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Taelrie's guide to Veksar for the un-uber

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  • Taelrie's guide to Veksar for the un-uber

    EDIT: when pet invising goes live you won't even need pet suspension, so you should be able to enjoy this whenever you want! however you won't be able to pet pull any mobs without it, or refresh enrage, or remove aggro if you feign the pet, so I still recommend getting it.


    Well first off... I haven't really been writing many guides and thats because im lazy. Get over it. Second off praise my guides, or link them, or something! I spent 2 hours writing the guide to colbalt scar... and since then ive seen 3 replies on it over 5 months, and over 4 threads asking quesitons about the place. I write these guides so they get noticed and indeed that sounds shallow.... but it gets the info across and I'm about as shallow as you can get.

    now if you don't know veksar then you aren't a necromancer. JK I didn't know much about it until I died ~10 times in the place. do NOT go here until you are 61.... and this guide is for people who are 65. I say un-uber because I don't have 400 aas like lucera... or 4k unbuffed hps... or a good raiding guild with good equipment... or a good sense of humor... so most of what I had to learn was by trial and error. I have 40 aas but you can probably effectively use this guide from level 64 with 8 aas (enough for pet suspension 2). The only guide I had to go off of was lucera's and since I wasn't godly I died a LOT. This is the most efficient way to do veksar in my opinion, covering all the best camps and can be FM by the time the first spawns again.

    Also Lucera's guide was a base for this one... you might notice the run patterns, the map (she ripped that off too so meh) and a couple of the fighting techniques (not many however, just plagued slave I believe) are the same. her guide is here and it might be a good idea for you to check out after reading this. However please read the entire strategy for some of the mobs im taking here because most are VERY different then what Lucera suggests and a couple times involve pet pulling.

    By the way all of the loot prices is on ayone ro currency.


    Equipment doesn't have to be that good. I only have 2-something k hp (unbuffed) atm, and I have been doing these rounds at 1.5k unbuffed. Try to get some MR because a couple of the casters are pretty trigger happy with invoke fear, but I don't have spectacular mr and I resist it 95% of the time.

    I like to overprepare... but thats just me. You MUST have pet suspension 2. if you don't get it. its necessary to use this guide. innate invis vs undead should be the next thing you are shooting for... and to get there SCM3. After that pet discipline, then theft of life (works on pet heals as well as taps... and since your pet is tanking...) and then go after your defensive aas (VERY helpful on plagued slave) but other then pet suspension 2, they aren't really needed. Pet suspension 2 is the big one. for spells 65 pet (which I have) is also nice, especially with the Nro aug, but 61 pet will work if you don't have. Also if remains of sythrax is up you MUST have word of terris... and a decent amount of health otherwise just skip him and do a church named (more in depth). You should have level 64 spells and down, but they are a lot cheaper and if you don't have all the necessary ones just drop a camp or 2 to compensate. ill show the specifics later. Always grab a set of pet toys... with pet zoning I ALWAYS have a pair on my pet, usually the more expensive ones since pets last so long (btw NEVER zone a suspended pet it will poof). if you don't know what pet toys are well you shouldn't be in veksar. Get the specifics at my guide (first stickied guide of mine btw very proud of it) here.

    As for buffs I usually get a full round. Always get at least pot9 (or FT10 I sometimes use tribute but I have only ft1 from earring of solstice currently), and if you are doing remains of sythrax (if you have noticed I refer to him as remains, I keep on saying you need better hp/mana/whatnot with him because besides garudon he is the hardest mob in the zone. And guess what... only a necro can solo him&#33 a symbol or virtue along with it. I usually grab a sow, regen (helpful at the start) with the pot9, and if they are MGBing whatever is being MGBed at the time.

    Also pick up a LOT of bone chips. you wil be using 2 a round (every 17 minutes).

    To get there you go from PoK, to firiona vie, to lake of ill omen, then go into the entrance in the middle of the lake. However if you want an easier way just bind right below the window from the shop! If you want to get back to pok you can do the quest for the overthere hammer. There is a grossly easy way to do this tho for necros. The quest takes about 3 minutes total. Just buy a jade shard from a jewelery merchant, then go over to the undead foreman and use enslave undead (the set time -1000 mr resist charm) on him. Turn in the jade shard and you are done! Whenever you want to leave (or get 2 lore drops), equip the hammer, slow a mob and pound at it until you port. when you are ready just port back.

    Once you are there you are set!

    The Meat of the zone

    Also for the benefit of those who don't know, pet pulling is where you use a pet that is green to the mob you are pulling, and since it is green to the other mobs and pet doesn't have the ability to aggro via proximity, they don't assist (I guess EQ thought that made it more realistic since the other mobs wouldn't bother) and you get a single pull every time.

    Veksar took over CS as my favorite zone. The aa is actually halfway decent, the money is spectacular, the zone looks beautiful (you truly believe you are in a city of decay and ruin), the monsters look grotesque, hell you can even bind there! Sadly the rate the names spawn have been nerfed (about 1 for every 4 PH) but since you will be taking ~6 camps that more then compensates for the lack of named monsters. my rounds there has been narrowed down into a science, so enjoy the in depth guide. just follow this guide by the letter and you will be raking in 10k an hour easily. Also the name models are ALWAYS different then the PHs so it will be quite obvious when you do get a name, and they will ALWAYS drop something (although in the case of the decaying slavemaster and rotting shopkeeper one of those somethings aren't that good)

    *note* I have linked both maps and the screenshots instead of putting them on directly because I hate it when the threads are spread out far and you have to scroll sideways. so enjoy!

    Map of veksar

    Edited Map of Veksar This is just a photoshoped version of the original map. It has the path you will be following for the rounds, and sorry about the lack of accuracy I am horrible with photoshop.

    Spell Setup

    If you don't have horror just replace it with CoC... however you might have to do it twice to make up for the lack of damage.

    1- Feign Death
    2- Skin of Shadow (or gate, or if not in veksar Dead man Floating)
    3- Spirit Shield (I cast it at the start for the heck of it)
    4- Seduction of Saryn
    5- Forceshield
    6- Shield of Maelin
    7- Rune of Death
    8- Child of Bertox (or legacy of zek)

    1 - Feign Death
    2 - Saryn's Kiss (or if you have ToL 5, ToM)
    3 - Skin of Shadow (or death's silence depending on how confident you are)
    4 - Funeral Pyre of Kelador
    5 - Splurt
    6 - Shackle of Spirit
    7 - Horror
    8 - Touch of Death

    Plagued Slave
    1 - Feign Death
    2 - Saryn's Kiss
    3 - Death's Silence
    4 - Destroy Undead
    5 - Touch of Mujaki
    6 - Shackle of Spirit
    7 - Horror
    8 - Touch of Death

    Remains of Sythrax
    1 - Feign Death
    2 - Saryn's Kiss
    3 - Word of Terris
    4 - Rune of Death
    5 - Touch of Mujaki
    6 - Shackle of Spirit
    7 - Forceshield
    8 - Touch of Death

    Downtime (before RoS respawns, while waiting for him)
    Just replace two spells with Rune of Death and SoS... just keep them refreshed. Also if you have the spare mana throw in force shield

    Getting to the first camp (RoS)
    First thing off... when you zone in your DMF will be stripped. This is a no fly zone. (no EB is needed here, its not underwater). Swim out and follow the path to the underwater tunnel, changing invis where the map says. Don't worry nothing sees through the appropriate invis for a while. The underwater tunnel marks the first boundary to the "second" area (before the tunnel most of the mobs are light blue and dire charmable, but DC is really only used when hunting highborns, after its all dark blue). Once out of the underwater tunnel, follow the map to the shop area (and again change invis when the map says) As long as you hug the wall in the "golem area" when you change invis you will be fine. Also if an "iksar behemoth" is up you might want to kill. However since you can't slow its a hell of a fight... usually it takes half my mana and my pet's entire health... so you gotta be pretty powerful to take him. This name is usually not touched because it is the same graphic as the PH and doesn't really stand out. Now through the shop area you can technically start your camp rounds with the rotting shop keeper.... but I prefer RoS because if he spawns you know in advance so you can check all the PHs before taking... well that isn't much of a reason mostly its because of custom. Anyway go to the third floor and drop down (takes about 100 damage). If you want you can bind here as its a safe area and you can use the one way ramp right next to you to leave the zone. This is the highborn area, and everything sees through invis. However as long as you hug the wall to the right you will not gain aggro (see lucera's guide she has screenshots of how you do it). Anyway now you are at the first camp.

    The Camps

    If you want links to the items click on the link of the name. It shows all the items it drops, and a pic.

    Generic PH setup: This is how you take the PHs at various camps. If its a different method ill specify otherwise. All PHs that we are taking are either dukes, wraiths or revenants, and are pretty monotonous to take.
    First off... send the pet in and immediately cast slow. You WILL be summoned but with luck the pet had taken the first hits. Wait a couple seconds then back off, and cast Splurt, then Funeral Pyre, then horror (or if you need health Saryn's Kiss, or ToM + Destroy Undead), then FD. After that its just a matter of healing your pet. everything should run out about the time the PH dies and this is flatly the most efficient way to kill them. Note if you only have the 61 pet, or your 65 pet doesn't have weapons you might have to throw in a destroy undead to finish him off.

    Generic Name Setup: This is pretty much the same as the PH setup, but instead of using horror or saryn's kiss use them both. Also throw in a destroy undead, and that should make up for the extra health it has. furthermore they hit a LOT harder, usually in the 300's but all that means is that you have to heal your pet more often.

    Remains of Sythrax
    Remains of Sythrax

    *note* this is VERY important if you want to survive. you must use forceshield after EACH AND EVERY charm break, or you will have an instadeath for the next one. On a bad charm break where I got chain stunned, I got FD off at 102 health--That was with 4k health (buffed) and forceshield. Usually though FD can be gotten off a lot sooner, but forceshield is a must if you want to survive.

    PH: use the generic PH setup.

    Name: As you can see in the picture there is a full group taking this guy. But we are special, because we are gods. We are officially the only class who can solo this badass. However this is HARD as hell, and will take 5+ tries to finish most of the time. Use the RoS set up for spells. Also you will NOT be needing your pet for this. He hits in the 700's, quads, enrages, and has about 50k health. So how are you going to take this monstrosity? By a very, VERY dangerous charmed highborn. Now you will NEED to have at least 3k health to do this (buffed of course), preferably over 4k. However the rewards are great. He drops 2 10k weapons, 1 20k bracer, and if you get the motherload a 35k talisman. He only drops 1 at a time tho, and has a chance of dropping a no drop (but comparable with blade of carnage) weapon. This has only dropped for me once and I gave it to a very happy guildy.

    Anyway first off find the nearest highborn. Until OOW we can only charm a regular highborn or crusader, so you have to find a reg. and not a commander. When you find him, use Deaths silence to subdue him and then, if you have the orb of tishan, try to proc it on him. This could take a while so you might want to slow then wait for it to run off. If you don't have an orb of tishan, just charm him straight but it will break early a LOT more often. After that fight your way back to the remains of sythrax (50% of the time the nearest one is a highborn, so if you are lucky you might not have to fight your way to him) then FD and recharm. Now rune of death your highborn, and sick on remains ASAP (want to make the most of charm). Don't wait for highborn to engage to start casting slow, because if you do your highborn is going to die. if slow gets resisted on the first cast keep on casting until you get it to stick, then FD and start over. Trust me if he isn't slowed from the start your highborn WILL die. Anyway after you start over (after the reset) you can afford a resist or 2 the next time since it is already slowed. After that you just chain heals on the highborn. it will only do 5% a heal, which means your tank has 20k health which is pretty nice. It doesnt' sound like much but you MUST do this. Don't worry about doing damage. a hasted highborns has a delay of about 8 and hits for a max of 380. Which means he will be doing about 2k damage a round. Just keep him alive, thats the important thing. When remains hits 9% health he will enrage, so guard pet at 15% and spam pet back off (or activate hold) when he enrages (again at 9%) until it is over. If you don't remains will riphoste every single attack and you can say goodbye to your highborn. Anyway when he is dead you will have the honor of saying you just soloed a mob who summons and hits for 800 damage, which not even time geared people can say.

    You will get charm breaks. A lot of them. until I started using orb of tishan I got over 5 charm breaks per remains of sythrax, with a record of 16 charm breaks before it lasted long enough. Since they summon, you are oging to have a bit of trouble getting away. When I do this I stand in the corner that you do to originally set up, and face the wall. Why the wall? because when charm breaks, and you get summoned, you will be facing the right direction to run for your insignificant life. You can probably be allowed to be hit twice by the remains and about 5 times from the highborns, which means if you are in melee range for more then 5 seconds you can guarantee your death. If you aren't facing the right direction, 2 of those precious seconds are wasted. Anyway after being summoned, twice, and being hit for 300-700, if you run to the head of the stairs that should be far enough to get fd off in time. Now that sounds pretty bad, but after the first 5 times it will become routine so don't worry.

    Now this sounds like hell. Well it is. You will almost always die for the first couple of times, and it takes a while to do this. However with risk comes reward, and 90% of the time you will get an item worth at least 10k, and if you get the necklace drinks are on the house. Anyway thats just one more camp, lets continue! Don't worry the rest are a LOT more easier, and a lot less of talking, and after you have killed him the rest of this is a walk in the park.

    An undead Chef
    An Undead Chef

    Use IVU and backtrack to the opening to the other areas. Follow the map to the chef, and hug the wall until you get past the highborns. Now the rest don't see through invis so just run through and up the stairs to the chef. *Note* the chef at the foot of the stairs is loved by enchanters as a charmed pet, so if an enchanter left him there without killing you might have a pet toyed, hasted and see invis chef to dispose. so be careful.

    PH: use the generic PH tactics

    Name: Use the generic Name Tactics

    This camp is relatively straightforward. Unsuspend pet in the corner of the top of the stairs (the stairs is a safe zone). Just do NOT unsuspend pet in the line of sight of the chef, because you won't get it off in time. from there is just being generic. The loot is mediocre, average of 6-8k for both items, but it is one of the upper camps of the zone so I include it.

    A decaying Slavemaster
    A Decaying Slavemaster

    From the chef IVU and run out of the kitchen and follow the path on the map. If the animated hand is up and in your way (he is a "roamer", on a set patrol from the highborns along the path to near the chef area. Do not worry, he will not go close its rather hard to explain exactly where he is at), you can run around him by hugging the wall and running towards the highborns area a bit, then running across the hall and back up to the next area. After that there is no problem getting to the decaying slavemaster.

    PH: use generic PH tactics

    Name: Use the generic Name tactics

    Just set up in the corner and attack, its a very simple camp to do. He can drop a pauldrons that go for around 7k, or a really crappy weapon that sells for about 500. Both have about an equal chance of dropping, but hes an easy camp so I include it.

    Brother Eruk
    Brother Eruk

    No troubles getting there, just follow the path on the map to brother Eruk from the decaying slavemaster (IVU of course).

    PH: Use Generic PH tactics

    Name: use the generic Name Tactics

    Again just set up in the corner and attack. there isn't much more to it, he will come single.

    A Plagued Slave
    A plagued Slave

    From the monk, go to the room with the decaying slavemaster. Now there is one of two things you might have to do here. when you look down to the end of the tunnel there is a live or undead mob there. If it is alive just change to skin of shadow and waltz your way through to the sewers. if it is undead you can either change from reg invis (to get past the two hands) to IVU, or if you are skillful enough (takes a lot of practice) you can maneuver so you can IVU all the way through. Anyway after getting past those, you go to the left of the sewer openings and follow the map to the plagued slave.

    PH: Follow the tactics for the named, its exactly the same (just takes less destroy undeads and one horror).

    Name: Now this is a hell of a camp, and very awkward to do. This is because you have to A: tank the guy yourself without help of your pet and B: not move an inch so you don't aggro the two slaves 5 feet away from you. I suppose you could kill the slave out in the middle of the tunnel then fd split but that takes too much time so do this my way. Anyway stand in the corner as shown in this Screenshot I ganked form lucera's site. Break invis with death's silence, and if you are lucky you will mezz the guy before he aggros on you. if not it will still work, you just have to spam it until it sticks. Anyway once its stuck you cast slow, then break death's silence with Saryn's kiss. then cast Horror and chain destroy undead (touch of mujaki when you have to) when he is dead. it might be a good idea to recast horror when it runs out, because the plagued is a hard mob and it should last most of the second time. This is the single best named in the zone in my opinion, because he seems to spawn more often and both of his drops are worth over 10k. Its a hard camp but well worth the effort.

    An Undead Thief
    Undead Thief

    A pretty easy one to get to, just follow the map to the right sewers and set up camp in the niche to the left of the area with the PH/name.

    PH: Follow the instructions for the pull, after that its just generic PH killing.

    Name: Now you might want to pass this one up for a church named, just because the effort doesn't really justify the reward. his common drop is a 2k ring, his rare I haven't gotten yet after killing him 4 times. However if you want to go through with this, you have to pet pull this one. Summon the level 44 pet (while in the niche) and get out death's silence. Now you have to wait for the wandering slave to come and leave again (he comes about once a minute). When he leaves, go out and target the wraith (or thief) and tell the pet to attack. Then run to the niche again and once the pet has aggro, spam back off or pet hold. Now comes the tricky part. You have to maneuver the pet so the aggroed name/ph is in the niche where you were. you don't have much room to do this in so try to get in a position to push him in and take a few hits, rather then getting him to chase you. Anyway when you are in a position where the pet will push him into the corner, deaths silence and get out pet. After that its just the generic name pulling, nothing will aggro you there (even the wanderer).

    Last but not least...

    A rotting Shopkeeper
    A rotting Shopkeeper

    Pretty easy to get here, just backtrack to the ramp to the golems area, invis, go through the golems to the shop, IVU, and run back to the shopkeeper. you know the drill.

    PH: after pull generic PH killing.

    Name: This is one of the most sought after camps in the zone. And I don't know why either. Granted he drops a belt worth 20k, but he only drops it about 1 time in every 3. and his common drop is worth about 100pp, I usually give it away to newbs. I have probably made double the money off of the plagued slave then I have off of this camp. However for the sake of taking all the good camps, I include this as the last in my rounds. Set up in the corner of the bottom of the stairs, and summon the 44 pet. Pull the shopkeeper (its the revenant, or the keeper) with the pet and spam back off until you have the shopkeeper in the stairs with you. then deaths silence, unsuspend pet and use the generic Name killing technique.

    Wrapping Up
    OMG WE ARE DONE! Now lets just repeat that for about 5-6 times until our buffs run out and we are 30k richer! Anyway I would LOVE to hear your feedback because I just spent 3 and 1/2 hours writing this novel-sized guide, and as long as you are not on ayone ro remember to enjoy this necromancer's home away from home!

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    Thank you very much for a guide written for the average necro. Every other post I have come across has always been for ubers with EP or Time gear and needless to say, impossible for the rest of us. I am going to try this out when I get done with my wifes "Honey - Do" list and can get back online. :P

    Grrymm Reepperr, lvl 65 necro on Quellious


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      How would a 65 Beastlord with 160 AA's fair in this place ?? My necro is only 41 level and I dont think he will be level 65 any time soon.


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        you could probably take most names in the zone but you wouldn't be able to follow this guide as it requires you to change invis and IVU several times per round, which beastlords don't have.

        Also I just realised force shield doesn't have a component, I kept on thinking about manaskin whenever I mentioned force shield, I can't run on two tracks without being derailed somewhere

        Just edited the posts to show that so enjoy


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          Sweet guide.. thanks!

          65 Necromancer
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            Thanks a ton, awsome guide . Also a very nice write up and everything in order with links and all, you've got my props ;p.
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              If you can get IVU potions, travel would be about the same for the beast... I wouldn't think you'd have many problems there, I've seen beasts do quite well. They do not however kill nearly as fast, and remains of synthrax is probably not viable for 99% of beastlords as a solo target.

              Rifting sucked, back for more.


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                Thanks for the un-uber guide. Since I am in the military and stationed overseas, I do not get to play as much as most. Therefore, I have a character that is not uber, has no guild, and has gone from 1 to 51 almost entirely solo. (I played with a friend at levels 24-30.) Guides such as these have really helped when I have had time to play. I will refer back to this guide once I am of sufficiant level. I thank you and all those who take the time to make these guides.

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                  Not a bad guide.

                  First off... send the pet in and immediately cast slow. You WILL be summoned but with luck the pet had taken the first hits. Wait a couple seconds then back off, and cast Splurt, then Funeral Pyre, then horror (or if you need health Saryn's Kiss, or ToM + Destroy Undead), then FD. After that its just a matter of healing your pet. everything should run out about the time the PH dies and this is flatly the most efficient way to kill them. Note if you only have the 61 pet, or your 65 pet doesn't have weapons you might have to throw in a destroy undead to finish him off.

                  It's amazing how differently people hunt the same mobs, isn't it? I myself only load FPoK and SK for DoTs, and I never load Touch of Death ever. I use Shadowbond to heal my pet on every mob, PH and named alike. I'll elaborate, because I believe it's even more efficient than the above method (you use alot less mana, the mob drops in the same amount of time, AND you don't need Horror.)

                  PH: Begin casting slow and send your pet. Time it so your slow hits just before your pet gets there. Oftentimes your pet will get a bash stun in on the mob as it's coming at you so you'll have time for a quick FD (or if you prefer you can just let it get to you/summon you and take a round of melee. if you have good AC/hp, this is probably better than FD, because you don't use mana.) Once the pet has agro, shadowbond your pet immediately, whether he's taken damage or not, then immediately cast SK on the mob, followed by FPoK. Cast Shadowbond again as soon as it drops. The second Shadowbond will drop at the same time as SK. When SK and FPoK drop, the mob will be at about 15-20% health. I'll either hit it with a Destroy Undead or just let the pet tank the rest depending on the pets HP. I don't have suspend minion, so I cast a new pet each camp and don't care if the pet ends the fight with next to nothing for health, because he's going bye-bye anyway. (Did I mention I'm a strong supporter of having peridot cost removed from our pets?)

                  On almost all named, I do the same thing only I have to cast FPoK and SK twice each, and on a couple named, including the Chef when he has Gomdurig, I step in and lifetap tank a few rounds because the shadowbond doesn't cut it alone.

                  I learned this method for two reasons: SP spells were VERY costly on Stromm at the time and I didn't want to spend 20k on spells I'd only use for farming (like Touch of Death), and I didn't have Horror for a LONG time. I still don't use Horror, because A: it's conjuration and I believe it's a waste of mana if you're not going to drop the mob in 30 seconds anyway, B: It racks of damage so fast I tend to pull agro from my pet, meaning I have to cast FD more than once, using even more mana, and C: I hate Miragul's Menagerie. I... HATE... the Menagerie.

                  Personally, I don't bother with the Remains. If you only have 2khp and bazaar gear/few aa's, a charm break almost certainly means instant death, and charm breaks way too often. Nothing on Sythrax sells for enough on my server to make it worth the risk.

                  There are probably as many methods for hunting Veksar as there are Necromancers hunting there...and that's alot. Don't be afraid to follow a guide for a bit, then change things here and there as you feel comfortable. That's the important thing, adapting to a situation and becoming more efficient...after all, that's the necromancer calling card.

                  My Peeps


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                    SK + shadowbond = 570 mana, and 500 points heal. Horror + heal = 690 mana and 1k healed. now considering ToD does more health, for only slightly more mana, and can be critted, and horror runs faster, and shadowbond doesn't heal fast enough to counter-act a slowed named, ToD I think is probably about the same. Its sort of the ToM vs SK argument, if you have theft of life 3 or higher id use touch of death, same with touch of mujaki. its just more safe, and considering that heal does double the amount of health its probably more efficient.

                    but since you cast a new pet at every camp what health it ends at doesn't matter to you, so I suppose if you don't have suspend minion that might be better.


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                      As soon as I dinged 61, I started hitting the church camp regularly, and I can vouch that Shadowboud will keep up with slowed mobs just fine, named or not. There is a small trick to make sure it does though, which is to recast as soon as the gem pops, because it's only a tick away from fading anyway. That little bit of time to recast lets the mob dish some damage.
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                        SK + shadowbond = 570 mana, and 500 points heal. Horror + heal = 690 mana and 1k healed.
                        you actually shadowbond twice, not just once, so you get the 1k healing. the pets health still goes down, but the 125/tick healing over 8 ticks of the two shadowbonds counteracts it enough to keep it alive longer than the PH, granted he's beat up when you're done. And yeah, the trick is it fire the second shadowbond as the first is dropping, so you get them both in before SK drops, meaning you don't lose any hp.

                        And again, the reason I got used to this is because I didn't have Touch of Death for the longest time, so I had to make due, and after so long with this method, using touch of death just feels less efficient. Then again, I have used both at the same time on highborne commanders...those bishes are tough.

                        My Peeps


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                          I solo the church at 57 without much difficulty. Pull with shackle, send pet, FireDoT, Splurt, UndeadDot (yes the gay 34 damage undead DoT), Vexing Mordinia, Shadowbond, then coma with the occasional undead nuke just to get evocation points. The three named drop mostly crapola, but it's decent xp. I stand on/near the fallen pillar in the rear left corner on the red X in my diagram. Killing in the order of the numbers. I can easily hold the 4 mobs per cycle, three of which are nameds. I often use a cleric on the second box which makes the place a total breeze, but wrote this with a soloer in mind.

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                          The boogey men are coming!
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                            Scarecrowe, don't limit yourself to the numbers you show in the church. Starting with mob 1, move around the room counterclock wise and do the whole church, pulling the stage PH last and then start again. It's non-stop exp and there are better things that drop in the church than the named loot.



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                              Originally posted by Tumi@Jul 27 2004, 12:07 AM
                              Scarecrowe, don't limit yourself to the numbers you show in the church. Starting with mob 1, move around the room counterclock wise and do the whole church, pulling the stage PH last and then start again. It's non-stop exp and there are better things that drop in the church than the named loot.

                              I only wish I had the DPS. With the cleric CH'ing my pet I can hold down 6 mobs per cycle. When I hit 58 and get Pyro it's going to go faster, however. =) Thanks for the tip. New pet at 59 too, right? Using the 49 now as it's just flat out more efficient than the 56 monk. (When the cleric has KEI, which is rare, it's a whole nother story -allowing her to nuke) There's a 58 necro that plays with me quite often, between the two of us with the cleric we can pull to the named golem outside as well as everythign in between.

                              The boogey men are coming!
                              The boogey men are coming!
                              magelo (always out of date)