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  • Necrotalk Rules

    Necrotalk Rules:

    No Biting, no pinching, no smacking, no groping, no public stroking, no public fornication contraband (porn), no public urination or exposure, no advertisationess, no slandering, no fist fights, no weapons, no soup.

    Okay, now that the obvious ones are out of the way lets get to the real rules...

    But first, I would like to convey to each and every member out there that we are NOT going to let Necrotalk turn into another mean and nasty flame board. Why? Because mean, cruel and otherwise overly negative individuals make the beginners and new comers feel uncomfortable and the seasoned, friendly players scarce. Then, might I ask you, why would anyone want to frequent a board full of flamers and miscreants? To flame, exactly, its a perpetual cycle I don't want to see here at Necrotalk. That being said, let us now move on to the rules! For real this time. I promise.

    1. No Flaming - All flame threads will be dumped into the flame bin, or "Inferno" forum where they will burn in flames for eternity, holding less value than a lost sock found after years of sitting in a dark dusty corner under your bed. If you flame a member beyond what we deem "acceptable" criticism, a staff member may edit your post and remove the comment in question.

    2. No Illegal stuff - This means file sharing, file swapping, insider trading, talk of treason, plans to take overthrow government (there are other sites for that), plans to take over the world, although I'd imagine thats not technically illegal other than international treaties and such, but you'd have to take over the United States in order to completely take over the world right? Unless of course you WERE the United States, and you were taking over the world WITH them...

    We can discuss this more later if necessary, I should move on.

    3. No SPAM, including blatant and subtle advertisements - This means no "Earn up to $550 a week selling ice cream through the mail!" type posts. We see enough of this in our inboxes every day, and I sure as hell don't want to see it here!

    4. No member harassment - Sending PMs to Aryse saying, "Hey babe, I saw your pic in the "babes of EQ" calendar, and I just wanna are one hot lady. Can I get a cyber-date? We could go get virtual coffee or something, and virtually hold hands over the net." First of all, as far as I know there is no such thing as a cyber-date (patent pending). Thats probably going to go pretty low on my priority list, so I can't project a date yet of when the cyber-date 2000 v 1.0 system will be up and running.

    5. My word is final - I want to keep this site democratic on some issues, but a dictatorship on those that require it. In the end I have the final say. I am the grand high poobah of the necrotic tribe of wandering virtual vampires. Ok, a major decision, which I doubt there will ever be many of, I will call the shots. But in most cases I will probably consult you guys, yes thats right the members. Multiple minds are better than one.

    Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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    This list is by no means conclusive. Putting into words what the community expects, accepts, and wishes to maintain can be difficult. Up to this point, moderating has not been a difficult job, and I don't want it to become one. Please think before you hit the post button, and evaluate yourself if what you have said is appropriate. Whenever possible, threads and posts will be moved or edited rather than outright deleted.

    I want to clarify a few things at this point. This board is meant to be work safe, and to some extent, child safe, since we have parents and people who visit the board while at work. This means that, as listed above, there is NO PORN allowed. In addition, no pics that are not strictly related to the post are permitted in the Boneyard. This means maps, screenshots, and the like are fine, but 'You suck' pictures are not permitted. In fact, to be safe, if it is not an EQ pic, don't post it outside of the Inferno at all.

    If you have any questions about what is and is not acceptable, go ahead and ask and the mods will do their best to help you. Remember that the 'Report' button can be used to notify a mod of a problem with a post.
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