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  • EQ In-Game Maps FAQ

    This is a step - by - step guide on how to download zone maps to use in the game.

    To access maps in the game, the default keystroke is "backspace"

    First, an advisory: If you already have maps that you've added custom labels to or edited in any way to be better...don't download the all-maps pack. You'll overwrite all your previous hard work - and I know I certainly edit maps like mad as I find spawns, quest markers, kite areas, levant locations, etc. Make a habbit of just downloading the "new" maps that you need.

    Step 1 ....go to your download source, such as

    Step 2...navigate the site and select the maps or map packs you wish to download.

    Step download the map / packs

    Step 4...a window pops up and asks what to do. Select Save To

    Step 5...choose a destination for the downloaded .zip map/pack to be saved. Doesn't matter where, as long as you can find it after it downloads.

    Step 6...wait for it to finish downloading.

    Step 7...after download is complete, find the file and right-click it. On the submenu, select Extract All. (You must extract / uncompress .zip files to become usable by programs)

    Step 8...the Extraction Wizard opens, select Next

    Step 9...Extraction Wizard asks where to put the files. Select Browse.

    Step 10...Navigate until you find your map directory. Typically, it will be c:\Program Files\Everquest\Maps ....otherwise it is wherever you decided to install everquest.

    Step 11...Let the Extraction Wizard run.

    Step 12...Unless your map folder is empty, you will be asked if you wish to overwrite existing files. So unless your map folder somehow got deleted, you will always select Yes to All.

    Step 13...The Extraction Wizard completes. Select Finish. You don't have to view files, your choice.

    Step 14...For the best results, if you had everquest running during all of this you might want to shut it down then restart. Sometimes the client has problems accessing a map file that was edited/modified by a 3rd party program while the game was running.

    Congrats - you have updated your eq maps!

    On a last note - remember mapfiend is a user submitted data site. Any registered user can upload not all data is accurate all of the time. On the map packs, you download the highest rated maps - so you might want to check alternate zone maps available that may be newer & updated yet not available long enough to get a higher rating.

    Additionally, check frequently after a new expansion release for updated map files - sometimes it can take months for all zone maps to be uploaded.


    Manual Customization of Map Markers do you convert in-game /loc information to what is displayed in the map files? Or, how do you take a /loc and manually put it in your map file?

    *note* Vista users may be required to change their file permissions to write-access as they are loaded default as read-only.

    /loc output is displayed in the following format: yyy,xxx, zzz
    Map files contain the following format: P -x, -y, z, R, G, B, S, T

    x= (in-game east/west, or 2nd number xxx in reversed polarity)
    y= (in-game north/south, or 1st number yyy in reversed polarity)
    z= (in-game elevation, or 3rd number zzz same polarity)
    r= numerical number between 0-255 of Red tint applied to label
    g=numerical number between 0-255 of Green tint applied to label
    b=numerical number between 0-255 of Blue tint applied to label
    ----that gives you over 16.5 million color variations---
    s=size of text, your 3 choices are 1 for small 2 for medium3 for large
    t=actual text of the label

    Confused? Here's an example.

    A post says Scrat is at /loc -3298, 50, 210 in Suncrest Isle zone, and you want to kill him tonight.

    You've tried to find him already but it's a huge zone, so choose to manually add that label to your map file, in large black text...before you gane next. So first find your map directory and locate the Suncrest.txt file - open it and at the very bottom you would enter:

    P -50, 3298, 210, 255, 255, 255, 3, Scrat

    Save the file, load the game - enter the zone and walla, Scrat is nicely marked for easy pickings.

    So the most important thing to remember is...
    /loc v. MAP = The first two numbers swap positions and polarity (postive or negative)

    PS: I really miss the older maps that had the horizontal & vertical grid lines every 100 units of x & y. I wish such a feature could be overlayed onto the map program itself and not be a feature of an individual map.

    Zone Connection Map

    Having in-game maps sometimes leaves you just as lost as not having any...if you don't know how to get to the zone. Samanna has an excellent zone connection map you can view or download or print, and can be found here. It has not yet been updated to include the Underfoot zones.

    You can also use the in-game atlas to help you get around. If you open up your map using the default backspace key, the top-left corner will have a tab that says Atlas. This opens up a very basic continent view, and from here you can "drill down" continents and view the zones contained & their connecting features. If you need to know which continent xxx zone is in, you can always use Allakhazams zone listing which depicts zones by the released expansion.
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      "Would you like to replace XXXmapXXX with this one?"

      Click yes.


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        Originally posted by takhizis View Post
        "Would you like to replace XXXmapXXX with this one?"

        Click yes.
        Thank you! Edited that in.
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