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  • LDoN Lost Dungeons of Norrath FAQ

    Basic LDoN guide (not including Raids)

    Original Patch Message:

    August 7, 2003 7:30 pm

    ** Lost Dungeons of Norrath Adventures **

    The Lost Dungeons of Norrath is our largest expansion to-date,
    featuring the most content ever delivered in an EverQuest expansion.
    The Lost Dungeons expansion features 48 new dungeons that span the old
    world of Norrath, focusing on several long lost locations, including
    the Rujarkian Hills and Deepest Guk. Encounter never before seen
    monsters that prowl the halls of these dungeons, waiting to challenge
    any explorer brave enough to venture in.

    In this expansion, players are introduced to several exciting new
    concepts in adventuring through the world of EverQuest. After joining
    the Wayfarers Brotherhood, you and your group undertake perilous new
    adventures into the recently unearthed Lost Dungeons of Norrath. These
    new adventures offer many benefits, including a clearly defined goal,
    the ability to play and make progress in a couple hours per adventure,
    and the confidence that you can set a time to meet your friends and
    have a dungeon fully available for you right away - no competition and
    no waiting!

    Additionally, one of the most important gameplay improvements we've
    made in Lost Dungeons of Norrath is the introduction of personalized
    dungeon adventures for single groups. When you and your group receive
    an adventure, you're provided with a full dungeon exclusively for your
    own use. There's no need to worry that you're competing against others
    to reach the same goal, or that someone might already be camping there.
    All the focus is on having fun, which allows you to get lost in the
    adventuring and fighting to accomplish your objective. The challenge is
    the dungeons themselves - if you can best the Lost Dungeons, you
    deserve the rewards.

    Lost Dungeons of Norrath breaks the mold of traditional zones by
    allowing every zone in the expansion to provide adventures for all
    groups between levels 20 and 65. Each time you embark on a new
    adventure, you're sent to one of 48 distinct dungeon zones, each
    customized with challenging monsters and traps tailored to the level of
    your group. This means, as long as you're over level 20, you'll have 48
    challenging new dungeons to explore and conquer!

    Beyond the hundreds of single-group adventures in the Lost Dungeons
    expansion, you can also join up to 36 of your friends for powerful raid
    encounters! Take part in several new raids that you can do on your own
    schedule, with no competition or racing against other guilds. Set up
    raiding times that are convenient for you and your friends, with the
    knowledge that the dungeon will be there waiting for you when you log

    The Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion will redefine EverQuest by
    providing an enormous amount of adventuring possibilities, with the
    addition of massive amounts of content to the game - far more than any
    previous expansion.
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    Lost Dungeons of Norrath {LDoN} introduced a few new concepts to Everquest that has since become the standard:
    • Instanced Zones
    • Shared Tasks
    • Alternate Currency (something other than platinum/gold/silver/copper)
    • Compass way-points
    • Evolving Items
    • Augments & Augment Pools

    The expansion is geared towards players ranging from level 20 through 65 including Raids, and provides augments, visible armor, non-visible armor and spells as rewards. Some of these items are still the best items available to the non-raider such as this biggy:
    Icy Prism of Avoidance
    Augmentation type: 3
    Skill Mod: Dodge +8%
    Recommended level of 65.
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL
    type-3 augment from Everfrost/Miragul's, or the Charm Augment with maxed stats:

    Also, a very competitive aug but the work v. reward is wildly not worth it..
    Adventurer's Stone
    Lore Group: Wayfarer
    Augmentation type: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Slot: CHARM
    AC: 10
    STR: +10 DEX: +10 STA: +10 CHA: +10 WIS: +10 INT: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +100 MANA: +100 ENDUR: +100
    SV FIRE: +10 SV DISEASE: +10 SV COLD: +10 SV MAGIC: +10 SV POISON: +10
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    Virtually all of LDoN requires a group (or raid) to experience as it is 100% task based instances. LDoN did not introduce any new static zones; the entry to the various lost dungeons are in old-world zones.

    Additionally, there are Raids within LDoN that may be of interest due to some rewards offered, and only require 6 players to obtain the raids...and they can actually be accomplished with just a couple players. There's +15% specialization alteration/conjuration augs, there's type-3 augs with +hp regen, there's clickys, etc. However, this guide will concentrate solely on the "group" interraction of LDoN. Within the subscriber lounge are LDoN raid strats for those that have decent rewards still viable for todays necromancer.

    Now, some of the basic rule-sets for LDoN:

    1) A minimum of 3 players is required to request an adventure. Mercenaries do count towards this number. A maximum of 6 players (including mercs if any) can share a group task.

    2) Each and every Adventure instance is auto-tuned (mob level / difficulty) based on the average level of your group....but with an option of Normal or High difficulty setting. The maximum average group level for LDoN missions is 80.
    • If your group average level is between level 20 and 65 the dungeon is generated with level appropriate content. Normal difficulty means blue con mobs with white/yellow named mobs. High difficulty means blue-yellow mobs with red named mobs.
    • If your group average level is 67 or higher you are automatically given the level 65 High version. This is done regardless of your setting request.
    • LDoN dungeons do not scale in difficulty beyond level 67 group average. At level 90 you will be fighting the exact same mobs that you did at level 65 on the Hard setting.
    • With SoD release and level increases beyond 80, LDoNs no longer function. You will need to either shroud to a lower level or group with lower-leveled players to bring your group average level to 80 or below to obtain an adventure. Apparently some coding is required with each level increase to allow LDoNs to function and so far the word from developers is...not going to happen any more.
    • Like all missions, there is a maximum of 15 level spread between players. This means if you have a level 90 player in the group, the lowest any other player can be is level 75.

    (PlayerLevel + PlayerLevel + PlayerLevel) / Number_of_Players = group average level
    75 + 75merc + 90 = 80 group ave
    0(offline 75-90) + 90 + 90 = 60 group ave
    0(offline 75-90) + 90 + 90 + 90 = 67.5 group ave

    3) There is a minimum 45 minute lock-out for each LDoN adventure, and all themes share this lockout. So if you get an adventure and burn though it in 10 minutes you get to wait 35 minutes until you can request any other adventure at any other camp. This lockout does include failures as you can still earn partial credit & adventure points without meeting the requirements of the adventure.

    4) Once an Adventure is selected, you have 30 minutes for at least one member of your party to enter the designated dungeon. This timer starts counting down immediately.

    5) Once any member has zoned into the dungeon, the maximum time given is 90 minutes to complete the task. This timer starts counting down immediately.

    6) Once a LDoN Adventure is assigned, you cannot invite new players to participate. All players wishing to gain credit & points must be in the group prior to requesting an adventure.

    7) If you are level 90 and are trying to get a LDoN with a level 75 player who has a merc up, the level 75 player must be the one to request the adventure. So its not as easy as finding a bazaar mule to join your group for LDoN runs...they actually have to participate. Until recently you could shroud a player to level 70 to get LDoNs easily...but with level 90 cap this is no longer an option for end-gamers due to the 15-level spread.

    8) You cannot have extra players in your group, camped out, then get an adventure as a way to bypass the min/max levels rule. When that camped out member logs back in they will not have the adventure assigned, and there is no way to get them in the adventure after it has been initially obtained.

    The Basics

    To request an adventure you should first obtain your adventurer stone, be in a group that has an average level of 20-80 (though you can participate on adventures if you are as low as level 15). The adventure stone will allow you to port from camp to camp, and will evolve based on how many wins you is an augment for the charm slot. By questing for the Adventure Stone, you will become a member of the Wayfarer's Brotherhood.

    About that adventure stone...very handy. There is a magus in the guild lobby, and a magus at each wayfarer camp. Once you have obtained an adventure stone, irregardless if you have ever actually participated in a LDoN mission - you can now use these magus' to teleport from camp to camp. Very handy. If, for example, you want to go to Permafrost caverns to farm up some permafrost crystals to make AC stat drink, you can use the lobby (or any other) magus to port you to everfrost. So it transcends LDoN usage. Worth getting.

    Okay, how do I get the adventurer stone? Once you reach level 15 you will start getting yellow text spam whenever you enter your home city and some other random zones. For example, my ogre warrior when entering Oggok (before getting the stone) gets this:

    So you need to go to your home town, where you will get the customized yellow spam informing you of the exact NPC you need to speak with. The name of the NPC is different for each city. Once you join the Wayfarer's Brotherhood (get the adventure stone) this spam will stop forever. If you don't know your hometown, type in this command:
    That command will echo back two locations, the first being where you are currently bound, and the second being your hometown.

    Once you find the person mentioned and hail him, he will tell you some Lore about the Wayfarer Brotherhood, their camps (LDoN Adventure Camps) and mention 5 more NPC's - one per camp / theme. Head to any Adventure camp and talk to the NPC specified there and he will ask you some questions to make sure you are worthy of acceptance into the brotherhood. Answer them correctly and you will get flagged to use the adventure system and utilize the Magus teleports that take you from camp to camp.

    ...Answer the questions and you get your stone:

    Here is a link to alla's detailed walk-through for this stage. I could re-write all of it in detail, but I'm a supporter of alla's and the site deserves credit IMO.

    Note: Once you obtain your adventure stone it is a character flag i.e. you do not need the stone on your person to teleport from magus to magus.

    Note: Just like charms, the adventure stone (charm aug) will never show stats unless you have it equiped (placed in a charm and worn on your character). And you cannot link them representing your stats, the link will show zero stats.

    Now, to increase the stats on your Adventurer's Stone takes a bit of effort. Okay, a lot of effort. 332 total adventure wins effort. It grows in power as you complete missions in the LDoN themes. After winning xx number of adventures in xxx theme, you must travel to xxx NPC in xxx zone and speak for an update. Not every update will provide a power-up in the augment; generally it is thought that every 10 updates provide a power-up.

    *note* you are not required to speak to NPCs after specific wins, you can complete 100 adventures in each theme before getting these updates if you so choose.

    The rate of increase is very slow. You need a set of 10 wins in a single theme to get the charm aug to a whopping +2hp/m. Then you can generally expect to gain another +2hp/m per set of 10 wins per theme afterwards. You get the first stat points after 50 wins in a single theme.

    For Mistmoore Catacombs, follow this link to the NPCs to speak with after every 2 wins. (68 total to max)

    For Rujarkian Hills, follow this link to the NPCs to speak with after every 2 wins. (74 total to max)

    For Miragul's Menagerie, follow this link to the NPCs to speak with after every 2 wins. (50 total to max)

    For Takish-Hiz, follow this link to the NPCs to speak with after every 2 wins. (78 total to max)

    For Deepest Guk, follow this link to the NPCs to speak with after every 2 wins. (62 total to max)

    There are 5 themes with LDoN. The 3-letter ident at the end is used with the LDoN user interface windows.
    • Deepest Guk (ykeshian ruins) Guk
    • Miragul's Menagerie (frozen dungeons) Mir
    • Mistmoore Catacombs (undead crypts) Mis
    • Rujarkian Hills (orcish sand mazes) Ruj
    • Takish-Hiz (constructs & elementals) Tak

    Each theme has a corresponding Adventurer Camp where your group can requests various tasks or raids. Within these camps are Adventurer Merchants where you can purchase items & spells with accumulated reward points earned by completing these tasks. Also in each camp you will find a Magus - which will teleport you from camp to camp merely for the asking. You can also be teleported to the additional wayfarer camp in Nedaria's Landing (Gates of Discord 'entry' zone) as the Wayfarer theme continues. Lastly, a bird bath (augment management container) can be found in each and every LDoN camp.

    Here is the standard LDoN Adventure Camp layout, in this case it's Everfrost Peaks:

    Adventure Camps
    This is where you request your adventures. Unfortunately, they are not all in the same zone as the entry point to your adventure - so running around may be required. These are the zones the Adventure Camps are in, and the respective theme associated with them:
    • Butcherblock, near GFay zone (Mistmoore Catacombs)
    • South Ro in south-central part of zone (Deepest Guk)
    • North Ro just south of EC tunnel near dervs (Takish-Hiz)
    • Everfrost north-east part of zone (Miragul's Menagerie)
    • East Commonlands in the EC tunnel (Rujarkian Hills)

    Each adventure camp is similar, refer to the above pic. There will be a couple adventure merchants to spend your points, maybe a quest NPC or two, a RAID task NPC or two, a general merchant and a magus to teleport you from camp to camp at will. The camps are not 'safe' spots i.e. they were placed in existing zones without changing the normal mob pathing for that zone. So as you chill out in...North Ro for example, expect to have roaming skeletons & such to aggro you.

    More on the Magus...simply say the destination zone name of the camp you wish to travel to. Example, you are in Butcherblock but you want to do a Miragul task. Target the magus and /say everfrost (and BAM! Entering Everfrost, please wait...) Makes a very, very handy travel tool to get around.

    Now, to the Adventures themselves...
    To get an adventure you must right-click on an task NPC the same way you would deal with a merchant. Instead of text, a UI opens up that looks like this:

    In this case, my char does not have enough group members to request a task.

    If you meet the minimum requirements (level 20, 3 players with an average level no greater than 80, previous LDoN lockout timer met and no greater than 15-level span from your highest to lowest group can get an adventure. Right-click an Adventure Recruiter and a UI will pop up (keyboard command alt+v will bring this window up). You can choose between various types of adventures and the difficulty setting.

    shows the adventure options

    shows the difficulty settings.

    When you obtain an adventure the task text will tell you what zone to travel to. As you already noticed above, some of the adventure camps are a couple zones away from the actual LDoN dungeon. For example, a mission from Butcherblock camp will require you to travel to Lessor Faydark; an adventure from South Ro camp will require you to travel to Innothule Swamp or Upper Guk depending on the mission.

    Remember, you can use the keyboard command [ Alt V ] to bring up your adventure task window at any time to check your status.

    Once you reach the zone where the chosen LDoN dungeon entry point is (or if you are doing Everfrost / Miragul's you don't have to zone) you will get a waypoint marker (vertical blue line) on your compass, called a waypoint. This represents the general direction to the dungeon entry point, but they are not perfect. Just like NPC pathing can go screwy, so can this waypoint marker on your compass. And the waypoint marker is "how the crow flies with zero clipping" i.e. no consideration given for obstructions or dungeon pathways. For example, unless you've actually done a guk mission from the swamp you may have a very hard time finding the entry...inside the giant log. However, does have the LDoN dungeon entry points marked well. And of course, I strongly advise you to download & install the complete LDoN map pack for the dungeons.

    And here is a pic of a compass with a waypoint:

    Missions, there are a variety of them as you saw from an above pic. Remember they have a 90 minute maximum time limit, so choosing adventures based on your capabilities. There are slaughter xx mobs which are very straight-forward and hard to fail. There are collect xxx items (that drop from mobs) and can sometimes leave you scrambling to kill each and every last critter in a dungeon to get the drops. There are rescue missions which will require either come crowd control or extreme dps, and there are kill xxx boss missions usually placed deep within the dungeon & only spawn after killing a certain number of trash. Again, since the missions have time limits, having a tracker in your group or accurate, pre-labeled dungeon maps can be the difference between a success and miserable fail if you are level-appropriate. However, if you are level 82 you can most assuredly mass slaughter an entire dungeon with a quickness.

    Is there any advantage of one adventure over another, or any requirement to do all types? No. You can do 100 adventures, all slaughter types, in a row if you like. Even getting the charm aug maxed will not require a variety of missions. The variety is there for our give us variety. Each type of Adventure, however, has specific named that can spawn with specific loots that are not available in any other type.

    At any time during your mission you can bring up the Adventure UI to check your status on time remaining, goals, etc. Here is an example on a slaughter-type adventure:

    Adventure Points
    This is extremely important: You must earn as many adventure points within any theme in order to purchase any item of that cost within that same theme. However, you can spend more total points (via multiple purchases) in a theme than you've won.

    Huh? This is less confusing than it sounds, but more complicated than it sounds at the same time. Here is an example:

    1) You have earned 30 points with Deepest Guk. You have earned 944 points with Takish-Hiz. You have earned 3590 points with Rujarkian Hills. Your Adventure Points reads: 4564 points because you haven't spent any yet.
    • You can buy any item costing 30 points or less at the Deepest Guk merchant, and you can buy 4564 points worth of them. Since you've only won 30 points in this theme, that is the highest value single item you can purchase.
    • You can buy any item costing 944 points or less at the Takish-Hiz merchant, and you can buy 4564 points worth of them. Since you've only won 944 points in this theme, that is the highest value single item you can purchase.
    • You can buy virtually any item at the Rujarkian hills merchant, and you can buy 4564 points worth of them.
    • You are unable to buy any item from the Mistmoore or Miragul's theme merchants because you have earned no adventure points with them. again, in order to purchase any single item within any theme, you must first have been awarded as much adventure points within that theme. However, you can spend more adventure points in any them than you have won, as long as you purchase items costing equal to or less than the points awarded within that theme.

    Here is a pic of a stats window showing how many points per theme won, how many missions won/failed, and how many Adventure Points are available to spend.

    So, how do I stuff my warchest with Adventure Points? You do adventures.
    • Points are awarded based on your individual level, not the level of the instance. So if you are level 55 and are with a bunch of level 65s, they will gain more points for the same task than you will get.
    • You win more points on HARD settings. The 67 (high) setting rewards 105 points.
    • If you fail your adventure outright, you gain no points.
    • If you fail to complete your adventure task within the alloted time limit, but do complete it - you are awarded a reduced amount of adventure points.
    • Adventure Points are credited instantly to all players the moment the adventure is won/lost regardless if you are in the zone or in the guild lobby awaiting a rez.

    When you win an adventure, a yellow banner flashes accross your screen:

    And in one of your chat windows is text showing your point reward for the success:

    Here is a pic of an open Adventure Merchant window. You are only able to view items that cost slightly more points than you've been awarded with in that theme. In this case, my alt has done zero LDoNs yet:

    ...and this is after completing a couple:

    Once the Adventure is won, you have 30 minutes to exit the zone. The exits are portals located where you initially zoned-in. If you do not exit within the 30 minutes, you will be booted to the parent zone the dungeon started from.


    Chests & Such

    In each and every LDoN adventure will be a random assortment of chests, boxes that may or may not have a trap on them. The traps can be anything from harmless to a destructive DoT that will leave you scrambling for your life depending on your level. There are 3 types of traps to deal with:
    • melee
    • priest/curse
    • Int/magic

    Amazingly enough, the necromancer is given multiple tools to deal with two types of traps: curses and magic. To deal with these threats is a new series of spell tools, purchasable with Adventure Points at every theme:

    For curse problems, you want to utilize the Reebo's series of spells.

    Reebo's Augury: Appraise LDoN Chest(1)
    Reebo's Cleansing: Unlock LDoN Chest(1)
    Reebo's Exorcism: Disarm LDoN Trap(1)

    For magic problems, you want to utilize the Wuggan's series of spells.

    Wuugan's Appraisal: Appraise LDoN Chest(1)
    Wuugan's Discombobulation: Disarm LDoN Trap(1)
    Wuugan's Extrication: Unlock LDoN Chest(1)

    **Note** These extraction spells will also come in handy when you do the group MPG trial Mastery of Subversion so they are not a total waste if you are beyond LDoN. The spells can also be crafted via research.

    The spell series starts at level 13/14 (Lessor series, 25 Adventure Points), gets an upgrade at level 24/23 (48 Adventure Points) and the final upgrade at level 34/33 (Greater series, 60 Adventure Points). For soem reason you get the ability to blow up a chest before 1 level before you are able to sense if it's trapped.

    Not only do you need the correct spells, but you need the proper regeants to use them. Read the spell descriptions and buy the regeants from the normal merchant right there at the adventure camps.

    However...the stuff you can get by opening a chest or box was almost worth the effort back in 2003 and maybe even 2004. Usually it consumed more regeants (plat costs) than the item was worth. Is it worth it today?...nope. You get augs like this:
    Flawless Yellow Sphere of Fortitude
    Augmentation type: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    STA: +6
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    ...and +6 is the best augs you can get. Or +15 hp or mana. Or a single illusion potion. Mostly it's junk by today's standard regardless of your level.

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      As always:
      Feedback, corrections & other tips are highly desired & appreciated!
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        LDoN missions are one of the best places around to farm tribute. The tradable items off group mission named and random drops off trash in raid instances have tribute values up to 15-20k.

        LDoN raid instances do not suffer from the level 80 average cap that is found on group missions. The drawback is you don't receive adventure points from the raids.

        Adventurer's Stone is great to have for using the Magus's to port around norrath, but worthless as an aug. Slipgear's Gem(DoDH), Wanderlust Guild Loadstone(TSS), and Gold Plated Spiked Gear(Living Legacy dragons event when it is active) are 3 augs that can be obtained in a fraction of the time. It takes 0.75h * 332 missions = 249 hours minimum to max Adventurer's Stone.

        The only really useful LDoN items anymore are the 8% dodge Icy Prism of Avoidance, 15% spec alt Anomalous Rock of Alteration(and its counterparts like 15% spec evo for wizards), slot 3 haste augs, and 35ac augs for tank classes.


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          Can't you also use the LDoN spells on the MPG trial where you have to open / disarm chests?

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          Originally posted by encephalitis
          The Fail is strong with this one.


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            Yes, the trap spells are used in that one MPG trial. They are researchable along with all the other LDoN spells, which is a generally quicker way to obtain them vs. doing repeated adventures.


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              The Raid augs +15% spec. alteration and such, I don't recall anyone's magelo showing those equiped. Does any one actaully equip them? and what exactly is the benefit in mana savings? of +15%. Thanks for your replies.

              Is this worth replacing a hp/mana aug? any hp mana/aug? I imagine if one isn't hurting in the hp/mana department and the aug really prolongs a burn, then it could be. But I am interested in people's experience if they have this.
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                Originally posted by Vivamort View Post
                The Raid augs +15% spec. alteration and such, I don't recall anyone's magelo showing those equiped. Does any one actaully equip them? and what exactly is the benefit in mana savings? of +15%. Thanks for your replies.

                Is this worth replacing a hp/mana aug? any hp mana/aug? I imagine if one isn't hurting in the hp/mana department and the aug really prolongs a burn, then it could be. But I am interested in people's experience if they have this.
                I don't have a concrete answer, but via some data from the DoT spreadsheet I have come up with the following.

                Spec. Alt. +15% will save you about 3% per alteration spell cast. This is of course an estimate, but I tried this on several spells/spell ranks and they were all very close to a 3% drop in average mana cost.

                I'm not sure how I feel about this. Doing a little more math I noticed that 3% of our top 5 alteration DoTs mana cost almost exactly equates to a 100 mana aug. Give or take for Rk1/2/3 and such.

                Magelo way out of date due to laziness...


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                  It was something like 2.5% fixed mana pres at 80.

                  I wear the 15% spec conj aug, and that only helps some of our dots. I don't wear the spec alt aug because I didn't win the rolls when I did the mission... I'd drop any of the augs I'm wearing for it though. With base spell costs averaging close to 1k/cast, you only have to cast a handful of spells before you've saved more mana than you can get from any aug.

                  2.5% of 1000 = 25. One full set of DoTs is 10 x 25 = 250 mana. Now, how many casts to you do on a 3 min burn? How about a 12 min fight? How about during lotd? These augs are about the best ones available in game for casters, imo.

                  If you don't see a lot of magelo's with these augs, it's more likely that most of us chatterboxes (and/or those of us with the big shiny magelo sig images) are somewhere at or below SoD T5 (thus, in all group gear). You need to look at magelos with >= 30k mana if you want to see the current top end raiders. Look at, say Neph's magelo, and you'll see both the spec alt and spec conj augs.

                  Edit: Shameless plug for Umbrello -- I wrote up guides to grouping both the Spec alt and Spec conj augs. You can find them in the Subscriber's section
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                  Originally posted by encephalitis
                  The Fail is strong with this one.


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                    The more I think of this, the more I like the thought of it.

                    Can these raids be done with minimal effort (single group perhaps) nowadays? I assume mercs get suspended for the raid instances? I checked Scrat's post but it's entirely possible I missed the info.
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                      Those raids I three box now war smidge of Tower/Kora and most Crystallos raid geared, gimp group geared shammy and cleric. I had to much healing for it so now I'm going to try for the giimp necro instead. I had three others in the group that didnt come with me so I could get the mission.

                      Obviously no mercs in these missions.


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                        Some of these raids were groupable at level 75 most were at 85, I can't really imagine anything here being difficult..although there are nuiances in these raids that can be annoying if you don't know how to handle them(like the unkillable skeletons in Miragul raids).

                        Rifting sucked, back for more.


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                          Valdoon is way easier than Hidden Veil of Deceit. Both are definitely groupable, but I wouldn't call them 'minimal effort'.

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                          Originally posted by encephalitis
                          The Fail is strong with this one.


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                            Hmm, just noticed these are type 8.

                            So to downgrade a T3-ish item (500/500) to say an Anguish item (300/300) to get the type 8 slot...and lose the aug (90/90), we are be looking at a drop of 550+ mana to equip both of these augs.

                            Now I have to rethink it again, unless there are better raid items that can be farmed with a single group of baz geared toons...
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                              Originally posted by Zeli View Post
                              Hmm, just noticed these are type 8.

                              So to downgrade a T3-ish item (500/500) to say an Anguish item (300/300) to get the type 8 slot...and lose the aug (90/90), we are be looking at a drop of 500+ mana to equip both of these augs.

                              Now I have to rethink it again, unless there are better raid items that can be farmed with a single group of baz geared toons...
                              Ya, but that alteration aug would stuff nicely in your epic I think. Both augs are primary usable.
                              --Retired, May 2012--