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Any Progression/TLP server Necro guides? New to necro starting on Mangler

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  • Any Progression/TLP server Necro guides? New to necro starting on Mangler

    Hi Folks!

    I'm going to be starting on the new Mangler Time Locked Progression server and I've never played Necro before, though I do have some experience with TLP's (like level 30 or so)

    I've looked around a bit here and couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask directly. Are there any guides for NEcro's for these servers here? I'm looking for stuff that's helpful to level with quickly. Group stuff is great, but solo is where I need the info. Strategies, tactics... Useful tips that you guys know because apparently, this is the place to come for Necro advice.

    My goal, is to have the Necro be my first character, then when Kunark comes out (12 weeks after launch) roll a new character with my girlfriend and really twink us both out.

    Any info would be helpful though. Thank you very much.

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    Hello Sillyturtle and welcome! I'm not sure I've seen anything specific about the Time Locked servers, but you should be able to use the Hunting Grounds to help you get around fairly quickly. This forum was created looooooong ago and has a lot of info specific to all of the eras of EQ. There is a Necro Leveling Guide that was created back in 2006, just adjust your zones to your character and the expansions that are available. A lot of what you are going to be hunting will depend on what class of toon you create: for example, Dark Elves will start in Nektulos and Lavastorm, Gnomes will start in Ak'Anon, and Erudites will start off in Paineel.

    EQ Atlas Link for looking at old school maps.

    Project 1999 has some good info on classic EQ, but you have to look around for it.

    Progression Server Chat from 2015

    Originally posted by Felicite View Post
    Felicite on Ragefire - I play some nights (aka: casual - ~two months in and I'm 28).

    Been using Xnao's spell link since day one - that guy is a rock star for putting that up during the beta. And he has recently merged the researched spells into the same list. I also use this site, which includes the effects too: (and he is adding an item search )

    There is also some good info here:

    This is a good starter for tradeskills - but if you are doing Jewelcraft, you'll want this:

    As a Necro, you'll likely do some (or all) of these quests (Sol Ro as Xnao said):
    The Harvester
    Words of Darkness
    Shadowbound Armor or

    Someone did a pretty good list of focus items:

    As you see Research "Hide"s drop, these are the ones you'll need for Necro spells:
    Raw Hide * Voice Graft, Hungry Earth
    Raw Fine Hide * Harmshield, Intensify Death, Haunting Corpse
    Raw Supple Hide * Renew Bones
    Raw Runic Hide * Call of Bones, Surge of Enfeeblement, Invoke Shadow
    Raw Supple Runic Hide * Dead Man Floating
    Raw Fine Supple Runic Hide * Paralyzing Earth (Vendor in Kunark?), Lich, Bond of Death

    One thing I do when I'm bored at work is look at the quests for a zone on Alla - it's usually pretty easy to figure out which ones are classic. I sometimes find (or remember) quests to do this way (like fire beetle eyes.. it's free XP for mobs you're going to kill anyway). In that vein there was a reddit thread about repeatable quests for XP (not all going to apply to necros):

    It's a start...

    Other than that, let us know what specific types of info you are looking for and I'll try to point you to the right areas of the forum.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

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