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Quests - Faction, Progression, Spell Acquisition

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  • Quests - Faction, Progression, Spell Acquisition

    Welcome to the NecroTalk
    Quest Library for Gear!

    This Forum will provide a means to collaborate links, hints and walk-thru's for the various Factions, Progressions and Spells available to the Necromancer Community.

    Please feel free to post to this Forum with any updates or ideas for update/improvement. Be advised, posts made with updates may be deleted once the updates have been incorporated into the lists. If walk-thru's are provided, be advised that they may be split into a post unto themselves and then links will be provided here.

    Happy hunting & a sincere thanks to all our community contributors that make this possible!

    Courtesy of Rasper, here is a link to his progression guide that includes spells, factions, items, tasks, flags, etc - from Dragons of Norrath up to the current expansion. This is top-notch work, constantly updated (so check it often!) and a valuable resource to take note of. Also, be aware that Rasper does this on his own dime - and a donation link is available for those that get the urge.

    Faction: ===============

    Spell Acquisition

    Note: All spells up to level 75 (TSS) rank2 can now be created via research tradeskill. This is especially handy for those having a difficult time completing some of the DoDH task arcs.
    Starting with the expansion The Serpents Spine (71-75) a new ranking order was applied to spells and continues to this day. There is rank1, rank2 and rank3.
    • Rank1 generally is available to everybody via spell merchant. However, specific spells in all classes are considered "special" so some rank1 spells may be mob dropped or locked behind minimum faction to purchase. The exception of this rule is for all spells within the TBS expansion requiring faction & task currency.

    • Rank2 generally is available to everybody via mob drops. Again, specific spells are considered "special" so some rank2 spells may be locked behind minimum faction to purchase or rare mob drops. The exception of this rule is for all spells within the TBS expansion requiring faction & task currency.

    • Rank3 spells are all locked behind raid progression, and some have additional locks behind minimum faction and/or group task completion.
    Level 71-75 spells (The Serpents Spine) Rank 1 spell vendor loc & spell list - rank2 spells drop from a variety of mobs in a variety of zones.

    Level 71-75 spells (The Buried Sea) requires varying faction for ALL spell purchases, and unique currency obtained only by completing specific tasks related to that faction.
    • Rank 1 spells are on Pirate faction, Rank 2 spells are on Katta faction.

    • 76-80 Secrets of Fadwyer re-introduced rank1 spell vendors with no faction requirements.

      76-80 Secrets of Fadwyer rank2 spell drop/faction information.

      76-80 Secrets of Fadwyer rank3 spell information is here.
    80-85 Seeds of Destruction quests & progression and Spells, courtesy Rasper

    Specific information about spells should be saught via one of the available spell parsers Lucy or Kumbaja's. Following the lucy link can re-direct you to allakhazam's (alla's) which will provide detailed drop information and/or related quest data.


    For the Underfoot expansion, see this guide. Underfoot was a level 85 expansion, but should be relevant for levels 85-90


    For the House of Thule expansion, see this guide. House of Thule was designed for levels 85-90.
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    PoR level 70 spells
    - Grave Pact (70 PoR lich) can be obtained by doing the Saga Skins quest or (easier) doing one of the quests listed here (requires four drops from the same race of mob in The Devastation).

    - Mind Flay (70 PoR Mind Wrack line) can be obtained by doing Skylance: The Laboratory, the third mission in the series of quests obtained from Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born in Arcstone.
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