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    I've noticed that some of the hides used in spell research have a reccomended and required level listed on them. Do I have to be the minimum level to craft any spell or item using that hide? And what is the difference between the required and recomended level (research wise)? Will I have a better success rate if I am of the recomended level? My guild has given me some platinum to raise my research skill, and I'd like to contribute popular spells to the guild bank when I am able (Funeral Pyre, Call of the Hero). Do I need to be a certain level just to make these items?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Centinull Perosus
    "All that is gold, does not glitter."

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    Those may be there as an indication of what level spells those hides can be prepared for, I'm not sure.

    However, what I do know is that if it is researchable, it is not level-locked somewhere (other than the level 16 minimum to get research skill). You could take a level 16 alt and level research to 300 if you so choose, and start cranking out level 70 spells, and level 75 spells come October 21. They might be a bit hard to produce, given their difficulty nd the lack of Arcane Tongues at that level, but it is possible.


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      I've not seen them with required levels, but the ones I've seen with recommended levels are indicating what level of spells they make, just as the classes indicate that it's a research item (NEC MAG ENC WIZ).


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        Allow me a newbie moment, DING 47 Research! /em pats self on back.
        The above link is for a Raw Runic Hide, required level 30 recomended level 34.
        Also, I've been researching based on Drazz's guide. What's worked for me is spend skill points up till 20 skill, make quill of the arch lich till 37, and make vials of pure water till 54. From here I plan to craft my binding powder spells (level 16 versions) and skill up that way. Hides at this low level suck to camp because the mobs they drop off give no exp ( a grove snake?!?! this skill isn't even available till 16!). Binding powders drop fairly frequently in Blightfire Moores where I'm currently leveling up.

        PS Power to the Frogloks! I must have the sexiest legs in the world because everyone I meet wants them! lol
        "All that is gold, does not glitter."


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          Oh ok. The hides are used in different level spells based on how you clean them. So for that example, those are for levels 30-34.


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            Originally posted by Centinull View Post

            Allow me a newbie moment, DING 47 Research!

            (If that response is still EQ legal these days....lol)