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Guide to DoDH researching

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  • If I remeber the trivial on probes is in the low 100s,before I got my HEBs I made a gnome just to tinker them.BTW a cos on the 7th goes for under 200k now.I may buy another one when they get to around 50k or under.


    • My exp with sulfur farming. Tried Sarnaks in OT. They dropped a couple per circuit (hitting the all the major camps in the zone). Tried spectres in freerott with no luck. Did the Tump's in the fort in Frontier. This seemed to be the best spot I have tried so far. 13 drops in the one hour I camp it. Spawn rate is fast, so little down time. Sulfur drops radomly off all the types in the fort. Pulled 4-5 at a time with a ignite and let pet finish them off. Rinse and repeat. Mindnumbling boring, but decent drop rate.

      Got lucky last night!!

      66 sulfur in the bazaar at 15 plats per. They were snatched quite quickly
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      • I need to know...

        On The Rathe Night Fire is selling for 22k, Beckon is I think 11k and stalker 35k. Now how much actually do each of these really cost to make once you buy all the crap plus figuring avg bazaar prices for the three drop items?

        Are these folks doing fair prices or are they jacking to like 100 times the cost to make?

        Just curious.

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        • The actual cost to make any spell (individually) is minimal, providing you do the farming. People jack prices for several reasons (not necessarily because of research, specifically, this is a general list), including:

          - The "reasonable" skillup path to 243 Research gets quite expensive, so the high spell prices are to offset that somewhat.
          - People are greedy and will charge whatever the average person is willing to pay, til more competition is present to force them to drop their prices.
          - Tradable quest related items will almost always command a high price in the bazaar.
          - Highly desirable items, regardless of rarity, are going to sell for alot. Examples include; Hand of Virtue (prior to OoW), Divine Intervention, Ornate silk leg pattern (blame Enchanters for that), Remove Greater Curse, various tradeskill components.
          - Items with a high tribute value usually won't fall too much below the 1:1 ratio of platinum to favor. There are exceptions of course, but this is usually the case.

          There's other reasons, but the last 4 usually are the motivating factor(s) for most people to charge high prices.
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          • If you don't farm the parts yourself research is fairly expensive - well its expensive to raise no matter what, really. But the parchments often go for 5k-ish, so right there, once you account for some sort of failure rate and the cost of raising the skill, its not a ridiculous asking price, although it is a pretty profit. I think those spell prices are so high because of the annoyance and/or cost of getting the parts, annoyance and/or cost of raising the skill, the amount of annoying sub-combines of the spell and running around you have to do to make it, the high trivials, and the cost of stocking the trader with somewhat slow moving items - there's a huge variety of spells to stock. Not to mention the novelty of the item and the difficulty of getting it through other routes, which both also drive up costs.

            While I do think the prices are high, I don't think they are unreasonable.
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            • Runics on maelin tend to run 5k to 15k or so.

              I won't pay 5k for one, not sure I'd pay 1k for one, so it'll be a while before I do any more skilling in spell research. I get maybe 20 runics every 2 months, thats enough to do a batch of combines if the number of subcombines isn't annoying me overmuch at the moment.

              GoD spells sold very well in the beginning, but like any reusable commodity (spells), the market gets saturated and now is only good for alts/bots that people want to flesh out...

              Really good sellers like RGC and DI are both high demand and rare components/drops. I've yet to see the rare parts in the baz for less than 20k. Of course you can farm it, but that's really fun...
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