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  • TDS / TBM HAs

    What are the easiest TDS and TBM HAs. I was told for CoF Deadhills from Gribble are not too long. Some guidance on the TDS ones would also be helpful!

    Eventually when I buy TBM for all my boxed chars I will start doing TBM HAs too but until then I am just doing TDS.

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    I kind of fell down here. Gribble was so easy that when I wanted to get some AA I would just do those, so beyond doing what had to be done in TDS and TBM just didn't happen for me.

    That being said, there are a couple of easy ones to solo or molo, but they are long. There are a couple that NPCs that you need to kill are actually attacking other NPCs, so as long as one doesn't get into melee range (Pets used to be okay, might not be now /shrug) you can kill them without getting attacked. There was one in the Siren place, one in the Dorf place, and one in Combine Dredge, that fit the bill and made this easily moloable for my necro. I don't remember the names off the top of my head, sorry.


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      Thanks for the info. These will be mainly done for XP purposes, so faster Gribble ones would be ideal. The reason I was thinking to start doing TDS HAs was for the alt currency (pieces of eight?). If I am running alot of these for xp, i might as well collect useful currency to buy decent gear with too (that was my logic anyways). Kill two birds kind of thinking, it is alot more effective when you are gearing up 5 characters. However, if they are that much longer and more difficult maybe its not worth it and I should forget about the currency and just gear up doing group content.

      Just kind of sucks getting all these marks and soon I will not be able to buy any upgrades with them once my gear gets a bit better. I guess I could buy merc gear or something, the amount of rewards and things you can buy with the currency from HAs is overwhelming i honestly dont really know yet what to buy. So far i've just saved them up.
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        Is there any HA worth soloing in TBM as easy as gribbles?


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          A number of the HAs for TBM are easy, in that they are basically kill X type of mob until you collect X number of quest items, and do it with 3 different mob types. I can imagine this gets easier the more you do it and know where the mobs tend to spawn, but when I did them, it took a bit of time, I think we needed to wait on respawn too, but I am not 100% on that.


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            Best TDS HA for currency is CD imo. Will take you 1.5h to do molo tho.


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              Maybe it will be quicker once I learn it. I'm not Moloing i'm 5boxing, so dps is pretty good.
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                None are as fast as Gribble's.
                That being said, if you're 5boxing, doing the Health/Life/Decay partisans in TBM is quick & easy way to get remnants, and they have a decent amount of XP.
                Gribble's tasks give about no mob kill xp because the task reward is so great.
                TBM HA's give a decent amount of mob xp (at just shy of 13k aa I still get an aa every two kills or so) and 4-6 aa's worth of xp at the end. Still, no comparison to Gribble's where without lesson you can get 15-20 aa, up to 40 aa with LotD, and 67-70 on the high end on a 50%-double xp weekend.
                Also, the Demilife and demidecay mercenary tasks are easily moloable by a necro, and only sped up by a group. 3 aa's for completion, a couple aa's for kills during the tasks, and super easy to run around and complete once you know the zone.

                For gear purposes, skip TDS and go straight to TBM. Partisan tasks will get you more than enough remnants to buy gear from the currency vendor as well as group tier drops within the tasks themselves, I would guesstimate at least 2 pieces augged per run, and they have a 2 hour lockout.


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                  In my opinion none of the TDS HA are really worth doing more than once. They can be done Molo but it isn't fast or smooth. i would imagine more so post nerf.

                  all of the partisan missions in TBM are pretty easy to do molo and you will find yourself with more spells than you know what to do with along with expansion currency you can spend.