt know what the price is take advantage. Tons of people make lots of plat doing this you can too with some time and effort.
                              Hopefully this was easier to read for you all. I am not saying that if you follow these tips you will make 33k a week. I dont claim to be able to do that consistantly, I only state that i did it ONCE. Hopefully i will be successful again this week so i can get my level 65 spells and maybe a Robe of ancient earth.