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  • Back after 13 years break

    Once you get the EQ bug, you never quit. You just get away from your addiction for a bit.

    That bit lasted 13 years for me.

    I used to rape the HS basement back then with my 57 ikky necro (don't have access any longer), with very basic gear even by 2001's standards. I think I had maybe 1k hp unbuffed by then, and... maybe 2k mana? Probably less.

    I was, back then, mowing the mobs in HS by charming the undead, and sometimes root/rotting the living, if I was out of undead. It was enjoyable, fun, profitable (spells!), and definitely felt more satisfactory than just autoattacking on a rogue or something.

    Anyway, I wanted to relive that, and pick up about where I left it. The idea was to get to 54 (for Deflux), and go back to HS basement, see how things go there now.

    So I made an iksar necromancer on the AB server (called Motley).

    Sold a Krono for pp's, got myself some defiant gear and general clickies, bought some PL to lvl 54. Maxxed my casting skills (so easy now!) and decided to just give HS a shot. With something like 4k hp and 4k mana, should be SUPER EASY now, right?

    I found that it was very different, in a bad way.

    Every single mob conned light blue (I suppose their levels got reduced...) and their HP's were a lot lower (back then a Deflux would take 4%-6% of a mob's HPs, now it takes 16%+.

    Yet, root broke a whole lot, charm broke a whole lot. It was so unreliable, I could barely charm solo at all.

    Charm soloing, at least at this level (can't speak of higher ones) is all about a few spells:

    - Charm (Beguile undead for the basement as no mobs is higher than 46)
    - Root
    - Cancel Magic (very important to dispell Root)
    - Feigh Death

    So basically almost all of it felt broken.

    Feigh death worked fine.

    Root was being resisted a LOT (light blue mobs) and broke constantly after just a few ticks (I was using Paralyzing Earth, supposed to be super reliable)

    Charm was super unreliable and kept breaking (on light blue mobs) after 2-3 ticks on average

    Cancel Magic wasn't dispelling the top buff off the target, but ... doing something weird, sometimes dispelling, sometimes not, sometimes dispelling a slot which wasn't top, etc... basically a huge PITA.

    I love charm soloing... has it been broken/nerfed etc? And if yes, why?

    Is there still any point of playing a Necro? Is it fun? Are they powerful at higher levels? Should I just roll a mage and don't bother with the complexity of a necro?

    Thank you

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    In regards to the light blue con. The level wasn't changed, just the con level divisions. So some mobs that were dark blue(within 5 levels of you) in the past are now light blue. Also I am not sure when grey mobs were added, but green is the new light blue, where green used to mean no xp.

    I don't recall a nerf to charms that would effect low level zones like HS or a general change in resistances. So I suspect, the more you play the better you will get at dealing with the breaks in charm if that is how you want to do it. I applaud you for going the charm route as most of us just got frustrated with it and went the easy route of kiting when it came to leveling. Especially if you have no tools to reduce magic resistance to help charm and roots last longer (You can get some later both in the AA and item arena).

    As to the question of are necros powerful later in their careers. Short answer is yes. Very little in the group game can't be soloed or moloed(single toon + merc) by a necromancer. That being said, it doesn't necessarily translate to group desirability. Though a good player is a good player and will be able to get groups. Every Raid org wants necros, however, slots are limited due to buff/debuff limits on mobs (too many dots debuffs on mob and anything more fails to take hold). Raid orgs want to be able to get all the required debuffs on mobs and not limit the necromancers power by limiting the number of dots we can cast. So typically 3 or 4 full time necros are max.

    So I think it is worth it to stick with a necro, especially if you like it. Mages are good too, and are better named killers earlier in the game, but in the end Necro is close enough that it doesn't make a difference and then we still have lots of flexibility that the mage doesn't. If you in particular wanted to try something non-necro, based on your charm story. I would go enchanter, I have seen enchanters at higher levels do impossible things, and they can solo and all that too. I suspect it is even more involved than what necros do though.


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      Hey, thanks for the detailed reply.

      I will retry HS at 57, as I remember really well how it went at this level back then. Still I have a strong feeling that root and charm break way too much on mobs this level.

      I decided to go the charm route because that's the whole reason I rolled a necro. EQ charm is probably the most challenging, yet rewarding play techniques I know. I have limited time to play EQ, so I'd rather make it as enjoyable as possible while I do.

      I played a charming enc back in classic as well, and it's of course insanely fun too, however most of the time it would require a healer of some kind to help to do it for any length of time (not just snipe a named and gate). That's why I went necro, to be able to sustain myself and have more survivability. Of course mercs change everything.. (God, what did they do to my EQ.. :/)

      Anyway, I'm probably going to stick with my necro


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        As for the HS mob levels, maybe they weren't lowered, but their HP's definitely were. As I said, a Deflux would take 4-7% off a mob back then, now 15-20%.

        Funny thing, this didn't make charm soloing any easier since your pet's HP's are lower too :P


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          You may want to look into P99 if you want a 2001 like experience.


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            Originally posted by FCseven View Post
            You may want to look into P99 if you want a 2001 like experience.
            Oh I'm perfectly aware how it is on P99, matter of fact I have a necro there as well.

            I was just amazed how harder it is to do the same stuff on live now. The general trend has been to make EQ Live *easier*, not harded. Charm soloing at level 55ish is a lot harder that what it used to be (if not for the defiant armor and stuff).