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  • Welcome to Necrotalk

    Here are a few quick tips to get you oriented on the boards.

    The Boneyard section is for all things necro – there are seven forums, and most have sub-forums as well (for example, there is a Spell Research sub-forum in the Spellbook). You can find sub-forums at the top of the page above pinned topics in each forum.
    The Pub section is for /ooc topics and news and announcements – there are 5 forums.

    When looking for a post, note that the default settings on the board only display posts in that forum in the last 30 days. Often, to find something you are looking for you will need to increase this time using the drop down box at the bottom of the screen inside a forum.

    Before posting a new question, make sure you have used the search option first – many common questions are posted again and again by people who don’t use this function to the frustration of our regular members. Use the information out there first, and then post if it didn’t answer your question completely.

    We expect you to act maturely in your posts. Most often the community self-moderates, but your post may be edited, moved or deleted if it is inappropriate. No flaming is permitted outside of the Inferno, and while posts to the Inferno are granted more leniency, it does not mean anything goes. This board was created as an alternative to other necro boards – each serves a different purpose and attracts a different type of personality.

    If you see something that you think needs a mod’s attention, for anything from a thread that needs to be moved to a poster acting inappropriately, use the ‘Report’ button found on each post.

    If you enjoy this site, perhaps think about making a donation towards the costs of running it (there is a button at the top of the screen). Since the owner is now retired from EQ, it is unfair of us to assume he will continue to shoulder the costs alone, and we don't want to lose this valuable resource.
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