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  • Bard or Enchanter box

    Hello All,

    Returning Necro looking for some advice on a boxing.

    I am lvl 110 with EM24 and am looking for the ability to fight RoS named if possible. Which class adds more to a necro in this instance? Generally speaking it is my understanding that Enchanter = caster groups and Bard = melee groups. That being said Bards do help with dots as well as beefing up the pet in the fight. Enchanters are good dps (I heard they were nerfed), Kings of CC, and add to necros DPS as well. Thank you for the help!

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    I would say enchanter would be best, but if you want a turn on and go box class then bard (less work). I have both classes on one account and do switch between them to support my necro or other classes..


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      Bard is choice if you want to be lazy and still get something out of the box. Enchanter is more powerful box in what it enable you to do. Not saying you have to be lazy with the bard but that you can be lazy. Enchanter bring better slows and mental contortion that will enable you to tank named mob much much easier then a bard. Enchanter mezz is also much stronger then bard mezz. But you can simply put bard auto follow playing appropriate songs and get a passive 35-40 boost to necro DPS while with enchanter you will have to put more work into it. Bard of course can put more effort then just being passive and you get more out of it if you do. But enchanter still brings more to table for necromancer.

      I lean towards an enchanter if I had to choose but bard does have it points. I played necromancer with enchanter and bard as my box. If you go that way then you can put the bard on passive and just work the necromancer and enchanter it works well.