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  • Legacy of Norrath cards (loot)

    I keep getting these legacy of norrath trading card things as loot. What in the hell are these things and do they give me any benefit inside Everquest or to my character? Or are they virtual coupons for some real life EQ trading cards? Cause if that's the case then /grats destroy button.


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    i think all of them are relatively useless unless you play the card game, although a few of them can net you some cash... namely booster packs/starter decks, or stuff that contains booster packs.

    i think booster packs have a chance of giving you a loot card which you can redeem for some sweet shit like particle effects on your character, special mounts, weapon ornamentations, xp pots, etc


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      I am still a bit fuzzy on how loot cards work, or rather can you get them in booster packs you find in EQ or do you have to purchase booster packs outside of EQ to get them. While some of the gimmicky mounts are pretty cool (I would love a manticore), a guildy mentioned a loot card that gave a permanent(?) hp increase of 650 hp (who knows the accuracy, but my interest is perked).
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        There is the Nagafen familiar, which grants 650hp buff to user, and is a familiar, so basically a 7 hour buff or whatever, non-dispellable.

        AFAIK all booster packs are created equal in terms of loot card chances (being extremely low).

        I've only ever looted 2 booster packs, and I have never regretted opening them both. I could have sold them for 50k, but I'm willing to trade 50k for the chance at a 1mil loot card. That, and they didn't cost me anything, as they came to me in the normal course of gameplay.

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          Only boosters have a chance for loot. No single cards or starter decks. Please note that a starter SET contains boosters which do. Many people report that boosters drop in game have a lower chance to provide loot then ones purchased but they sware thats a myth. The odds are roughly 1 in 12 of getting some form of loot. To get a "sweet" loot card you'll need 50-60 boosters if not more and the only surefire way to get one is to trade for it. Otherwise you're going to end up getting some illusions unless your very lucky.
          If your really intrested in getting a loot, I would ask what loot and how much are you willing to spend? Then I'd either tell you or suggest you going into the posted trades section and seeing what you can get.
          1-2 boosters can get you simple illusions.
          1 can get you a item re-skin.
          7-10ish can get you an xp pot pack.
          10ish can get you a low-end firmilar
          15ish can get you a visage=decent illusion
          20+ can get you a decent pet
          40-50+ can get you something nice.
          The top 3 often run for crazy high amounts like 40boosters +random other mid tier loots.

          Hope that helps


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            Posted trades? Is that a location within the card game? Or some forum?

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              Could anyone post links to some of the best loot cards? I mean like, beneficial to playing, not illusions/mounts. Something like the Kiss of Erollsi Marr. Also, there are 3? different types of booster packs now? I am guessing they drop different sets of cards and loot cards?


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                Oathbreaker Loot
                Inquisitor Loot
                Foresworn Loot
                Oathbound Loot
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                  Originally posted by encephalitis View Post
                  Posted trades? Is that a location within the card game? Or some forum?
                  It is within the LoN client that you can view posted trades.
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                    They are dropping a lot. I've had about 10 over the past 4 days. It'd be okay if I could sell to vendor, but nope. They have no value. Unlike past LON loot crazy days, these do not sell well in the baz. I had mine up for 100 to 150 pp and not 1 nibble. Older cards I've been able to sell for between 500 to 2 k pp. I think the drop rate is really high or the population is just not interested in these LON cards.

                    I have gotten 3-4 boosters in the past, but none in the past 6+ months. Green House in Katta was good - got 2 there if I recall. Must be because those mobs are killed all the time ( or were.)
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                      There are like 2 worth having: the nagafen familiar, and the kiss of erollisi marr (instant 10,000 mana back reuse 20 hours)



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                        Here are the following LoN Drops you can get in EQ.
                        Starter deck = worthless
                        Starter Set = worth 2 booster pack
                        Booster pack from one of the 4 sets out = worthwhile
                        Single card player = card used for player decks = on occasion worth a little
                        Single card monster = card used for monster deck = on occasion worth a little

                        The Top loot cards in the game mostly come from the original set.
                        Kiss of Mar = 10,000 mana refreshed. Usable 1/day
                        Naggy firmilar = +600hps
                        Mounts = fast2 or fastest mount in game
                        (mounts lost some value as they became more common)

                        The current "hot" item is the Siren Visage.

                        Other "useful" loot cards include
                        Scale = +10,000(i think) HPs refreshed. Usable 1/day
                        Pings potions packs = usually 5xp pots.

                        So all in all there are about a dozen worth while loot cards out of probably 100 loots. So you got maybe a 10% chance to get something cool, with an avg of 10-12boosters per attempt.
                        The best way to get loot it to wait for a loot tourney weekend and play.

                        The Kobald King = +404mana was obtained this way, along with the scale and a fast lizard mount.


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                          Each booster itself has a 1/8 chance, roughly, of dropping 'some' kind of loot card. Mounts are 1/300ish boosters, illusions are more rare than potions but not as rare as mounts, maybe 1/30. The mana infusion clicky is pretty rare too.

                          There are in game illusions, pets (non agro ones) called familairs, potions for various things, and a few clickies that are nice from super fast mounts to instant mana, and various mold that change the way weapons look but are silly.

                          Bridle of the Mystical Kirin
                          1: Summon Horse: SumKirin0Fast

                          Familiar of Lord Nagafen
                          1: Summon Familiar: FamiliarDragon
                          2: See Invisible(1)
                          8: Increase Max Hitpoints by 18 (L1) to 650 (L80)

                          Kiss of Erollisi Marr
                          1: Increase Endurance by 5000
                          2: Increase Mana by 10000

                          Lots of illusions

                          Various other familiars that do different things, mostly useless. there's a +mana pool one and a non-dispellable levitation.
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                            They should put 2.0 orbs and 2.5 pages in as lon loot. The topic keeps coming up(about them being 'too hard(tm)"). Want invocation of night? Insert your Credit Card and we'll get that out to you right away!

                            Xis, tell Rytan and Eli. I'm sure they'll actually think it's a good idea!

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                              Each booster itself has a 1/8 chance
                              Perhaps I'm amazingly unlucky but I've opened a lot of booster and I didn't even come close to that number.

                              I guess its like the 1:20 chance to skill up where people go on streak of 200+ combines without seeing a skillup.

                              I know I went on a 37 opened boosters without a single loot. The 38th pack ofcorse was a nimbus of the plague..(worthless) go figure.

                              They should put 2.0 orbs and 2.5 pages in as lon loot.
                              LOL. I know there is a bunch out there that the loot items "get them up in arms" because they become "must haves" like the naggy firmilar. Then enough get them so the raid content gets tuned to people that have them and spiral spiral spiral.

                              Personally I dont think its a big deal, but I dont think raid content should be tuned to having every cleric with a kiss and every tank with a naggy.

                              They are going to do what it takes to sell the card game. Ironically the card game purests hate the loot cards because it brings down the value of the rares as people by boxes of cards chasing the naggy. EQ players that dont have cash hate the loot because they "cannot obtain it" and or because of the "required" aspect of it.

                              I think the card game is fun and the loot cards are neat so I dont see what the big deal is. But thats just me
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