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  • Patcher Bypass Guide

    These idiot-proof steps create an alternate method for logging in to Everquest via bypassing the normal station launcher, scan & auto-patch method.

    • Faster launching of the game from your desktop
    • Elimination of the seemingly daily Legends of Norrath patches
    • Extremely faster launching of the game for those without high-bandwidth internet access

    • If you play Legends of Norrath, you will be unable to log in without exiting everquest and patching normally extremely often. Skipping LoN patches is the primary benefit of this.
    • If Everquest is patched, the client may become unstable and crash - or you will get constant disconnects at character select screen until you patch normally. As such, it is highly advisable that you visit the eq live forums frequently to be advised of scheduled & emerg patches.

    Step 1...go find your everquest directory in your computer. It is probably under c:\Program Files\Everquest (you can see I keep it isolated from my Operating System drive.

    Step 2...locate the file eqgame.exe. Right-click it, select send to--desktop (create shortcut)

    Step 3...locate your new Icon shortcut on your desktop.

    Step 4...right-click that icon and select properties for viewing

    Step 5...within the icon properties tab, the top editable box (Target) - add a space and the word patchme as shown.

    Step 6...Click apply then ok to exit from the properties of the icon.

    Step 7...Now change the name of that modified icon to something you know means patcher bypass. Like this.

    Step 8...double click and it should take you directly to the EULA then login page.
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    or an easier way (<3 scrat) go to start button - run - browse -select eqgame -then at the end type in patchme