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  • New to the boards, old necro

    Hey All,

    Pleasure to join you folks here. Necro 103 on Xegony and I've been playing the class for years (on and off due to rl). Looking forward to contributing some content on this class of a game.

    Neb (Caeloliver - Xegony)

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    Welcome back! looking forward to it!


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      Yea, been hurrying away grinding the last remaining 2 levels and eventually pushing for the 2.5 (still can't believe that I haven't done that yet). Though I did have some fun in demiplane up until the sisters event.


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        Welcome back..


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          Yeah the sister event is the only real road block as long as you have someone to cure curses along with you. Good luck on the 2.5! it is the best primary bar none as I am sure you are aware.


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            Welcome back, Nebulism!

            I'm trying to drum up some interest for the 2.5 as well. I know I can solo (well, with a box druid for cures) Zi'Thuuli and Redfang. I haven't tried Hatchet yet, but I think he is probably solo-able.

            I wonder if sisters is doable with just 3 FD classes and ignoring all other mobs, just training through them and then FD'ing for hails and tattles. Might be annoying if you still have the zone debuffs.


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              All adds are trivial in sisters.. even the one with all the bats that either regens like crazy or has a bazillion hps (mechanic was mez bats to be able to kill the mob, but not necessary now). The issue with sisters is you need at least 3 different toons, one per sister. You need 3 because once you have tattled on a sister, she will no longer speak with you. So each toon is assigned a particular sister. And then you have to find them in the allotted amount of time before they move, or the event fails because you won't be able to get enough tattles on one of them before time runs out and event resets.


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                Yea sisters is more of a challenge regarding the hailing than the combat content. Definitely true that it is easier if you have 1 person per sister as you dont have to worry about the betrayal stuff. Another annoying part is that they sometimes teleport making it harder to follow them.