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    So I've been doing both melee and int caster research lately which means I can make just about anything I want if it's researchable. The downside is that means there are more components to make and store for the melee tomes. Previously I had setup a mule to hold all of the inks, quills and thickeners so I could just make them a stack at a time and he had enough inventory room to just hold it all. Unfortunately, adding the melee stuff in means some things will have to go in the bank. I got tired of having to mouse over 20+ inks to find the one I was looking for so I made this and I figured I'd share!

    Note that it's really designed for a mule and not a general bank..and it expects that you have 10 slot bags for at least the first 10 bags.

    EQUI_BigBankWnd.xml (right click, save as)

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    Wow, that's awesome. I really coulda used that a few months ago...

    Great job!
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      Does it work with trader bags as well?


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        Originally posted by Ouno Nuttinmuch View Post
        Does it work with trader bags as well?
        It'll work with any type of bag, it just needs to be in your bank and have 10 slots. IF you try to put something in one of the slots that doesn't actually have a bag then it will end up on your cursor or poof next time you zone.