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  • Drazzminius
    Yep, it's shift+b. I never set it as a binding; never thought I'd use it so never bothered.


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  • necrosaurio
    Shift + B is indeed the default key.

    I found it by chance but now arrange all my bags so they always sit in the same place and I use key to bring them all up at the same time at all times. I don't bother opening bags one by one anymore.

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  • Jenocyde
    If I remember right there are actually 3 you can set the keybinding's for like that:

    1) open all bags
    2) close all bags
    3) toggle open/close all bags

    I use the toggle like Hayzeus stated. I am not at a computer with EQ at the moment so I can not give you the exact wording but it is definitely definable in options.

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  • Hayzeus
    Originally posted by Drazzminius View Post
    I was trying to hunt and chat at the same time (as usual) and inadvertently hit something that opened all of my bags at the same time. Anyone know what key-combo that is?? I tried to duplicate it and couldn't.

    Probably useless for the most part, but in 11 years of playing I'd never done that before, LOL.
    For my bindings, I use SHIFT-B to open all bags at once. It's a toggle, so it will close all bags if they are open. If you have a few bags open, pressing shift-b will open the rest and then close them all on 2nd press. It helps immensely if you have the open bags all arranged in such a way that there's no overlap. I hate trying to see what's in a bag... and it's overlapped by another bag so I can't see what's in there.

    I do not remember if I bound it manually to that keystroke, but I think maybe it's default. Either way, it's definitely configurable in the Options menu under the Keys(?) tab.

    I also bound ALT-S to "paste from clipboard."

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  • Felicite
    I can't test this, but:
    Can't remember where things are? Need all your bags open at once? CTRL-SHIFT-I: Opens all your bags at once so it's even more confusing than ever as to what's where. This reminds me of people who empty their backpacks all over a table and sift though all their papers to find a phone number they put somewhere. All done now? CTRL-SHIFT-U: Closes all the bags back up when you get frustrated and give up.

    I remember that I would usually open them all (and then place them in a nice 2 or 3 high grid for next time). But I can't recall if that was the key I used (it *has* been over 5 years).

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  • scrat
    I "think" there is a command option for this, but there is no defaults set - you need to go tie a keystroke to the command manually. Sounds like you may have done this back a while ago and just forgot what you set it to.

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  • Drazzminius
    I was trying to hunt and chat at the same time (as usual) and inadvertently hit something that opened all of my bags at the same time. Anyone know what key-combo that is?? I tried to duplicate it and couldn't.

    Probably useless for the most part, but in 11 years of playing I'd never done that before, LOL.

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  • Drazzminius
    • /agree -- you agree with the targeted person
    • /amaze -- Amazed, you asp at targeted person, or you are amazed
    • /apologize -- You apologize to targetted person whole heartedly or apologize to everyone in the room
    • /applaud -- you applaud the performance of the targeted person or give a round of applause
    • /bird -- you make a rude gesture
    • /bite -- you bite the targeted person on the leg, or you look around for someone to bite
    • /bleed -- you bleed quietly, or all over the targeted person
    • /blink -- you blink in disbelief
    • /blush -- you blush at the targeted person or your cheeks are burning
    • /boggle -- you boggle at the target, shaking your head in disbelief.
    • /bonk -- you bonk the targeted person on the head
    • /bored -- you express that you are bored
    • /bounce -- you bounce around the targeted person, or just in place if no target.
    • /bow -- You bow to the targeted person.
    • /brb -- you say that you will be right back
    • /burp -- you burp loudly
    • /bye -- you say goodbye
    • /cackle -- you cackle gleefully
    • /calm -- you try to calm the targeted person or you feel peaceful and calm
    • /cheer -- Your character cheers. An animated emote.
    • /chuckle -- You chuckle
    • /clap -- you clap happily -- hurray
    • /comfort -- you comfort the targeted person
    • /congratulate -- you congratulate the targeted person on a job well done
    • /cough -- you cough
    • /cringe -- you cringe away from the targeted person
    • /cry -- your character cries.
    • /curious -- you look at the targeted person curiously, or look around curiously
    • /dance -- you stand on your tip toes and dance, or you grab the targeted person and dance with him
    • /disbelief -- you shake your head in disbelief. [may be broken]
    • /drool -- you drool -- something must have gotten you excited, or you drool all over the targeted person.
    • /duck -- you duck
    • /emote <text> or /em or :<text> or /e <text> - emotes the text. This is used to add fun to the game. For example, after a big battle, you can type /emote cleans the gore off his sword. Everyone around you will see "AllaKhazam cleans the gore off his sword." More people should use this command.
    • /eye -- you raise and eyebrow inquiringly (at the targeted person)
    • /finger -- You make a rude gesture at the targeted individual.
    • /flipoff -- You make a rude gesture at the targeted individual.
    • /frown -- You frown.
    • /gasp -- you gasp in astonishment
    • /gesture -- You make a rude gesture at the targeted individual.
    • /giggle -- you giggle
    • /glare -- you turn an icy glare at the targeted person, or you glare at nothing in particular
    • /grin -- you grin evilly
    • /groan -- you groan
    • /grovel -- you grovel before the targeted person
    • /happy -- you say you are very happy with the targeted person, or are so happy
    • /hungry -- you say you need food badly
    • /hug -- You hug the targeted person.
    • /introduce -- you introduce the targeted person or introduce yourself to everyone
    • /jk -- you say you are just kidding
    • /kneel -- you kneel down, or you kneel before the targeted person in humility and reverence.
    • /laugh -- You laugh (at targeted person).
    • /lost -- you say you are completely lost
    • /massage -- you massage the targeted person's shoulders, or look around for someone to massage
    • /moan -- you moan
    • /mourn -- you lower your head and mourn the targeted person, or the dead
    • /nod -- You nod to the highlighted person
    • /panic -- You scream in panic.
    • /peer -- you peer at the targeted person intently, looking him up and down, or you peer around intently
    • /plead -- you plead desperately with the targeted person
    • /point -- you point at the targeted creature/person or straight ahead
    • /poke -- You poke the highlighted person.
    • /ponder -- you ponder the targeted person, what is going on with him.
    • /puzzled -- you look puzzled
    • /raise -- you raise your hand
    • /ready -- you let everyone (or targeted person) know you are ready
    • /roar -- You emit a low rumble and roar like a lion
    • /rofl or /rof -- You roll on the floor laughing (at targeted person).
    • /rude -- You make a rude gesture at the targeted person.
    • /salute -- you salute the targeted person or the gods in pure admiration
    • /shiver -- you shiver.. brrr.
    • /shrug -- you shrug
    • /sigh -- you sigh at the targeted person, or you sigh, clearly disappointed
    • /smile -- You beam a smile at the targeted person.
    • /smirk -- you smirk mischieviously
    • /snarl -- you snarl at the targeted person, or you bare your teeth in a terrible snarl
    • /snicker -- you snicker softly
    • /stare -- you stare dreamily at the targeted person, completely lost in her eyes, or you stare at the ground
    • /tap -- you tap your foot impatiently
    • /tease -- you tease the targeted person mercilessly, or you look around for someone to tease
    • /thanks -- you thank the targeted person
    • /thirsty -- you state that you are thirsty
    • /shiver -- you shiver ... brrr. Or you shiver at the thought of messing with the targetted person.
    • /veto -- you veto the (targeted person's) idea
    • /wave -- Your character waves.
    • /welcome -- you welcome the targeted person
    • /whine -- you whine pitifully
    • /whistles -- you whistle at the targeted person appreciatively, or you whistle a little tune
    • /yawn -- you yawn rudely in targeted person's face, or you open your mouth wide and yawn
    • /yell or /y -- You yell for help. People around you will hear "XXX yelled for help from your [direction]. This is a very useful emote/command which you may want to consider hot keying.

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  • Drazzminius
    Misc Game Commands
    • /adriver - writes sound card information to a file.
    • /afk - Toggle which will reply to all /tell(s) sent to you with the "Player is temporarily Away From Keyboard" message. Also shows up in /who with <AFK> at the front of the name. You can add your own message as well. Type "/afk out to lunch" and when someone sends you a tell, they wil get the message "out to lunch"
    • /anon or /a - Makes you anonymous or removes your anonymous status in /who and /who all, preventing other players from seeing your class, level, guild and current location.
    • /assist <target> - If you target a player who is engaged in combat, the /assist command will automatically target for you whoever that player is fighting at the moment -- this can be very useful in heavy combat. you may want to set this as a Social and move it to your hot keys.
    • /assist <ON/OFF> - Toggles the autoattack function associated with the /assist function. The default of ON turns on your autoattack when you use /assist. If you type /assist off then autoattack will not start when you use /assist. This is one case where you must use the parameters on and off for this to work.
    • /attack <ON/OFF> - Toggles in and out of attack mode. This will put you in attack mode even if nothing is targeted. Be careful not to use this when near NPC's that you have targeted. By default, this is set to the "a" key. Care should also be taken when you are near an NPC that you have targeted not to hit the "a" key, as this may cause you to attack the NPC.
    • /auction - Auctions item for sale to the zone
    • /autosplit or /au - Automatically splits any loot you get with the rest of your party.
    • /book <1-90> - Opens your spell book to the specified page.
    • /bug or /b - Takes you to a bug-reporting screen.
    • /camp <desktop/server> - Allows the player to exit to the server select screen or desktop depending on what is specified. You can use just /camp by itself as well. You must be sitting in order for this command to work. If attacked while camping out, the /camp command will be canceled, thus preventing exit from the game.
    • /cast <1-0> - causes your character to cast the spell in the specified memorization slot.
    • /charinfo - tells you your bind point.
    • /consent <name> - Gives that person permission to drag your corpse using /corpse.
    • /consider [or right click on mouse] - Gives vital statistics of a targeted creature, PC or NPC.
    • /corpse - Summons your corpse to your side if it is within 50'. This can be very handy if the critter that killed you is still standing over your dead body. It also helps if you died in molten lava or a shark infested pool.
    • /decline - declines offer to duel.
    • /disband <target> - Allows a character to disband from a group if he/she has themselves targeted. This command also allows the group leader to disband a targeted member of the group.
    • /doability <1-10> - performs the associated ability
    • /duck or the "d" key - you duck.
    • /duel or /d - Challenges targeted PC to a duel - to accept, they type /d with you targeted as well. Duel is in effect until one "dies" (is knocked unconscious) or flees the zone.
    • /dynamiclights <ON/OFF> - When on, this command enables players to see specially rendered lighting. This command is most useful when the player is holding, or has a light source with them, such as a torch. Turn this command to off if you notice low frame rate.
    • /exit - Exits the game immediately and makes your character go linkdead (which means it is still there for a minute or so and can be attacked). Really only for emergency uses, such as when the boss walks into your office.
    • /fastdrop <ON/OFF> - Disables or enables the ability to drop items on the ground without a confirmation box. Default setting recommended is /fastdrop off.
    • /feedback - Takes you to the feedback/comments screen.
    • /filter - Turns on and off the bad language filter.
    • /follow - Will follow the person who is targeted, if you are in his or her group. Be careful using in areas with water or lava since it doesn't discriminate between safe and unsafe areas to wrun.
    • /friend <name> - Adds or removes a friend from your friends list. Very useful command if you have friends you want to hook up with regularly. A /friend by itself will list the players in your friends list. A /who friend will let you know if anyone on your friends list is in the zone you are in, and a /who all friend will let you know if anyone on your friends list is on the server you are on.
    • /ftell <msg> - sends a tell to everyone on your friends list.
    • /g or /gsay - Talks to everyone in your group. This can also be programmed as a default by right clicking on your chat screen while in windowed mode. Most people automatically set group chat as a default when they enter a group.
    • /gems - Lets you play the oh so fun game of Gems.
    • /help - list all of the available in game commands. If you don't want to print out this list, then this is the one command you probably should try to remember.
    • /hidecorpses <all/none/allbutgroup> - This command allows the player to choose to not see other player's corpses in-game. This allows for less lag in situations where there are many corpses around. Keep in mind that the all and the allbutgroup options will hide NPC corpses. Your own corpse is never hidden. The default is none.
    • /ignore <name> - Turns off all text from that player
    • /inspect <ON/OFF> - Toggles on and off your ability to inspect others with a right-click of the mouse. Use this toggle if you use the mouse for movement and find yourself accidentally inspecting others.
    • /language - Returns the number of the language that you are currently speaking. /language <help> returns a list of languages and their identification number.
    • /language <#> sets the current language.
    • /lfg <ON/OFF> - Indicates that you are Looking for a Group in the /who and /who all lists.
    • /log - Logs all text locally to the user's machine. The log.txt file that is generated can be found in your EverQuest directory.
    • /loc - You may want to put this command in your hot keys so that you can use it when you are about to die. Then you only have to scroll back up to see where your corpse is located. You can also use /loc to keep track of important locations within a zone or to coordinate positions with a friend. It gives you an X-Y set of coordinates of where you are or where the object you are targeting is. It works as follows: X - This is your North/South direction. The higher the number, the further North you are, and the lower the number the further South you are. Y - This is your East/West direction. The higher the number, the further West you are, and the lower the number, the further East you are. If you're trying to track down something and you have the coordinates but don't want to deal with the North/East/South/West thing, all you have to do is start walking around while rapidly using the /loc command and see the difference in x,y while you walk in different directions. If your current x is higher than the x you're trying to find, change directions until x starts to get smaller. If you keep using /loc you should narrow in on an x,y location very quickly. Remember to be in the same zone though.
    • /log <ON/OFF> - turns on the feature that copies your log to a text file in your EQ directory.
    • /loot - loots a corpse which is located in shallow water or lava, keeping you from having to go in yourself.
    • /lootnodrop <ALWAYS/SOMETIMES/NEVER> - This command is used to specify how you loot no drop items on corpses. Always is default and will cause a prompt box to always be shown when looting no drop items. Set to sometimes so only items not usable by your character will show a prompt box. When you have this set to never, you will never get a confirmation box to see if you want to loot or not.
    • /mcicontrol - Allows a player to control sound devices such as cdaudio or mp3s to play when in-game. This command will be further developed in the future to be more user friendly.
    • /mousespeed <0-3> - Changes the mouse travel speed across the monitor. 3 is the maximum setting (the higher the number the faster the mouse moves). Don't set this above 3. Your mouse will move too quickly and you will probably not be able to play.
    • /note <text> - Allows the player to write notes when in-game to be referenced later out of game. This creates a notes.txt file of the text. Each line of text sent using /note is appended to the end of this file. There is a maximum number of 455 characters when creating a note.
    • /ooc - Makes an out of character statement to everyone in the zone.
    • /petition - Used to request assistance for a GM.
    • /played - Gives you the birthdate & hours played w/ your character.
    • /quit - Exits the game immediately and makes your character go linkdead (which means it is still there for a minute or so and can be attacked). Really only for emergency uses, such as when the boss walks into your office.
    • /random <x or x,y> - Generates a random number between 0 and x, or between x and y if two numbers are stated. This can be used to decide things randomly, for instance, who gets a recently acquired treasure.
    • /reply or "r" - Sends a /tell to the last person who sent you a /tell message.
    • /report <name> - sends a report to the gm containing the visible 10 lines of text from your chat window. This is used to provide proof of harassment from other players.
    • /resetwindows - Used to reset to default the locations on-screen for the different Graphical User Interface (GUI) boxes.
    • /reverb <ON/OFF> - Toggles the reverb (echo) sounds on or off.
    • /reversesound - This command will reverse the left and right channel for your sound.
    • /roleplay or /role - Makes a character a roleplay character for those who wish to remain in character and have others know that. If the character is +PvP, the name tag above their head will appear as a darker shade of Red, whereas a non-PvP player's name will appear purple. When you are in roleplay, you are essentially anonymous (though your guild still shows).
    • /say - you say the text to the people in the immediate vicinity. Normally the default method of communication. Useful if you have changed your default to group say.
    • /serverfilter <ON/OFF> - Allows player to turn off or on packet messages from other players, allowing for less lag in raid situations.
    • /shout - Shouts to all of the zone. Please don't use this for private conversations. Use /tell if you are talking to a single person or /group to talk to your group.
    • /shownames <ON/OFF> - Turns on or off visible names above PC's and NPC's heads.
    • /shownpcnames <ON/OFF> - Turns on or off visible names above NPC's heads.
    • /showspelleffects <ON/OFF> - Toggles spell effects (visuals) on or off.
    • /sit <ON/OFF> - Causes your character to sit or stand.
    • /split # # # # - Splits a defined amount of money with your group: plat, gold, silver, & copper respectively...i.e. /split 4 3 2 0 splits 4 plat, 3 gold, 2 silver, and 0 copper with the rest of the group. All numbers must be present, use 0 for coins to not be split. Make sure you put the zeros in there or you will split more thatn you intended.
    • /stopsong - stops your song (bards).
    • /surname or /sur <name> - After you reach level 20, you can use this command to choose your last name.
    • /tell <name> - Sends a message to the named character.
    • /time - Gives you the time of day in Norrath. This is another command you may want to put in your hot keys, especially if you are a human and need to know how long it is until it gets dark.
    • /toggleinspect <ON/OFF> - Toggles your character's ability to inspect other players by right-clicking.
    • /trackfilter <Red/Yellow/White/Blue/Green> - Specify here what NPC /con colors you do not want to see in your tracking display. For example, /trackfilter Red will remove all 'red' (dangerous) NPCs from your tracking display.
    • /trackplayers <ON/OFF> - Allows those with the tracking skill to indicate whether or not they want player characters to show up in their tracking list.
    • /tracksort <Normal/Distance/Consider/Rdistance/Rconsider> - This is used by Rangers to control how their tracking display sorts targets. Normal is by how long they have been in the zone (oldest NPCs first), Distance will put the closest NPC on top of the tracking list, Consider will put the highest level NPCs on top, Rdistance will have the closest NPC listed last, Rconsider has the tracking list from low level on top to high level below.
    • /usercolor <Chat Type> Rvalue Gvalue Bvalue. - For example, For Guild chat to be yellow, you would type /usercolor 3 0 255 255. This is the same as editing the TextColor portion of your Eqclient.ini file, and the list of Chat Type numbers can be found in that section of this manual.
    • /vrdelay <1- 5> - This command is used to specify the delay time for responses when using voice recognition software.
    • /who or /w [filter by following command with "all" for the entire server (all can be used in conjunction with the other filters), a class (first letter of class will do) for members of that class, a race for members of that race, a name for characters with that name, "corpse" to list the number of corpses you have in the zone, "friends" for a list of friends online, a number for people of that level; two numbers for a level range, "count" to know the number of people fitting a filter (/who all count gives total number in the game), "guild name" for members of a guild, GUILD for members of your guild] - Brings up a list of characters in your zone or on the server per your filter. You should get familiar with using this command, since it is very useful. If someone invites you to join type /who his name to see his race, class and level. If you're missing a corpse, try /who b or /who n to find a bard or necromancer to ask for help. If you're not sure you have a corpse in a zone, /who corpse will tell you. Looking for a Cleric, try /who c. Wondering if your friend is in the game yet, try /who all his name and it will tell you. Looking for people within a certain level range (say 18 to 22), type /who 18 22.
    • /yell or /y - You yell for help. People around you will hear "XXX yelled for help from your [direction]. This is a very useful emote/command which you may want to consider hot keying.

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  • Drazzminius
    Guild Management
    • /guilddelete - Guild Leaders may use this command to disband a their guild.
    • /guildinvite - Officers only. Invites someone into your guild.
    • /guildmotd <text> - Officers of a Guild can specify the text to show up after the regular server MOTD (Message of the Day) for each of their guild members when they log in. The guild message of the day will always be preceded by the name of the guild officer that set it up. There is a maximum of around 200 characters for this guild motd. Any new guild message of the day overwrites the last guild message of the day. When a server goes down, all guild messages of the day will be deleted and will need to be reset. There is no other way to delete a guild message of the day.
    • /guildpeace <name of guild> - Guild Leader only. Declares peace with your enemy.
    • /guildleader - Transfers Guild Leadership status to the targeted Guild Officer.
    • /guildremove - Officer only. Removes a person from the Guild. Can also be used to remove yourself from a Guild.
    • /guildsay or /guild or /gu - Say to all Guild members.
    • /guildstatus <target or name> - Brings up Guild information.
    • /guildwar <name of guild> - Guild Leader only. Declares war.

    Group Commands
    • /autosplit or /au - Automatically splits any loot you get with the rest of your party.
    • /invite <target> - Invites targeted player into a group. This command can only be executed by the group leader.
    • /split # # # # - Splits a defined amount of money with your group: plat, gold, silver, & copper respectively...i.e. /split 4 3 2 0 splits 4 plat, 3 gold, 2 silver, and 0 copper with the rest of the group. All numbers must be present, use 0 for coins to not be split. Make sure you put the zeros in there or you will split more thatn you intended.
    • /grouproles list - List the current roles of the group
    • /grouproles set <Name> <ID> - set the group role on a person. See above IDs.
    • /grouproles unset <Name> <ID> - unset the group role on a person.
    • /grouproles roleset - List available (saved) rolesets. This is like a saved spell set.
    • /grouproles roleset save <Name> - save the current roles, this can be loaded later.
    • /grouproles roleset load <Name> - load a previously saved roleset.
    • /grouproles roleset delete <Name> - delete a previously saved roleset.

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  • Drazzminius
    Chat channel commands!
    • Delete-Backspace Delete character to right / left of cursor.
    • Shift-Delete Deletes the current chat line.
    • Shift-End Move cursor to end of chat line.
    • Shift-Home Move cursor to start of chat line.
    • Shift-Insert Replaces current chat line.
    • Shift-Left/Right Arrow Move cursor left / right.
    • Shift-Page Up/Page Down Scroll up / down through chat text.
    • Shift-Up/Down Arrow Scroll chat history up / down.
    • ;tell <server name>.<player name> Sends a cross server tell Note: servers with 2 names in them (Antonius Bayle for instance) use only the first name of the server.
    • /# <text> (where # is from 1 to 10) Sends text to a particular chat channel.
    • /announce Announces when a player leaves a chat channel.
    • /autojoin <channel1: password>, <channel2> ... <channel10> Automatically joins the specified channels when you log in Can be in up to 10 chats at once
    • /chat grant <player> <channel>Grants op (operator) status to a person on a channel Operator status allows the person to kick someone out of the channel and moderate the channel, among other things.
    • /chat set <channel1>, <channel2>...<channel10> Lets you join multiple chat channels at once.
    • /join <channel name>:<channel password> Joins a chat channel.
    • /leave <channel #> Leaves a particular chat channel.
    • /leaveall Leaves all chat channels.
    • /list Lists all chat channels you are on.
    • /list # <1-10> Shows the names of whoever is on the same channel you are.
    • ;oplist <channel> Shows the current op list and owner of a channel.

    Moderator Only Commands

    • /chat invite <player> <channel> Invites someone to a chat channel.
    • /chat grant <player> <channel> Grants someone moderator status (non permanent) on a channel.
    • /chat kick <player> <channel> Kicks someone out of chat channel.
    • /chat moderate Moderates a chat channel so only permitted people can speak.
    • /chat password <password> <channel> Sets a password for a particular channel.
    • /chat voice <player> <channel> Allows someone to speak on a moderated channel.

    Channel Owner Only Commands
    • ;opadd <player> <channel> Sets a person as a permanent moderator on a channel
    • ;setowner <player> <channel> Sets a new owner of a channel

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  • Drazzminius
    Window Toggles (default commands) :
    • Alt + M - Actions Window (Ctrl + M, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + O operate the different pages)
    • Alt + V - Adventure Window (LDoN)
    • V - Alternate Advancement Window
    • B - Bandolier
    • Alt + E - Bard Songs
    • Alt + A - Bazaar Search Window
    • Alt + I - Bazaar Vendor
    • Alt + B - Buff Bar
    • Shift + T - Choose Your Title
    • Alt + D - Compass
    • F11 - Connection Bar
    • P - Customer Service Window
    • Alt + Z - Expedition Window
    • Alt + F - Friends Window
    • Alt + P - Group Window
    • Alt + G - Guild Management
    • Alt + H - Hotkeys
    • I - Inventory
    • L - Leadership Window
    • Ctrl + E - Mailbox
    • M OR Backspace - Map
    • Alt + K - Music Player
    • Alt + O - Options
    • Alt + F1 - Pet Window
    • Alt + Y - Player Health/Stats Window
    • Shift + P - Potion Belt
    • Ctrl + P - PvP Stats
    • Alt + R - Raid Window
    • Alt + S - Spell Bar
    • Ctrl + B - Spell Book
    • Alt + T - Target Window
    • Alt + Q - Task Window (DoN)
    • F10 - Toggle All Windows
    • Alt + U - Tribute Benefits
    • Ctrl + V - Voice Macros
    • Alt + W - Window Selector

    Command line scripts and other usefull commands :
    • &#37;T - Returns the current target. (for example if you hotkey "/g I am heading in with a %T in hot pursuit" the Mob you have targetted will be filled in for the %T)
    • %S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It).
    • %O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It).
    • %P - Returns the posessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its).
    • %R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters).
    • %M - Returns your pet's name
    • /rt - Targets the last person to send you a tell, if they are in range
    • /who OR Ctrl + W OR / - Returns a list of all players in the zone
    • Alt + 1-9 - Casts the corresponding spell from your spell bar
    • Shift + 1-0 - Activates the corresponding hotkey button
    • F1 - Self Target, hitting twice targets your pet
    • F2-F6 - Targets corresponding group member in your group window, hitting twice targets their pet
    • F9 - Toggle out of first person view, rotates through several view options
    • Ctrl + I - Invites your target to your group, or accepts a group invite
    • NumLock - toggles auto-run on/off
    • - (minus key on number pad) - Takes a screenshot
    • Enter (twice, while holding down directional key(s)) - autorun in that direction, can be used to spin or circle

    Pet Commands:
    • /pet as you were - Makes pet forget all other commands including follow
    • /pet attack (with NPC targeted) - Pet will attack targetted creature
    • /pet back off - Tells pet to quit attacking target (if you are he is attack he will continue to swing)
    • /pet follow me - Pet's will start following you (cancels any other guard commands)
    • /pet get lost - pet suicides
    • /pet guard here - Makes your pet stand in one one location, which he will return to after fights.
    • /pet guard me - Pet will attack anything around you that is a NPC (Not good in Towns near Good NPC's)
    • /pet health report - this displays the current hps of your pet.
    • /pet who leader - Pet will report who summoned it.
    • /pet report health - Your pet will tell you it's hit point status.
    • /pet sit down - Causes pet to sit in one place and restmuch like you sitting down
    • /pet stand up - If your pet is sitting, he will stand up.
    • /pet target - Targets your pet. [also F1]
    • /pet taunt / no taunt -- toggles whether your pet will taunt in battle.

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