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Test Update 09/12/2017

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  • Test Update 09/12/2017

    Well, there's some bad news. RB is nerfed to useless (imho), and DE is changed to ? I've not see what rk1 is on test yet, but if they limited it to 90% fade instead of 100% fade it'll be a pretty big nerf.

    - Necromancer - Made the following adjustments to Reluctant Benevolence:
    - - All ranks of Reluctant Benevolence are now toggled passive.
    - - The amount of healing offered by each rank of Reluctant Lifeshare has been adjusted to account for the change to a permanent duration, scaling from 28% at rank 1 to 116% at rank 12.
    - - The focus limits on the ability have been adjusted so that only lifetap spells that cost 100 or more mana that are within approximately 10 levels of the AA ability level will trigger Reluctant Lifeshare.

    - - Necromancer - Removed ranks 2-21 of Death's Effigy and consolidated Hastened Death's Effigy to be ranks 2-4.
    September 12, 2017 _____________________ *** Highlights *** - Added the Find Item Window which allows you to search your inventory. See UI section...
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