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    Yeah, I doubt that quest is active since the other class specific containers aren't used anymore. If I recall correctly, inks, vials of water and other sub-components are a decent way to skill up to at least 115 or so.


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      Actually, I got a concordance of research just prior to SoD going live, I'd be surprised if it's gone inactive since then. Maybe just snag a greater lightstone and hand it in (fortunately not exactly hard to get) & see what happens.

      Practice runes are a mixed bag I feel; some components are very easy to find in bulk (shark skin, drake scale), but others are a pain. (giant fire beetle eyes anyone?)

      I's a cheap way to skill up, as well as allowing you to keep any sulfurs and saltpeters for later (harder) skill-ups but it is very time-consuming.


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        By the way Draz, thanks so much for this. I started out just wanting to make my own spells, but have made an absolute killing these past 2 weeks (300k plus) making spells to order, it's like a license to print money.

        Thanks again!


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          All too welcome Vamp. Gratz on the platz!

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            Originally posted by Valindreath View Post
            This has been very useful but i'm finding it hard to find good drop rates for Modest binding powder and above, could anyone post some suggested area's?
            I have found Acryila Caverns an exellent place to farm modest, simple, and to a lower extent binding powers. Simple is the most common. I am level 59 and have collected probably 40 binding powers of various types in about 8 hrs farming.