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Farming for mid 30s NEC?

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  • Farming for mid 30s NEC?

    Im having troubles finding a good place to farm at my level. My gear is avg at best, Ive got about 153 INT, so sometimes my options are limited. Anyway, if you have any suggestions it would be appreciated.
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    At 34 there aren't many choices for "farming" as you aren't high enough to really kill many things efficiently that drop something of any real value.

    Here is a thread talking about the subject around your level.

    Something to think about even if you feel your gear isn't the greatest, is that you will gain a whole lot more by just leveling - as once you get into the late 40's - early 50's everything that you kill for exp will be dropping 1-5+pp which starts to allow you to refurbish your equipment.
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      You could try Gnolls at Split paw. You would get decent experience at the spires untill probably 32 or so then you could move inside and kill gnolls right up to the first set of doors and get to level 35 or so. The drop Fine steel weapons (5pp each) and other items. You will probably require WR bags to carry all that weight though.

      Another Idea is the lizards just outside of Cazic thule they drop FS weapons as well and there is ogre merchants in the zone that you can sell them too.


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        Hiyas m8.

        Mid 30s has one good spot, that being HHK guards.

        They drop 5 pp in coin and FS weapons, come 34 you can split them using screaming terror and or root one outa the 2 guards and kill off the 1st then kill the 2nd. Get em split pop wise so you can work your way around em and you should reap some nice pp.

        These can be camped alot esp if theres a guard group runing around so its a 50/50 if you can get enough.

        Hunt/farm wolfs,bears,cougars etc for pelt drops, sell well in baz even the runid if ya have whole stacks. The HQ bear pelts sell for 30pp per pelt.

        Giantfort in warsliks is a 50/50 on if these drop weapons on repops but if you can keep em turning over then they will drop a few which is 11-39pp per wepaon and if you are lucky a forestloop which is 200-300pp in baz. And the brute cave is a good spot to farm, upto 8 mobs which drop pp in coin most kills minor gems on most kills and brute hides, the HQ hides which are used in halfling tailoring will go for 30pp. On a good camp of 2-3 hrs yu can make 270ish in pp from coin and selling the gems and add any HQ brute hides takes you to 300+pp.

        And last is spiderling silks. Used in brewing and sell within minutes of putting them up in baz. Usualy make 100pp per stack so if you can handle the bordem then this can make you some nice pp nest egg.


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          Just a quick note:

          forestloop which is 200-300pp in baz
          With decent charisma I believe forest loops go to merchants for somewhere around 275-290ish, so don't undersell them in the bazaar
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            druids at rings in west commons, well the two db spawns not the red, you sell all of your fs drops and other things to her, pretty descent exp and excellent plat for the lvl. first split with screaming terror then fear kite, make sure fear doesn't wear off or they will heal themselves or start dotting/nuking you. they drop up to 5 plat that i've seen, some drop 3+ fs weps along with words, 7plat or less gems and some raw hide stuff that i've seen, they also drop bows that are 5ppish, all in all most drop at least 3 items that all sell for a few plat each. oh they are 6minute spawns so not a long wait between killing the two


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              What I did is pop into SWT and farm Lesser Shades for a hour or so before I'd go exp. Doing this I would get 20-40 silks and 5-10 swirling shadows and I'd save them up and put them on my trader and sell during the weekend and almost all the time they would be gone by Monday.

              So saving them for 5 days I'd have 100-200 silk and 25-50 shadows and depending on prices on your server( My server silks go for a avg of 7pp and shadows go for a avg of 50 pp) I'd make 700 - 1.4k on the silks and 1.25K - 2.5K. Not bad cash for a hour a day.

              Like GnekroeGnomicon said once you hit your upper 40's to 50's it gets easyer to get the cash for gear. Now that I'm at lv 45 I don't have to do this anymore because the loot off of the mobs I kill for exp drop pp and gems (hunting in Dulak) so I can use that extra hour to exp.

              Just a tip on how I made extra cash

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                where are the lesser shades?
                i've seen about 2, the most annoying thing is that sense undead always selects the "nuicence" things.


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                  Easiest way to get the shadeling silks (and you will not run out of shades to farm)...

                  Load up your spell Sense Undead (as a bonus you will be raising divination by casting this over and over during farming). It will target the closest undead. You'll get 3 types of mobs:

                  Skeletal Hunter (drops bone chips)
                  Nuisance (really suck, I just blast them with ward undead to get rid of them and raise evoc at same time)
                  Lesser Shades

                  I kill the skeletal hunters and nuisances with my undead DDs to raise evocation, and get them out of the way so that I can find the shades (plus the hunters are ph for the shades).

                  Whenever I would locate a shade, I would cast a low level dot (poison bolt) to bring them to me (don't want to nuke them from far away else you will have to go find the corpse, much easier to loot a corpse at your feet). Level 34 pet will kill them in one hit. Helps get your conjuration skill ups as well.

                  Rinse and repeat. I usually can farm about 60 silks and 5-6 swirling shadows per hour, while raising evoc and divination in the process. I've yet to run out of shades to kill, they seemingly respawn instantaneously.


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                    I found an almost flawless way to farm lesser shades. After reading some of the crap out there I could probably make a fortune writing a guide from it... But as I no longer use the method myself and hate worthless guides, heres my old method...

                    Go straight out from PoK book until you come to the road. Turn right and follow the road until it brings you to the tunnel entrance. Should be the tunnel entrance closest to the Paludal caverns entrance..

                    Go up the hill behind the tunnel entrance and you WILL find a few lesser shades along with a few skellies and bugs. All within one small radius just kill everything. You will see the pattern of static spawns of the lesser shades there and they respawn so fast at level 61 I couldn't keep them cleared fast enough. That's with sending pet after one and me nuking one at the same time.

                    It is mind numbing but the cash you'll get there almost makes up for it. The killing is non-stop and the drops are pretty good once you get the radius down. Once you figure it out you'll smack yourself for ever running around the whole noobie area trying to find one lesser shade.

                    The entire area I'm speaking of can be traveled in maybe 10 seconds from one side to the other.... If I knew how to post a map here I could edit it and highlight the spawn area I'm speaking of and post here...
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                      Hiyas again.

                      Been scouting CC with my necro now hes 59 and all mobs die very fast with EoT . I think at mid 30s and up a good camp there are the rock creatures(forgot the name as i typed) which can be found just after the the queen room.

                      These little beauties drop normal low end gems and chipped versions. A 34-39 pet should not have too many probs dropping these creatures and seeing they can retail for 10-300+ per gem a 1-3hr camp should land you a fair amount of pp. Just take as many 10 slot bags as you can seeing the chipped gems do not stack.


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                        OMG mid 30's necro...

                        Hunt in rathe mnts.. 30pp ish a giant.. and they piss to fear kite.


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                          I liked killing halfling deputies at the wall in Misty Thicket myself. There are 3 at the hole in the wall 2 of which are on a 6 min timer the other is on a 12-15min timer. Also on opposite ends of the wall are 2 more also on a 12-15min timer. Avoid Budo/Drubo inside the tower at the hole in the wall however as they are higher in lvl and extremely magic resistant. The nice thing about them is some of them will be DB cons up to 40 and they always drop a spear you can get 10pp 4gp off of by selling plus a shield for 1pp and change. The nice thing about this location is if havent hunted goblins before in RE/Gorge/Misty you can simply run over to the gorge zone for an hour or 2 killing mudmen and mino's and you should have decent enough faction to buy/sell/bank in Runnyeye. Word of warning tho is to avoid the newbie area side of the wall as there is wandering npc there who is mid 50's lvl dru who will smoke you very quickly if happens to get in agro range of ya.
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                            OMG mid 30's necro...

                            Hunt in rathe mnts.. 30pp ish a giant.. and they piss to fear kite.

                            Thats if you can keep ya mana up enough seeing they take two lots of dots and fear so unless you are uber or at least well tooled your mana going to suck up fast and then theres the plain fact that you will be unless you play out of peak time on yur server watching 2-4 50-65 farmers rampage through rathe killing every giant as they pop and they tend to stay there long enough to make your camp a waste of time. I have made more farming spiderlings and selling the silks in bazaar than 4 whole camps in rathe period.

                            Rathe=200-350 per camp if that seeing there was no living giants to pull or getting KS by a 65 shaman.

                            Spiderling silks= 100pp per stack 3 hrs farming in Nek forest brings in 4-7 stacks depending on pop rate means min 400pp max 700-1k.


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                              Ummm.... This post was made a long time ago, so I doubt you are still mid 30s , but for anyone else that is, here are a 2 good places, albeit slow, if you want to skip the zar.
                              Butcherblock Goblin Camps- Heads and Green Goblin Blood Sells for 4pp each with low cha : )
                              Echo Caverns - Needlites drop wings and legs that go for 2-3pp
                              Other then the heads those are all stackable. Hope this helps anyone at this level looking for a safe, easy farming place.