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Binding powder drop rate sucks.

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  • Binding powder drop rate sucks.

    You can bet your ass, if you kill a humanoid mob, you're gonna get 1 - 4 poison comps....most of the time. Why do I have to pray when I kill a spell casting mob that it might drop a powder? WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO DAMN RARE?

    If no one says nothing, it'll never get better. The drop rate sucks. IF you can find them in the bazaar, the morons want 400 plat for them, cuz they are so rare. Yay.

    How many tries to get up from 243 - 300? Multiply that by 400 plat a chance. It took me 75 tries to max the 300th point in pottery. I did the steins. You can buy stein making crap from a vendor. Hell of a lot of money, ~ 115K. You can't buy the damn powders if they don't freakin drop.
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    Set up a Buyer in the Bazaar. That's what I did and I max'd Research within a couple of weeks. Just need to be patient, I guess.
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      also ask your guildies if they have some

      i know i have stacks and stacks of the stuff so one day when i have nothing else to do im gonna TS a few of my alts....... 1 day i will.....1 day i will...... I'm serious......