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Explorer quest in dream

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  • Explorer quest in dream

    Just a quick post,

    you can get the quest from rupkker, go to the undead area with merc up. /loot then fd.. if you get whacked merc will heal when your down.

    when you find the book, loot it fd.. then get up insta invis away from the patroller........... here is the cool part.

    you can just run up the hill where the named spawned and grab any patroller (or any other in the zone) to get the update.

    you dont have to kill the one that spawns with the book as he summons.

    Can run this in less then 5 min. 6 hour lock out.


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    Can only loot the book as long as you don't have agro. Otherwise, yes, can do exactly what you said. The undead seem to have a slightly larger agro range, so would be hard to get a book with it fully spawned.


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      I do this every 6 hours, use IVU to /open if its there loot if not fd off the undead aggro, go to next one......

      works like a charm. Any other quick ones like this?

      I have been running all 3 feerot ones in about an hour and a half. merc will heal you while your FD'ed


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        find my brudders task in HoT takes 4-6 minutes..can do all 10 tasks in HoT in under 2 hours.