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  • Chronobines?

    I recently returned to EQ (quit playing in OOW). I had a guildmate research most of the 70-80 spells, the rest I bought from vendors or off the baz. I am currently level 81.
    As I was looking through some of the spells to get for 80-85, most of the good fire dots, and poison dots are only purchasable in the void with a currency known as chronobines? I did a little research on zam and found at least 2 quests in oceangreen hills I can do for these chronobines. Any suggestions on best quests to get chornobines? Or if possible is there a way around these chronobine merchants? Ive seen a couple of the rank 2 versions on the baz, but 100k is out of my price range for a spell. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Any zone/quest in the Seeds of Destruction expansion (Oceangreen Hills, Toskirrak, Bloodfields, etc) will net you chronobines as a reward. As a necro, you can easily do the tasks in these zones and will soon have enough chronobines to fund a house for years to come.
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      can farm faction for rank 2s. which will give you a ton of chronobines

      or if your guild can focus can do the old raids for rank 3s. most can be one-two grouped now