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  • EQ DoN Dragons of Norrath Progression Guide

    I've decided to copy this subscriber-lounge guide to the public forums; maybe it will give somebody something productive to think about / research while SoE is busy getting hacked. I have only copied my "guide" portions and left the original topic intact in the subscriber lounge with replies/commentary. I hope there are folks out there that didnt know about DoN or forgot about it - and this prompts you to power up your character some!

    Dragons of Norrath Progression

    There are timeless advantages for going back and completing as much DoN progression as you can -regardless if you are a solo professional, group nut or bleeding edge raider. The rewards are passive Alternate Abilities that are found in your "special" tab, and are under the category of Progression. Check out the final Augment reward:

    Just kidding. Its not an augment. Well, not really. Here are the real rewards:

    Tier 1: Gift of the Dark Reign - increases the maximum amount all of your stats can be raised by 10 points. You will need to find 1 real player to join your group briefly so you can solo a 20 minute group mission.

    Tier 2: Tenacity of the Dark Reign - increases your HP, Mana and Endurance by 2%. You will need to find 2 real players to join your group briefly so you can solo a 10 minute raid, and 1 player briefly so you can solo a 10 minute mission. Dont think 2% is much? It adds 2% more HP than your gear advertises, adds 2% more hp per stamina point you have, adds 2% more hp to your naked self. So if you are walking around with 45khp unbuffed, you can expect this to net you 900hp. Thats alot.

    Tier 3: Embrace of the Dark Reign - increases your maximum buff slot limit by 1

    Tier 4: Power of the Dark Reign - grants you a innate 1% chance to score critical melee / spell / DoT hits, exceptional heals.

    Tier 5: Ferver of the Dark Reign - grants you a innate 1% chance to resist virtually all detrimental spells.

    Many players believe Power of the Dark Reign grants an extra 3% to crits, or 2%. I have personally seen multiple developers report the bonus as a flat 1 percent; therefore I am reporting the conservative number.

    Yes - each and every DoN reward is a passive innate bonus to your base character, and it stacks with each and every other alternate ability / effect / bonus in the game.

    Now before you blow this off, let me ask an interesting question: just how much time would you invest camping for an invisible augment like the fake one I created above? That is effectively...precisely what this is. Its just invisible.

    For todays necromancer - wether you are returning as a level 80 soloer or end-game level 90 casual grouper - you can accomplish a large portion of this progression with minimal assistance. However, because DoN progression is group/raid based...you will need assistance even if its only finding people to join your group in other zones to give you minimum number requirements for missions/raids. Sorry, you cannot do this true solo - but you can get a lot done without needing anybody to actually help. And considering how aged DoN is - I imagine some general channel offers for credits / taskadds / raid credit loots will result in some interested helpers. I had absolutely no problem at all finding willing people to come fill slots & help out. No problem at all.

    Regarding helpers...the max level spread for DoN missions (like everything else) is 15 levels. However, unlike LDoN...there is no maximum level limit to get the quests/missions/raids - so you dont have to find lower level players to bring down your average. So this is a good thing - a group of 90s can fully do DoN.


    Disclaimer: Just because this is old content that we can "shred" with little or no risk does not mean this will go superfast and with no risk. Silk AC caps are shockingly low, and our overcap return on AC is lower still...and we got crap for defense skills. Yes, even DoN isn't far enough back that our modern silk AC means much. Even as few as 4-5 grey-con mobs beating on you will toss you around from push like crazy and make it very difficult to cast spells. I know, because I have been wtfpwnd first-hand. Instead, make short work of these mobs by hitting them with a pyre, target next mob and pyre, tgt next mob and pyre...etc, and everything dies fast enough.

    Progression is largely limited on specific minimum faction levels (in addition to solo/group missions & raids) - and from what I can determine? Heroic Charisma has not been enabled here, at all. So it will take the same number of quests/missions today to raise your factions as it did 6 years ago - and they still have the same lockout-timer for repeating stuff. So this will be a timely investment - but I ask you again...how much time would you invest camping for that augment above?


    Where is Dragons of Norrath?
    The "Starting Area" is Lavastorm Mountains. In the north-west portion of the zone is a couple tunnels - the western tunnel is Norrath Keepers area for "good" players, and the eastern tunnel is the Dark Reign for us "evil" players. Yes, you are KOS to the opposing side, but you are able to travel through them invisible and also purchase items from their vendor while invisible. Likely, you are already very familiar with this area as you used ebon crystals & such buying augs and/or gear back in your youth.

    These two tunnels join in the center, and merge north through the giant maw of a beast - to the zone Broodlands. Broodlands is more-so a hub for all the connecting zones within the Dragons of Norrath expansion. In here there are static zone connections, and this is also the entry point for instanced zones for various missions & raids. You will be traversing all of them, and using your compass waypoints often.

    The two factions oppose each other. You cannot simultaneously have positive faction with both Dark Reign and Norrath Keepers.

    This guide will only include Dark Reign paths. If you somehow want to follow the Norrath Keepers path - cool. Back in the day many players were forced to choose the path of their guild. If you are a norrath keeper kind of necro, then your best resource for info will likely be samanna's resource site at http://samanna.net/eq.progression/prog.don.shtml

    Factioning i.e. repeating quests & missions will be your primary activity for increasing faction. You can also kill the opposing faction guards there in lavastorm, but that should be your last resort considering there arent many to kill, and the respawn is lengthy.
    Each post from here on will include 1 full tier.

    Each and every mission & raid you complete, you will be automatically granted a Dark Reign Token in your inventory. These are LORE. So after each and every mission / raid, you will be needing to go back to the lavastorm camp and turn in these to the Dark Reign Merchant Xeib Darkskies If you find yourself in a crew that is knocking out missions nonstop & fast...still go back and turn these in after each time. I strongly suggest you bind yourself in front of Xeib so it's fast to turn these in, and fast to get a new mission.

    My favorite Missions to repeat for Factions!

    I eventually got to the point of cycling in 4 missions and having just enough time for a smoke break before the 1st one done was done with lockout. So the faction got faster and faster. These were my favorites based on speed that I could go through them, though there are quite a lot to choose from. Some look easy and end up being a 2hr snooze-fest waiting for rare drops. I also utilized my warrior doing some of these as there's nothing like swarm gathering 60 mobs and going riposte disc to kill them all in 5 seconds. Fun. We cant do that.

    Drake Eggs - super fast. Invis at entrance, run to pair of drakes, one-shot hit with Nos and loot egg. Invis back to zi and kill goblin that spawned. gate to lavastorm, turn in egg for win.

    The Creator - very fast. Use Nos on everything you see, run to first big room & kill the 3 golems. run to back rooms and kill the other golem, loot the piece. run to zi and use identify on piece to spawn creator, kill it. done.

    Diseased Pumas - fast - Use nos on everyting you see, find the 4 pumas and kill them, loot their blood - gate back and hand in bloods for win.

    Holy Hour - fast - just nos everyting you can find until youve killed 50 of them. Can do 40 on the outside ring before you even go inside the building.

    --Retired, May 2012--

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    Tier 1 Gift of the Dark Reign, completed

    Here is a checklist you can print out for easy verification.

    Step 1 - at Indifferent faction, Hail Commander Zaerr Ty'Dar in dark reign camp. Follow his prompt. You will get a character flag, and he sends you to speak with Officer Sirrikis Ryktor. If you didnt get a character flag, you didnt follow his prompt.

    Step 2 - Hail officer Sirrikis Ryktor. He will assign you 3 solo quests:
    a) Blood of the Basilisk
    b) Clearing the Path
    c) The Burning Poison.

    Step 3 - bind yourself here to speed up this process.

    You can do these 3 in any order.

    Prep suggestions for all of Tier-1:
    warrior pet with summoned mage goodies; you dont want your pet dying on you
    swift lifedraw and/or lifetap over time to heal yourself if you get swarmed or take too many interrupts
    lifetap same as above but when more urgent
    Fire & Poison DoTs, preferably the most damage per cast that you got so you spent the smallest amount of time per mob casting
    heal orbs / lifeshards - just as backup
    Skelly Swarms - for when you want to let a horde beat up on you & need dps that will switch targets
    Sphere of Blight or older version of AE DoT trap for when you want to horde AE
    Banshee Aura - stacks with clicky damage shield cloaks, just more long-term free dps
    Clicky damage shield buff on your cloaks if you have it

    Even if you are a 90 max'er, bring your merc along on passive, change to reactive if you need heals mid-fight. Look - we are not melee players so our AC and defensives even at level 90 does not provide us any measure of invlunerability here amidst hordes of grey con mobs. You can grab too many mobs and be unable to channel any casting, and your merc can get whacked with a quickness, too. Yes, I've been there, done that. If you are into swarm AE'ing, you need to test your own limits on how big of a horde you can handle as everybody will vary depending on gear / aa / level / etc. If you have a melee to box, you pretty much dont need anything other than a corner to riposte a hundred mobs to death in 10 seconds.

    The strat that I eventually found to work best for me, was just to clear as I went. Cast pyre of Nos, target next mob, pyre of Nos, target next mob, pyre of Nos, etc. By the time you've got 4-5 mobs, the first is dead and 2nd a tick from death. Trying to just muscle through a horde an then AE / pet them down actually took more time than Nos'ing them as I came within range. However, for me right now Nos does an incredible amount of damage per cast; I can fire & forget and guarantee a corpse for the effort. If I did this last year I would probably use a shadow, or pair of shadows for the same effect but just a little slower for the total damage to kill off the mobs. Mob density overall is pretty light; where you may start off with 3-4 mobs by the time you moved within range of the next pair your first group is dying fast.

    Blood of the Basilisk - very simple, loot 5 shimmering basilisk blood from Tirranun's Delve zone. Your target: Domesticated Basilisk.
    Method: haul ass north accross zone towards the giant area with tons of basilisks, ignoring the horde of other mobs that are hitting on you. Once you are there, feign off the train. Now you've got a dozen or more basilisks you can slaughter; loot up the blood and the quest auto-completes and you get the faction reward.

    Clearing the Path
    Simple, kill 8 stillmoon drakes in Stillmoon Temple zone. These are really, really spread out so you wind up slaughtering the whole zone pretty much. Again, on your 8th kill this quest auto-completes. Strat - run around and look for "stillmoon drake" to kill.

    The Burning Poison
    Loot 5 caustic Lavaspinner Venom from Lavaspinner's Lair zone. Strat - stick to the southern portion of the zone for spiders (lavaspinners); the northern portion with lava flows is full of drakes. Kill lots of lavaspinners and loot 5 caustic venoms. Like the previous quests, this will auto-complete when you loot that 5th one.

    Mission Time

    Now, go back to the dark reign camp in Lavastorm Mtns and hail Commander Zaerr Ty'Dar again, follow his prompt. You'll get a character flag. He sends you to speak with Officer Vacax Rol'Tas, who will assign you a mission.

    You need 3 alive things in your group within 15 levels of each other to get a mission here. They dont have to be in the same zone, and a merc counts. Ask another necro soloing somewhere, bazaar trader, anybody.

    Hail Officer Vacax Rol'Tas and he assigns you a 6-player group mission Have Note Will Travel. Zone out into into the Broodlands (the north tunnel with the mouth) and look at your compass - there will be a green marker indicating the direction of the instanced zone you need to be in.

    Strat: After zoning in you need to slaughter most of the zones goblins in order for the next step to occur - you'll get an emote to find the goblin task master. Kill it, loot its note - then 3 sets of 3 goblin guards spawn blocking your way back out - kill those - then run back to the zone entry area. Very easy.

    Go back to the dark reign camp and speak with Commander Zaerr Ty'Dar again, follow his prompt, you'll get a character flag.

    You will be rewarded 2 aa points and a new progression aa Gift of the Dark Reign, which increases your stat caps by 10.

    Grats. Now, back to factioning for Amiable so you can proceed to tier-2

    --Retired, May 2012--


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      Tier-2 Tenacity of the Dark Reign

      Your basic prep & strats for Tier-2 is the same as Tier-1. If anything, the difficulty goes down a little.

      Start off by talking to the commander and following his dialogue. You will get a character flag, and he'll tell you to do some work for Officer Sirrikis Ryktor. Just like before, you when you hail Sirrikis you are automatically assigned 3 solo tasks. Now start running towards the static zone of Stillmoon Temple.

      Army of Stone. Very simple, you kill the guardian/golem type mobs and loot 5 Animated Guardian Essences. They seem to drop 75-80% of the time, and the zone is full of these everywhere.

      Blood from Sand. Very simple, you kill the goblin mobs and loot 7 impure goblin bloods.

      Once both of these are done, head north and zone into the Ascent.

      Reap the Kirin Mind. Very simple, loot 3 pristine kirin minds. Invis up and run up, looking for kirin mobs. I only found 1 on the bottom half of the zone, and others about halfway up the top part of the zone. They seem to have a 50% droprate.

      After these are completed, go back to the camp and talk again with Commander Zaerr Ty'Dar for another character flag, and more prompting. He'll tell you to speak with Officer Vacax Rol'Tas..which will get you the group mission: Drake Eggs.

      Drake Eggs, instanced based ascent - loot a drake egg then kill a goblin guard. Use the above ascent map for tips.

      This is super simple. You zone in, invis up and run up towards the top part. At the very top is an ascent drake...just below him are two a drakes and a kirin. One of those drakes drops the egg you need. At this time, a "goblin guard" spawns at the zone-in, and you are told to kill it. Invis up and run back down, kill the guard. Now, run back to the camp and hand Vacax the drake egg for win. After this, speak to commander again for another character flag. If you have already completed the raid Calling Emoush, you will get your reward of 2aa & Tenacity of the Dark Reign. Otherwise, do the raid next.

      Next, you need to do the raid Calling Emoush. You can get this raid with as few as 3 players.

      Raid - after you zone in you will see Emoush surrounded by 3 mages. Kill the mages and Emoush becomes attackable. Insanely easy & fast. He will drop 6 glowing stone fragments, get one.

      Now go back and turn in the glowing stone fragment to the commander as proof you killed Emoush. Hail him, youll get character flag and also your end reward 2aa and Tenacity of the Dark Reign.

      You do not have to do these in any order; if somebody gets the mission & raid for you before you have the faciton & pre-reqs, thats cool. You just have to wait until you've got the faction & completed the 3 solo quests here and then do the hails & prompt following with the commander, and turn in the fragment.

      Congratulations! You are ready to start in on Tier-3, and a bit more faction work. You will need Amiable faction to start the next stage and for the commander to character flag you for tier-3 quests.

      --Retired, May 2012--


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        Tier-3 Tenacity of the Dark Reign

        You need to continue repeating missions & quests until you reach Amiable faction. Continue hailing the commander until he speaks with you & gives you another character flag.

        After you've hailed the commander and gotten another character flag, he tells you you still need to do some quests and to speak with Offier Sirrikis Ryktor. Upon hailing Sirrikis, you are again automatically assigned 3 solo quests:

        Snowfook Attack - kill 10 snowfoot goblins in the Ascent; you'll pretty much have to go almost to the top to get your quota, they are rare.
        Muddy the Waters - kill 7 stillmoon water servants in Stillmoon Temple. Semi rare mob, I had to kill the entire zone then wait for repops to get my 7
        Knowledge is Power - kill the golem/guardian mobs and they drop the 6 Ancient Scrolls of knowledge you need, common drop.

        I'm not going to put map picks & such here because you are now familiar with the zones, and all of the above quests are random regarding where the mobs spawn / items drop.

        Like the other solo quests, these auto-complete when you do them.

        Prep - same as tier-1.

        Group mission: The guilded Scroll.
        Very simple, but the mob hp has went up a little. You can still one-shot kill everythign with a cast of Pyre of Nos for pure mayhem, with your only limitation being how fast you can target something new and cast. Your ultimate goal is to loot a scroll...the right scroll. There are quite a few scrolls that drop from trash mobs, but they ahve adverse effects (none to be concerned about). Initially I thought the scroll dropped in the same area every time, but having repeated this quest a handful of time now I am positive it is random.

        After you loot the right scroll and your task updates, you are told to kill the noble kirin scholar, who spawns after this quest step appears. Nothing special, just hit it with Nos & something else for a fast take-down. Gate back to the lavastorm camp and turn in your Guilded scroll of Earth Rending to Daleynn for the win.

        Go back to the commander and hail him for a character flag. He'll now ask you to do a couple raids.

        Now, you are going to need at least 3 warm bodies present to perform the raids. This is a basic minimum player requirement; you can solo these.

        Trial of Perseverence -
        When you zone in you'll be looking at Osashi. Start the event by hailing him, he'll despawn and pop 4 goblins. Kill them, and as they die theyll pop more goblins..eventually a Goblin Warlord will spawn. Kill him for the win. He'll drop 6x Goblin Warbeads - you need to grab one to turn into the commander as proof for wining the raid.

        Volkara's Bite -
        This is a straight beat-down of Volkara. If you take your time, she'll start popping eggs and adds but still incredibly easy. On her corpse will be 6x lavaspider spinners - you need to grab one to turn into the commander as proof for winning the raid.

        After you've beaten both raids & have the items to turn in, turn them in and hail the commander. You'll get a character flag and your reward Embrace of the Dark Reign - increases your buff slot limit by 1. Odds are, you'll now have to go back to repeating missions & quests for faction before you can start on tier-4.

        --Retired, May 2012--


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          Tier-4 Power of the Dark Reign

          Once your faction is high enough (high amiable) hail the commander and he'll character flag you and tell you about some tasks he needs accomplished. For tier-4, you will need 6 warm bodies. You can obtain the raids with fewer, but the scripts will not start on the raids. This is is the "money" tier, power of the dark reign - and the entire thing consists of raids & faction.

          Goblin Dojo. Though you can request the raid & zone in with only 3 people, until 6 warm bodies in the raid zone into the dojo the script will never start. Very easy. A group of goblins will walk to the front of the dojo, engage in smack talk, then attack. After you kill them all, the dojo master tells you there will be a couple minutes until the next phase to rest up. Another group of goblins walks to the front, talks smack, then attacks. After they die you got another few minutes until the next wave. This happens one more time, then the dojo master sicks his sensei on you. Beat him down for the win. He'll drop 6x Meditation Stone which you'll need to turn into the commander as win proof.

          Guardian of the Sands - Another shockingly easy raid, just walk in and beat down Shogurei for the win.

          An End to the Storms - finally, a raid you will probably enjoy. When you zone in you'll be looking at a pair of giant doors. Step through and the raid begins...seconds later the doors close forever. So get your ass inside before they shut or you'll have a hard time casting on your mob. You can use the cast-illusion trick to punch through the doors if you get stuck out. Kill Yar'Lir and loot one of the 9 fangs she drops. She also drops an eye, usable as a quest for each class that you need to look into - it's worth doing for many classes still as a clicky...but you also need the eye drop from the final boss Vishimtar...so unless you plan on doing him leave the eye for somebody that will.

          Now go back to the commander and turn in all your proof of raid wins and hail him. You'll get char flag and your tier-4 reward Power of the Dark Reign - increases your DoT/Crit/Melee/Heal critical chance by 1%. Congrats!

          --Retired, May 2012--


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            Tier-5 Fervor of the Dark Reign

            To get going on tier-5 stuff you will need high warmly faction. You do not need ally, but close.

            Hail the commander to get the char flag to allow you to proceed. He'll send you to Officer Vacax Rol'Tas for a group mission: Rival Party.

            Rival Party - occures in instanced Nest.

            Upon zoning in, go west to the little area where the keepers are. Kill them all, just tap 'em with Nos. Now, you need to loot 6x egg of a saved clutch. These are random drops from any mob (I got from golems, spiders, drakes) and the droprate is kinda low at estimated 10%. From where the keepers were I just started clearing a path north and almost made it to the end before i got my 6th drop. After your 6th, return to lavastorm and turn 1 of these into Pericolo for the win.

            Speak to the commander again for a char flag and he'll tell you about a couple raids to do. Speak with Captain Aleeth to get the raid The Curse of JuRek. The hardest part about this raid was finding the guy. Here's a map so you dont spend 30 minutes clearing the zone like we did. He's super easy, drops Diseased Wing Fragments you'll need to turn into the commander for credit.

            Go back to commander and turn in those fragments, hail him and he'll send you tot talk with General Lereh Dirr. This gives you the final raid: In the Shadows. We were able to get the raid with only 5 in group alive and 6 phantom group member that camped out. The script also ran fine with just 5 players.

            In the Shadows killing Vishimtar

            - a full blown raid with scripts & rules. This is going to take more than just a random pick-up group, but doable with minimum force. Everybody involved needs to completely understand the mechanics & follow along, or they become a serious detriment to the entire effort.

            Vish does not see invis. So after you zone in, finish up your buffing and then all go congregate in the rocky alcove where you will be fighting him. Go ahead and look around, get familiar with how small that platform really is.

            Here is the script:

            You attack vish.

            1) At 75% life he spawns 4 incorpereal shadows that dont hit hard and has few hp. When/if they are killed, they respawn as much more deadly Lifetaker Shadows. These Lifetaker Shadows will respawn fast when killed, and will be attacking you until the end.

            2) Around the 2-4 minute mark from engage, eggs start spawning. You can use only blunt weapons on the eggs (or pets) to destroy them. If they are not destroyed fairly fast, they spawn 4 drakelings. These drakelings arent very lethal and have very few HP.

            3) At 50% life, Vish spawns 4 corrupted drakes. These are standard mobs with decent hp - probably 50-60khp. When you kill these, they will respawn a minute or two later. These will also be attacking you until the end. These drakes also seem to have an AE knockback.

            4) At 25% life, Vishimtars HP locks, and he begins casting a zonewide 4-target (random) doom trigger. The trigger duration is 48 seconds; vish recasts this every 45 seconds. Dervishes spawn (mournful spirits) that roam around the edges of the platform; say "shoulder my bourden" to one of these and it cures you and despawns. Doing this unlocks Vishimtars HP by 1%. Vish also starts using AE knockback alot during this phase.

            5) When Vishimtar dies, any & all adds will immediately despawn. On his corpse will be 9 fangs for raid credit and an eye used in a clicky quest for everybody - look up quest mask of shadows. Also, a chest will spawn with loots.

            Some key things about killing Vishmitar..for starters you burn on the front end while it matters. Seriously, open up on this guy with a mad burn, because when he hits 25% he HP locks and it is now time-based. The faster you get him to 25%, the less likelyhood somebody will get knocked off the platform.

            Now, the strats that work. I'm updating this after having killed him 3x, the past couple times without a single casualty.

            If you are doing this with a single group, here's what you need to do.

            Tank - ignore doom trigger. It only does 33.5k dmg. Keep vish positioned to keep your tank cornered in that rocky nook so the knockbacks do not you over the edge of the platorm. If you get knocked over the edge, you become bugged and unable to cast/ target / hit anything. So corner your tank and stay on vish. Tank should ignore everybody else, ignore all adds - and just concentrate on keeping the attention of vish. Vish has a debuff that slows you and reduces your agro. Vish also buffs himself with a 250pt damage shield - so if you start taking massive spike damage - turn attack off until you get a heal. There are plenty of agro options available without needing to attack to hold agro, especially at the 25% hp unlocking stage.

            Necro - After the initial burn, start doing crowd control at 50% on the drakes and drakelings and anything else you can agro. Just keep RB running, your swift lifedraw & other HoT DoT, taps, and fire away at these guys. I also liberally used heal potions & heal orbs. Stay near vish & tank so you dont get knocked off the platform. Vish takes fire & poison fairly decent at first (if debuffed) but tends to build more resistance the lower health he becomes, and eventually it's just corruption for him. Try to keep your corruption line-up on vish to help with the tank ADPS. Since you have most of the adds, which can knockback along with vish - you'll have the most chaotic job trying to stay near vish & not get knocked off the platform.

            Priest - obviously stay near tank, but you'll be doing group healing also. Vish can aura himself for a 250pt dmg shield and the tank can take some major spike damage because of it - watch out for this. Vish only parses 430dps against my warrior, so its not a heal marathon on the tank...keep a HoT going on the necro also to help out. Dont get knocked off the platform. Stay with the tank.

            Others - After burning vish down to 25% they concentrate on getting cured to unlock the hp. Remember the mournful spirits despawn after curing somebody. Melee vish when you can, but the most important thing is to NOT get knocked off the platform.

            Overall - getting knocked off the platform effectively eliminates you from helping. Levant works to reset it.

            Vish - his regen is pretty insane, around 24k per tick. Yeah. If after the 25% HP unlocking stage you notice vish's hp start creeping up, yell it out so others know to help beat him down. If you wipe, vish regens to full health in around 4 ticks and you start completely over.

            Since vish only doom triggers 4 people at a time, every 45 seconds - this is an endurance based event. It also gives you a little advantage with a small force that may include boxers; the more likelyhood the same people will be getting the doom & able to unlock hps. Theres a lot of chaos going on, especially for you the necro trying to be master CC and keeping adds off the priest. I used Nos + SRP combos to kill drakes, Nos to kill drakelings, and around 5 spells total to kill of the dervish clouds.

            When vish dies, loot a fang. Bring it to the commander, hail him and walla, Ferver of the Dark Reign - increase your chance to resist detrimental spells by 1%. Grats! Somebody can loot his eye which combined with the eye from ya'lir gives a neat clicky.

            --Retired, May 2012--


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              Moving to public area.

              Please feel free to critique, point out corrections, offer your preferred faction missions, strats, etc.

              --Retired, May 2012--


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                I think if the tank uses the druid skin line of hp buff and cleric symbol then Vish's slow/deagro wont land. As a necro back in the day when we did this I would get cleric hp buff since that is what tanks normally use and would be the puller. Nothing like having a 5min debuff on ya that lowers you agro by 95%!


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                  Thanks for the great write-up.This will be my next project.


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                    Originally posted by ilaar View Post
                    Thanks for the great write-up.This will be my next project.
                    Yeah I was thinking of finishing it off too. Been stuck on tier 3 for a bit.

                    call it laziness, heh

                    thank you for the contribution scrat


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                      My god, nice write up. I was asking about this in a thread I created in the general section, simply wondering if there was some level cap where the innate bonuses no longer worked. Glad to hear that they are viable the whole way through..

                      I'll be doing this just as soon as I'm able.