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Returning PoP Era Player - Starting Fresh @ Level 1 & Have Questions!

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  • Returning PoP Era Player - Starting Fresh @ Level 1 & Have Questions!

    Hi All,

    The EQ bug has bitten me pretty hard, and it's been only 14 years since I've played! I've done a hefty amount of research and played about a dozen hours (1-45, F2P account). I'm looking to the community here to help me figure a few last things out! At present, my plan is to get a bit of nostalgia out of the leveling experience, but mostly to catch up, learn the game post level 60/65 (I forget what the cap was when I quit), and primarily focus on solo/moloing. I'm happy to group, but I know that tends to be more difficult these days until the peak levels. I should start by saying I've never played a necro and I've selected the FV server (for xp bonus & raid loot perks).

    1) I'm going to try out a gold account for a few months. I've read that auto grant AA exists, and is designed to be a "catch-up" mechanic. Is there any reason I wouldn't want to auto-grant if my goal is to level up quickly? I've seen arguments in both camps, but the problem is every post I've found was directed towards 70+ players with 100s or 1000s of AAs, where the decision to auto grant is muddied. It seems clear cut that new players will struggle with 0AA all the way up.

    2) Beyond level 60, what is the most efficient way to level up quickly. Molo (with which type of merc?), solo (root dot, snare kite, or fear kite?), or group? I do not intend to or want to box.

    3) I'm an adept MMO player (I switched over to WoW and have always had some sort of MMO in my life). I've gotten right back into the feel of EQ in the short time I've played, and am very much looking forward to what's in store in the eras beyond what I've experienced first hand (LDoN onward). That said, is there a hugely massive time requirement required to get adept at necromancer? In the instances where I will be grouping, I do not want to be a strain on others, but will unfortunately have no way to benchmark my abilities against others.

    4) Especially given how fast levels have been flying by, I know gear isn't of terrible importance. I think I still have a few slots empty and am still flying through the 40s. At what level should I start being concerned with gear?Put another way, at what point in time will I no longer be replacing equipment quickly, thus should seek it out for specific slots?

    5) I remember clickable items being super important. I've seen plenty of comprehensive clicky items guides, but the problem is they include EVERYTHING. Is there a short necro list of must have clicky items?

    6) I don't plan on completing the 1.0 epic, but I've read that there is a 1.5/2.0/2.5 series that is worth doing. In short, I've read that the 1.5 is generally pretty easy attainable and a must-have for late levels. Is that accurate?

    7) Aside from the epic quests, are there any quests that are seriously worth the time investment post level 70? Whether they are for gear or character perks, what are some things that are deserving of my time (I've read merc upgrades are cool, there are some innate character buffs from certain quest lines, etc.)?

    8) At max level (or even in the upper xxs), is there a lot of content to keep my attention if I plan to play alone, or is it generally accepted that you're best off finding groups/raids to play? My goal isn't to raid, I just want to see 100% fresh content. I have literally over a dozen expansions to play through, although I am more interested in the more recent in advance!

    I have plenty more questions, but this is a good start. If anyone has answers even to just 1 of these, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, and happy hunting!

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    1) The only real reason you wouldn't want to use autogrant is for the feeling of accomplishment. Ultimately, after 95, it doesn't really matter. There's a few AA's here & there that were added in later expacs for lower levels that won't be granted that you'll have to get, but that's a relatively minuscule amount.

    2) Up until the mid 90's, solo is the way to go. From 60-62 up to 80, kite worgs in Loping Plains. Can either kite or root rot, whichever is your preference. They will con red all the way up until 74/75 being they are 76-80 level mobs, but necros OP. I did this on my necro, no I'm not trolling you. Pyres are your friends.
    After you're done with worgs in the 80-85 range, head to City of Bronze until 92 when you start getting swifts. After you get your swifts, murder farmers in Valley of Lluanyn. You don't need a merc at all until this point.
    Once you're bored of farmers, head over to Gribble Grobbleknobber or whatever his name is in Dead Hills. With current-level EM you should be able to handle all three of his tasks, even if they're time consuming, to 105. There is a 2 hour lockout, until you get things down pat/gear upgrades and the like, this shouldn't be an issue. The xp is gained at the end of the task, the kill xp is terrible. Mind you, this is the fastest leveling path in the game unless you find an SK that is willing to swarm an entire zone for you.

    3) This one is tricky. If you click with the class like I have, it'll take you no time at all. If you don't, it can take ages. We have a necro in-guild (we're a raid guild) that just returned since pop-era that barely pulls 40k dps meanwhile i sustain 100k w/o burns of any sort. Add a bard/ench combo to my group i'll sustain 130-140k no problems.

    5)Only hp/mana regen clickies are a necessity. Enhanced Minion ears, however, are REQUIRED.

    6) Once you get your 2.0/2.5, you will never upgrade. On magelo we have other weapons listed for stats, but every necro in the game worth a shit actually uses 2.0/2.5
    7)There's a few tasks worth doing, however only if they're kill tasks specific to what you're doing. There's some available for the worgs I mentioned earlier.

    8) YES. Necros, to this day, are one of the few classes that can solo/molo everything. As a matter of fact, we don't really need a merc however it makes it easier to have one as we can kill stuff faster when not healing/shielding pet. There's only a few missions we can't molo relatively easy, and those are the group versions of the raids. Even then, there's only something like 4 that absolutely can't be done unless you have the luck of the devil himself. Still, there's a few that absolutely can't be done solo/molo. Other than that, the world is our oyster.


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      Thanks, very helpful! Some quick follow ups:

      1) With exception of mobs with death touch / banish, at what level can I comfortably solo bosses in plane of hate & fear, karnor's, old sebillis, velious (particularly NToV), luclin (particularly ssra), and pop (particularly time)? Part of my comeback will be reliving those encounters, even if it's solo (and I'm lucky enough to find the mobs).

      2) Do you happen to know how crappy a grind it is if I were to play on a TLP server? I'd obviously lose the xp bonus from FV, but also having no access to defiant gear, mercs, etc. will obviously considerably slow down leveling speed. I want to know how much.


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        I'd say 80-85 you can do everything but PoTime with ease w/o a merc, PoTime possibly with a merc (however the bit right after the first waves might be annoying, after you clear the five entrance passages and the combined passages after & drop down into the pit, some of the gods might be a pain as well). At 90, I'd say you could clear potime without thinking about it too much.

        I haven't played on TLP servers too much, however I will say today's leveling & aa's is a bazillion jillion times faster on regular Live servers.


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          When I last played on FV, it was hard finding any raid boss that wasn't instanced up. Because everything is dropable, people tend to lock these down. Time is instanced, so no problem there. I don't mean to discourage you: you will find a lot of lesser bosses up, often - it's the ones with valuable toys like Seru, Vex Thal bosses, Fear, etc that people have on schedule.

          I played a Necromancer on Ragefire for months of casual evenings and it was a slog. I mean, on the one hand it was fun being excited when you get a drop *with stats* to equip. But I was used original Felicite with modern foci/spells/and AA (and out of combat regen) - it was brutally slow.

          I personally would vote FV. In the time I barely made 50 on Ragefire killing a few mobs then medding for 5-10 minutes you would be well into your 70s-90s (or beyond) and kiting multiple mobs non-stop with tons of utility (and with *many* more options on things to do). And Phinny (where you likely play - I would if I was starting now) has even slower XP.

          I would Auto Grant like mad, yes.

          EQ Necromancers have a large toolset which is why they are the kings of the solo experience. Yes, there are specific things that specific classes might have a better method against - but they are one trick ponies, babe! Learning to do that takes time but you've come to the right place. Join the serverwide channel and ask questions if something is confounding you.

          I only have my 1.5 - I quit before the 2.0 and 2.5 were groupable/soloable. It's very powerful and yes something you basically really should prioritize obtaining. I can't speak to what level(s) you need to group/solo this now - I was 70 and needed the bulk of the Planar Campaign to the do the big fights one night after their normal raid. When I played a while back I did moloed/grouped with one friend 1.5s for half a dozen characters 75-low 80s (including Necro from scratch) so I know it can be done now.

          I really agree with "Seriiousley" on this: "Only hp/mana regen clickies are a necessity. Enhanced Minion ears, however, are REQUIRED." - Doubly true on FV, EM items are easy to have a real effect (you need to have this equiped when the pet is summoned.. you can remove after.. and a better EM item will not effect a pet you've already got). Regen of both kinds is something want capped when even possible. IIRC there is a clicky list someone on the site that lists all the useful toys and how to get them.

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