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Quests - Class Armor Sets

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  • Quests - Class Armor Sets

    Class Armor Progression:


    Multiple expansions have since introduced quite a bit of new things regarding gear, and some of these changes included retroactive changes to older & lower level gear. Here are some general things of interest regarding gear:

    • Levels 0-

    Group --Levels 0-65 Lost Dungeons of Norrath --
    Lost Dungeons of Norrath (LDoN) expansion includes armor, weapons, jewelry, spells and augments - and can be searched using this link. LDoN zones are instances requiring 3-persons minimum (or 2 persons +1 merc) and you are rewarded theme points if you win the task. Those points can then be used to make purchases from an adventure merchant. Points are not tradable between the different themes (or players), so you must earn points at the theme you wish to make purchases from. Additionally, a good charm augment quest is made available through the completion of LDoN tasks. LDoN is still widely considered remarkably good exp, fun and reward for the challenge for players pre-65

    Group --Levels 43-70 Dragons of Norrath --Dragons of Norrath (DoN) expansion also includes armor, weapons, jewelry, spells and augments - and can be searched using this link. The items are available from one of two adventure merchants. You are rewarded ebon or radiant crystals when you complete tasks, which are then used as currency to purchase items, gear, spells & augments. Both crystal types are tradable, and you can typically find plenty for sale in the bazaar.

    For the level range of the available gear (up to level 70), they are pretty good for the solo or group necro until you meet the required level of others. Additionally, you can be invisible & buy from the merchants so faction is not required to make purchases. And, since there are two factions (Dark Reign and Norrath Keepers you can essentially purchase two lore augs; one from the dark side and another from the light.

    • Levels 60-65

    Group --Level 60-65 Omens of War --Deathcaller's armor and the quests.

    • Levels 65-70

    Group --Level 65-75 Prophecy of Ro -- Whispering Soul armor and the quests.

    Group --Level 65-70 The Buried Sea, tier1 --Energiac Silk

    RAID Level 70 Omens of War Blightbringer's gear

    RAID Level 70 Prophecy of Ro Whispered Death gear

    Group --Level 70-75 The Buried Sea, tier2 --Citizen's Energieac

    • Levels 70-75

    Group --Level 71-75 The Serpent's Spine, tier1 -- Vexed

    Group --Level 71-75 The Serpent's Spine, tier2 -- Shadow-Vexed

    Group --Level 70-75 Seeds of Destruction, tier1 buyable-- Archaic Cloth

    RAID Level 75 The Serpent's Spine, tier1 -- Blackbone gear

    RAID Level 75 The Serpent's Spine, tier2 -- Draton`ra`s gear

    Group --Level 75 The Buried Sea, tier2 -- Praetorian's

    RAID Level 75 The Buried Sea, Corrupted Energeiac gear, purchased with phosphenes rewarded doing Solteris raids.

    • Levels 75-80

    Group --Level 75-80 Secrets of Fadwer, tier1 (some players may call this tier2 because that's the tier of zone they come from) -- Glossy Silk

    Group --Level 75-80 Secrets of Fadwer -- Solo your non-visible gear

    Group --Level 80 Secrets of Fadwer, tier2 (some players may call this tier3 because that's the tier of zone the cores come from) (add steam core from tier3 to the glossy silk this way) -- Necrotic Silk

    *note* June 10, 2009 patch introduced Innert Core Gearing Kits available from the Automated Vending Unit in Dragonscale Hills. You can take any crystallos essence and with this kit bust it down to a steam core. This process is available for both group essences/cores and raid essences/cores. This essentially eliminates the need to obtain cores if you can hunt in crystallos for essences.

    Group --Level 80 Secrets of Fadwer, tier3 (Some players may call this tier4 because that's the tier of zone essences come from)-- (4 variations)(+essence) from keyed-entry zone crystallos
    Group --Level 80 Secrets of Fadwer, tier4 (Some players may call this tier 4.5 since it's such a minor yet expensive upgrade)-- Necrotic Kaleidosilk
    RAID Level 80 Secrets of Fadwer, entire progression link

    • Levels 80-85 Continued below
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    In contrast to the purpose of this section (quest), there are now global class armor drops. As un-fitting for this section as they may be (being dropped gear, not quested) - knowing about your choices and making smart decisions on your gear choice is the real purpose of the library. Recently, the armor sets were expanded for more level ranges and includes more item slots and augments. Yes, augments have finally become tradable.

    Additionally, there are now two Defiant Vendors in the Plane of Knowledge that sell defiant jewelry and some other odd slots that are not dropped globally. You are only able to view items equipable within +5 levels of you, but be ensured the vendors do carry items going up to level 80 - so check back every 5 levels if you are having problems finding upgrades in your normal hunt.

    These are global drops, randomly off any creature of appropriate level. Depending on your server, these can be obtained very cheaply in the bazaar - or your guild bank might have plenty of free stock. Do be aware: continuing with the recent trend, all defiant gear is attunable. This means when if you ever place the item on your character to use, you get a pop-up window asking if you are sure you want to attune that item to your character. Once you click "yes" the item becomes no-trade.

    Crude Defiant - levels 0-10 with 20% generic damage foci tha degrades beyond level 20. 0-15hp/m

    Simple Defiant - levels 5-20 with 20% generic damage foci that degrades beyond level 44. 10-25hp/m

    Rough Defiant - levels 15-30 with 20% generic damage foci that degrades beyond level 44. 30-45hp/m

    Ornate Defiant - levels 26-40 with 20% generic damage foci that degrades beyond level 60. 35-75hp/m

    Flawed Defiant - levels 37-50 with 20% damage foci that degrades beyond level 60. 60-80s hp/m.

    Intricate Defiant - levels 48-60 with 25% damage foci that degrades beyond level 70. 100-120 hp/m.

    Elaborate Defiant - levels 59-70 with 25% damage foci that degrades beyond level 75. 170-250hp/m

    Elegant Defiant - levels 70-80 with 25% damage foci that degrades beyond level 85. 170-380s hp/m.


    Stuff on the PoK Vendors has a slightly different naming convention. Instead of xxx defiant item, they are xxx combatant's xxx (melee archetypes) or xxx adept's xxx (caster archetypes). Here is a brief listing of search links.

    Adept's gear
    Combatant's gear

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      Armor chart in-progress

      Continued from above post-
      • Levels 80-85

      Group --Level 80-85 Seeds of Destruction -- courtesy Rasper.

      Having 4 different types/names of end-game armor is nothing new - but each type having differernt heroics & mods is! So if you just create armor as randomly as you collect essences, you could seriously harm desired mods or stats. Additionally with the patch, the chest-only type15 augment symbols now work with similar tier equipment (not restricted to armor name anymore).

      Making an informed armor decision shouldn't be a hassle! Instead of simply making armor in the same random order you get the essences, look at your options and choose the type that you feel benefits you the most. Below is a quick-look at the tier-5 armors sorted by slot, displaying the important heroics & mod2s. The AC, HP/M is identical for all sets. I currently have no plans to provide the same charts for Tier-3 and Tier-4 armors as I consider them to be transitional i.e. not anybody's end-goal.

      The great thing - if you want to go max spell damage, you can. If you want to go max shielding, you can. Whatever you want to do concentrate on- the choice is yours. And making a customized "suit" of armor of your preference will likely provide significantly more benefits than a randomly pieced set. As you can see, the mods/heroics can vary wildly.

      GROUP -- Necrotic Lifefalter Silk --

      RAID -- Necrotic Darkfell Silk--

      Now, how to get there? Below is the simplest flowchart I could come up with. The Essence types are also color-coded appropriately (red or blue) though the tier names refer to group essences:

      But wait...I need an Incandessence to make my gear, but I only have a Luminessence! Don't on!

      Additionally with the Feb 11th patch came the means to swap essence types for free! You have 16 chances to get it right - which is pretty significant. You need 3 essences per piece of gear for a full suit (8 pieces) which is 24 essences total. Unless you are trying for a complete ordained set or complete inflicted set - you will have no problem at all concerning essence type drop rates.

      Originally posted by Patch Notes
      - Tavid Dennant in the guild lobby has a limited amount of items that players can use to alter their Seeds of Destruction Armor. He does not sell these like the quest items he holds, but will give them to you if you talk to him about [items].
      Game Text:
      [Tue Feb 17 08:33:52 2009] You say, 'Hail, Tavid Dennant'
      [Tue Feb 17 08:33:53 2009] Tavid Dennant says 'Well hello! What brings a Dark Elf like you to a place like this? Me? I seem to have misplaced my scarf, I don't suppose you've seen it? Long, wool, colorful? I can't imagine where I might have left it. Speaking of misplaced things, I've got quite a number of who's its and what's its that I've picked up during my travels. You're welcome to take a look if you think you might find any of it useful. All except for this [watch] of course. I also have a limited amount of [items] that work with armor from beyond the void. These I will even give for free, but you must ask me for them.'
      [Tue Feb 17 08:33:57 2009] You say, 'items'
      [Tue Feb 17 08:33:57 2009] Tavid Dennant says 'I can offer you sixteen total [luminescent] culling vortices or [incandescent] culling vortices, sixteen polymorphic [cells], or sixteen total or any of the [molting] cells or polymorphic [cocoons]. The vortexes will remove a luminessence or incandessence from armor. A polymorphic cell will transform a luminessence to an incandessence or vise versa. Polymorphic cocoons and molting cells will use a luminessence or incandessence to empower armor. If you get something you do not wish, just give it back to me.'

      [Tue Feb 17 08:37:38 2009] You say, 'luminescent'
      [Tue Feb 17 08:37:38 2009] Tavid Dennant says 'You have 15 vortexes left'

      Each time you get something, he tells you how many you have left. If you get the wrong thing (I did a lot) hand it back and he gives credit for the return.

      June 10 patch Update
      Culling Vortexes, purchased in the Void from Zeb have been relocated from Void Void D. Combine a tier5 essence with a Culling Vortex and it becomes a Tier4 essence. Combine a Tier4 essence with a Culling Vortex and it becomes a tier3 essence. This works for group and raid essences.

      If you want more detailed or specific information on the gear, refer to lucy or Raspers!

      There is another fantastic utility for searching SoD armor sets by desired mod or stat, found here.
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